1. Fictional Fantasies - Chapter 3

    Date: 9/18/2017, Categories: Straight Sex Author: FenellaAshworth, Source: LushStories

    The following morning, instead of the physical wreck she had expected to be, Meg was amazed to find herself feeling invigorated and energised. After consuming a massive breakfast to replace her depleted energy reserves, she happily participated in each writing class and took an active role in the class discussions. At lunchtime, Meg was called over by the receptionist, who handed her a small parcel. Heart leaping, knowing it could only be from him , Meg ran back to her bungalow before ripping open the packaging and emptying the contents on her bed. Inside there were four items; a black silk blindfold, a tube of sensitivity lubricant gel, a condom and a scrawled note. It read: If you’re willing, go to the below address tonight at 8 pm. The house belongs to a mate of mine who’s abroad. You will find an outside Jacuzzi with a wonderful view of the ocean at sunset. Undress, put on the gel, relax and enjoy. Once the sun has set, put the blindfold on and I will join you. Puffin’s Reach, Harbour Lane, Springdale. Meg’s whole body seemed to quiver in anticipation. This would be the night, if she were brave enough to go through with it, that she would actually have sex with this gifted and talented stranger who had so quickly become such a big part of her life. Summing up all her courage, Meg acknowledged that she would deeply regret not taking him up on his offer. Glancing at her watch, her heart began to race with the realisation that she only had a few hours to wait. Quickly undressing, she all but skipped into the bathroom. There was no way she could let herself back out of this opportunity, but a cold shower was definitely required first. Despite being at the end of a very long and isolated rural lane, the house itself hadn’t been difficult to find. Meg slowly pulled her car up into the gravel driveway of Puffin’s Reach, turned off the ignition and let out a long sigh. An insistent pulse had been beating around Meg’s entire body for the entire journey, although it had increased in speed and strength over the last few miles, as she had travelled closer and closer to her destination. And closer to him…and to whatever he had planned. For although he seemed to follow the general theme of the stories she had published, he threw in plenty of random flourishes of his own. It was clear that the man had a very active and intelligent mind, coupled with a considerably twisted imagination and Meg didn’t mind admitting that he intimidated the hell out of her. The property itself was a sensation. A beautiful manor house with sprawling gardens perched on a small cliff edge with wide views across the sea. As anticipated, the sun was making its steady way down towards the horizon, a mass of oranges and pinks starting to radiate across the sky. With her feet crunching on the gravel drive, Meg glanced into the windows of the house as she passed it. It was dark inside; there was clearly nobody was around. She hugged the package she had been sent closer to her chest for ...