1. Skylar's Cute Sock Tickle

    Date: 9/19/2017, Categories: Fetish Author: agraham147, Source: xHamster

    My girlfriend Skylar and I walk up the stairs of my house and into my bedroom which is straight ahead after the stairs. We've just come back from going out for our dinner after a couple of hours with each other in the afternoon. It's now moving into the evening and we lie down on my bed and talk for a while. I'm 20 and Skylar is 19. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world whenever I look at her. She is about 5"6 and has soft, shiny blonde hair just past shoulder length and gorgeous, brown eyes. She has well developed check bones which show well when she smiles. Her teeth don't have a hint of yellow on them and are all perfectly straight. She has a cute, little nose and her body is as thin as a pin, not quite to the point of skinny, just a lovely slim figure. She’s so gorgeous that she doesn’t wear makeup and if she does, it’s only a tiny bit of foundation or blusher or a little pink lip gloss. She's my first girlfriend and I'm her first boyfriend and although she always calls me her "handsome prince", I know I'm definitely punching above my weight. We've spent about an hour talking about an array of things when after a few moments she looks at me with a cute smile and sits up looking down at me."What do you like fantasy wise babe?" she asks."What do you mean?" I ask not quite believing she just asked me that."What are your fantasies, you know, what turns you on?" she asks biting her lower lip.Now I'm not going to lie, I'm getting a little excited below the surface, my heart starts racing like a train. We've only been going out with each other for 8 months and neither of us have had sex, we're both still virgins. I want to be honest with her but I don't know if she's into what I like."I have a tickle fetish babe. That's why I like to tickle you sometimes." she giggles.After she said that, it suddenly makes sense now why she does that. I quite enjoy it when she tickles me. She's so cute and girly with it. Skylar never tickles hard or makes it a torture, she uses her finger tips and tickles as gentle as possible letting her soft, smooth, feminine skin do all the work. She also keeps her nails very short which I love very much as she can touch and tickle without scratching. I love her very much, so I tell her,"I like it when you tickle me babe, you're quite talented at it."She smiles."I just do it the way it's supposed to be done. Tickling should be an enjoyable, gentle tease. Not a hard, forceful torture. I like being tickled as well as being the tickler as long as it's the gentle tickling. Anyway, I've told you what my fetish is, so come on babe what's yours?"I look deep into her pretty, brown eyes, her smile growing bigger and cuter. I break eye contact with her and find my eyes slowly wandering down the bed. Her right leg is crossed over her left. She is wearing blue skinny jeans which intricately hug around her knee and the curve of her shin. I look further down to the area which turns me on so to speak, her cute little feet! She is wearing ...