1. The Imperfect Storm Chapter 5

    Date: 9/19/2017, Categories: Fiction Anal Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Lactation, Lesbian Author: Mojavejoe420, Source: sexstories.com

    The Imperfect Storm. Ch. 5 (Trent just got a new job offer, but was too drunk to drive all the way home. He took a taxi from the airport to his sister's house.) I tipped the cabbie, and walked up to the front door of Kylie's house. She opened the door just as I was about to ring the bell. She held the baby on her hip and stretched out her arm for a hug. "Oh there you are!! Welcome home, baby!" She planted a kiss on my cheek. I guess we're keeping up appearances for the baby. "Get yourself a drink. And pour me a wine? I've gotta put Jesse down with a story and some milk first. Make yourself comfortable." Make myself comfortable, hmmm. Well this fucking suit isn't comfortable. And I'm wearing Dick's underwear, that's not comfortable. My 'guys' shouldn't be mixing with his 'guys'. I went to Kylie's bedroom and disrobed, hanging up everything carefully. I found a white terry cloth robe, that will work. I could hear Kylie singing a little song to her baby, so I went back down to the kitchen and got us some drinks. When I came back upstairs, she was just pulling the door closed to Jesse's room. "She'll be down all night. Nice robe." Kylie took her wine, then held my hand and led me back to her bedroom. "I'm going to slip into something more comfortable." "I'm going to watch." "Really?" she giggled. I undid my robe and leaned against the door to her walk-in closet which, by the way, was about as big as my apartment. Almost. Fresh air felt good on my cock. "Well let's see what we have here... ah here's a nice number... tell me what you think." This brought me back several years when I used to sneak peaks at her through the crack in the door as she got dressed. Serious jack-off times, those were. But now, I stood here in plain sight, with a drink in my hand! Kylie unbuttoned her blouse, and tossed it onto a shelf. Her industrial strength nursing bra was made up of what seemed to be yards of material. She slipped off her little yoga pants to show me her full ass. No undies. She turned and walked towards me and faced away from me, lifting her hair. Her scent enraptured me. "Undo me please?" "Do you have wire-cutters?" I asked, ever the smart-ass. These were some serious hooks, however. I managed to undo them. My hands started to move forward but she slinked away, shaking a finger at me like Mom used to do. I admired her now completely naked body. For having a baby recently, she looked remarkably good. Five foot eight, somewhere north of 150 or 160, she wasn't a tiny thing. But she had it in all the right places. Firm legs, ample ass, curving in at the waist, then curving back out as you looked higher... complete hourglass figure... but she still had her back to me. She stepped into some see-through purple undies, and threw on a 'baby-doll' in the same see-through purple. She turned around. "Jesus fucking christ..." Her enormous tits swung free under the sheer fabric. My cock rose to full attention. "I don't know," she said. "I don't like baby-dolls." "I ...