1. Batgirl fucks supergirl

    Date: 4/18/2022, Categories: Teen Your Stories Author: Jones, Source: SexStories-Hot

    Batgirl and supergirl had found a house and went in it batgirl then laid down on a bed & said to supergirl "want sex" supergirl replyed "yes" then supergirl took her skrit off and batgirl unziped her suit & took her bra off. supergirl then took her & batgirls knickers. Then supergirl got on top of batgirl & fucked her then they started taking pictures of them romoving their clothes. then got dressed & left the house but then supergirl pushed batgirl into a wall then they started kissing eachother they stopped but then supergirl asked batgirl to take pictures of her taking her clothes off after that batgirl did the same then they stopped but batgirl then started touching supergirls pussy & supergirl started touching batgirls pussy they then stopped and went on their way