1. Me, Mum and Rover

    Date: 9/19/2017, Categories: First Time Masturbation / Toys Incest / Taboo Author: Gifs-R-Us, Source: xHamster

    Today has been a really long boring day at school. My name is Sharon and I am ? years old. I have a boyfriend and do all the things he likes… and more he doesn’t know. anyways, I walked up the driveway to see Mums car. Mum works till late most nights and I was a little surprised to see her home. I opened the front door and walked in. I hung up my school bag and opened the door to the lounge.Wow! Wow! There I was amazed find my Mum on her hands and knees. Her massive tits were out; her short skirt was around her hips and her tiny knickers around her ankles and Rover, our dog behind her. Mum just looked at me as Rover pushed back and forth. Mums eyes began rolling in her head as Rover pounded her hard, pure lust took over and my hand reached up under my skirt and onto my soaking knickers. I could not believe what was happening! Fuck I was wet!! I squatted down in front of my mum and opened my legs wide. Mum just watched as I pulled my knickers aside and rammed 2 fingers up my squelching fanny. Oh mum moaned as Rover began cumin. I lifted my hips off the floor and shoved my wet cunt into my mums face. Her tongue wasted no time in lapping my fanny. Soon my mum was thrusting her tongue in and out of me as Rover rammed his massive cock into her and I was cumin in my Mums mouth. I began moaning out loud as my Mum sucked hard on my clit. “Ohhh fuck, lick me Mum, lick all your daughters creamy cum out of her” I moaned as my Mums expert tongue lapped and sucked at my soaking pussy.Mum then pushed Rover back and I heard his big red Dog cock plop out of her.I put my bum on the floor and opened my legs wider allowing my Mum to get between them. Next thing is, Rover came and stood beside me. I looked under his belly to see his big red dog cock. Hmmmmm I thought as I reached out and curled my fingers around it. I had never touched a dog cock before and marveled and its weight and length. I looked down and Mum looked at me. She then lifted her face off my cunt and said “Oh Sharon, Go on love, Suck it, - Suck it for Mummy”The look on her face was pure lust. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Wow it didn’t taste like I thought. Yeah it was slimy but didn’t taste it. It tasted niceAs I closed my lips around my dog’s big red cock my mum slipped her long tongue up inside me and started humming. Wow what a feeling – It sent an electricity bolt right through my body and it stopped in my lips. The ones wrapped tightly around my dog’s hard cock. Rover felt this and began moving back and forth. Slowly at first but eventually my dog was fucking my face and my Mum was licking me out. Wow I was in heaven. Soon my dog was spurting little bursts of juice down my throat as I worked my lips up and down his beautiful long thick dog dick and I was gushing my own juices on my Mums face. Just then Rover began panting heavy and thrusted his dick in and out of my mouth then all of a sudden he spurted his lovely hot dogs cum down my throat. Oh I moaned and swallowed hard 3 ...