1. Annie Follows the Dice

    Date: 9/19/2017, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: bywinecountryannie, Source: Literotica

    Inspiration emerges when you least expect it. At least... that's been my experience more often than not. Most of my exhibitionist "games" began with a totally random idea in the midst of everyday life. My first exploration with being surprisingly nude happened because a UPS delivery came at just the right time. A dressing room is positioned perfectly to give a flash of nudity to an unsuspecting shopper. A swiveling bar stool is the right height to aim my shaved yoni for a good view by a neighboring table with a group of young guys. A full moon simply requires a nude walk. A couple years ago... we were hosting a simple table game night at our house with a few friends. We decided to play YAHTZEE... a dice game that's part strategy and a lot of luck. Between games... I had an idea straight from my deep exhibitionist desires. All these friends were intimately familiar with my nude propensities, so there was no shock value... just an opportunity to have some fun. "Okay," I said... "before we start the next game, I think I'm over-dressed." Of course, this gave rise to a howl of approval. Well... a few glasses of wine can always loosen my friends up... what can I say? I had all the others roll a single die... the high roller would then roll again to start my game. Tina... my amazingly delicious lesbian lover... won the rights to decide how many items of clothing I would take off. There was a drum roll on the table... and Tina rolled the die. Ahhhhh... it came up as a 2. There was a resounding groan among the players. Of course, they were hoping for a high number... knowing full well that I wasn't wearing lots of layers. One of the game rules I had not shared (because it hadn't come to mind yet... oops!) was that I could choose which items to remove. Ah-ha! (Yes... some of you are reading between the lines!) Playing the moment for all its worth... I stood up and slowly unbuttoned my filmy white blouse... tossing it on the floor behind me. Then... I played briefly with the buttons on my short skirt... but then dramatically unhooked and spread my front-opening bra... tossing it back with my blouse. Oh, man... it's always soooo fun to expose my boobs... even to those who have seen them so many times. [Note to readers... yes, I wear bras regularly. My older exhibitionist friends have been very explicit that they feel it's important to give beautiful boobs the support they need to extend their exposing life. I want to be an unashamed exhibitionist for many years... so I support my lovely assets with beautifully designed bras whenever I'm not playing one of my games where a bra is a liability. And... I wear industrial strength sports bras when exercising. Well... nothing else, but at least a sports bra!] We played the next round while I was happily topfree. It's a very basic turn-on to be topfree when others are fully clothed... no matter who the others might be. My nips were continually attentive... and my yoni juices were flowing. Alas... I lost yet another ...