1. Men of two Worlds Part 5 Chapter 9 and 10

    1/2/2018: Chapter Nine: Sean and how I received my Indian Name. I spent a lot of time with, as I began to think of them, My Indians. The pond was teeming with fish and we spent a lot of time spearing and netting the fish. One day I had waded out in the pond to set a net. Before I could even begin a trout weighing about a pound snagged in the net. I removed it from the net and holding it by it's tail I read Sex Story
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  2. Rich Man Smell

    1/2/2018: I have to say that this story is not mine. A couple of months ago I posted on Craig's list a post looking for a guy with a nice musky manly scent. A guy responded with the below story, which I found beyond hot, and that indeed something like that happened to me. Hope some of you like it as much as I did. --------- I know that smell you are referring to. I had a bi friend come down from State College 2 weeks ago to met with his sister and her husband to be near me. He is 32, built nicely, has good muscle tone to him as he is a mechanic.. He had asked if he could stay here for the night read Sex Story
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  3. My Hot Latina Friend Ch. 02

    1/2/2018: "Hey, let's go check that place out!" Tracy yelled in my ear as she pointed to a little bike friendly saloon. It was the only way I could hear her over the sound of my loud pipes and the wind as we cruised down Beach Road. We were on our second date and we both loved bikes. I took her out last week on my Road King and we had a little fun with each other until we were abruptly interrupted by her read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Author: byNaughtySouthernGent, Source: Literotica
  4. Dark Discoveries

    1/2/2018: Cassie Winthrop slipped into her dorm room and set her books on the small desk by the window. Her eyes glanced over at the rumpled unmade bed on her right, clothes strewn about, comparing it to the neatly made bed and folded shirt on her side. She sighed as she slipped her laptop out of her back pack and set it on the desk. Mindy was right, she was the compliant little girl from home. She always read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: byMountainDewMan, Source: Literotica
  5. Father Dan

    1/2/2018: Father Dan I have been a priest almost thirty five years in the beginning I was living as any faithful priest should be then after about three years I started to have unhealthy feelings I mean that I was having thoughts about what is was like to have sex again . I had plenty of sex before I became a priest I screwed my cousin when I was fifteen and I thought she might be pregnant turned out she wasn't so I screwed her ever chance I had but I used a condom after that and we both really enjoyed it . When her parents found out they demanded that I either go to jail or become a priest so here I a read Sex Story
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  6. Owning the girl next door

    1/2/2018: It started one afternoon after I had gotten off work with my Dad, I was tinkering with my car in the driveway when I hear my name being called. I looked down the street and a friend of mines girlfriend was walking to me, I said hey Sherry what's up, she asked what I was doing tonight? I said going to cruse the beach for a couple hours why? She asked do you mind if I ride along, I said no, not at read Sex Story
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  7. Little Bound Riding Hood

    1/2/2018: "Need you to sign off on the contract for the hall, catering and costume shop, Gil." Shelly, my assistant with the shapely legs and long, golden locks, smiled at me as she knocked on my office door and entered. "Didn't I sign another one of these contracts just two months ago? How much are we spending annually on these company social events?" I replied with absolutely no enthusiasm. I read Sex Story
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  8. An Exploration of Sexuality

    1/2/2018: Hey guys, this is just a little recount of a confusing relationship I've developed with this girl. I'm quite unsure about where we stand and I'd really love for you guys to give it a read through and tell me your take on the situation. Thanks. *** All characters participating in sexual activities are over 18. ***** So, here's the thing, I've always identified as straight. It's not because I'm read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Author: byTheStarryEyedDreamer, Source: Literotica
  9. The Cursed Castle, Chapter 4

    1/2/2018: "David, can I... can I see it?" "Ask me the right way." "David, can I see your... cock? Please?" David pushed her gently back until the mattress caught her at the back of the knees and she was forced to sit down on the edge of the bed. He stepped forward a bit, bringing his crotch within easy reach of her. "Give me your hand." Arabella extended her hand and he took it, placing it on the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: Master_Jonathan, Source: LushStories
  10. The Guitar Player Strikes Again

    1/2/2018: My hands were on both of her breasts, thumbing her nipples as she moaned into my mouth in ecstasy. Our kiss intensified as I gently kneaded her luscious tits, pulling the tips outwards and squeezing both at the same time in a sensual manner. I really wanted to lower her body backward, towards the arm of my sofa so we could progress to what I really wanted, to fuck her pussy silly and sore. Umm! read Sex Story
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