1. Jack Hammer Ch. 04

    Date: 9/18/2017, Categories: Gay Author: byKenJames, Source: Literotica

    "Gentlemen!" Steve Steel addressed the crowd. "And you guys, too!" There were 107 men gathered around the wrestling mat in the big main room of Steel Steve's Global Health Club. Each had paid $250 to watch this event. Many had paid extra to do more than watch. The proceeds were going to a group of gay organizations. A dozen of the spectators were totally naked. The others were dressed in Speedos, jeans, or leather gear. Lots of leather gear. That was the main vibe at the converted gym on East Riverside Drive. Steve Steel, the gay bath's owner, walked to the center of the wrestling mat, high-fiving the guys to either side of him. He was wearing his usual black leather jockstrap, chest harness, and work boots. He was far and away the most ripped guy in the joint . . . That was saying something with all the serious beefcake that inhabited Steel Steve's. Steve grinned and posed for the crowd, showing off his bulging chest, arms, legs, crotch, and ass. Especially his super-sculpted ass, which he exercised with a long line of pumped muscle men. "Doms and subs!" His voice boomed off the hard walls and floor. "Pitchers and catchers! Big dogs and little puppies! Lend me your ears!" "This is it, studs and sissies! The final event of the night!" He lowered his voice, but everyone could still hear him perfectly. "If you will . . . The Climax!" He waited for the cheers to die down and continued at his usual stentorian volume. "Tonight! You've watched eight men enter . . . The Ring!" He gestured at the red circle in the middle of the regulation mat. "Four have claimed sweet victory. The others have been brutally butt-fucked." He paused dramatically. "You decide who the real winners are." The crowd laughed. Steve struck another pose, thrusting his crotch forward and displaying the big bulge in his jockstrap. "Now . . ." He nodded to one of the Steel Steve's trainers, who was standing at the edge of the mat holding his phone. A drum roll began, soft but steadily increasing in volume. "The Rumble on Riverside Drive! . . . The Battle for Steel Steve's Slut Swing! . . ." The drums fell silent after a thunderous crash. An ominous bass note sounded and lights came on at the darkened end of the room, illuminating a heavy steel frame supporting a black leather sling. "The hottest and heaviest reaming and creaming in the history of Austin, Texas . . . Starts Now!" A trumpet fanfare sounded, sending brass notes echoing through the exposed ceiling beams. Jack was standing in the shadows beside Joe Torres. They were both naked. "Well, Dude. We're up." He put a hand on Joe's bare ass and slid a teasing finger along his butt crack. "My cock sure is up," Joe growled. He was a tall rugged-looking Hispanic man with a hairy chest and a receding hairline, wearing a beard trimmed to the length of his buzz cut. His long thick uncut cock was rock-hard, with a broad plow-shaped head and a deep corneal ring. He stepped behind Jack and gripped his hips, then pressed his cock-head into ...