1. The Love Shared (Part 8)

    5/18/2018: (Authors Note - While i can't begin to thank you enough for the heavy support of this story, I do realise that there are issues with the time between chapters. This is mostly due to a mix of reasons and i do apologise, however, once posted the usual time it takes to be published by the site has recently been 3-4 weeks! I hope it isn't the case with Part 8. Enjoy reading and feel free to comment read Sex Story
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  2. Masseur and Red Bull.

    5/18/2018: A few days later, I recognized a name on my appointment schedule. I’ll just call him red bull. He is a big, hairy hulk of a guy that liked to get rimmed and sucked. I loved seeing him that first time, even with his gruff and grunting ways, if there was a problem, it was only his size. He is huge, in every way and every sense of the word. In fact, I call him red bull because his hanging cock is the size of a red bull drink can. Heavy, thick and veiny. When he walked, memories of his first visit came flooding back. Thoughts of being pinned under him and licking his hairy hole made my dick twit read Sex Story
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  3. The Bad Boys Slut

    5/18/2018: I can't believe what as happening, here I was being blackmailed by the most feared boy in this town. Few minutes ago It was just a normal day for me walking into the school I noticed everyone eyes on me. It was strange I was what you called it a loner I didn't really have any friends I like being alone good books in my face. I walked down the hall as they whispered about me but about what. I read Sex Story
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  4. Runs in the Family, Part 3

    5/18/2018: It was astonishing how quickly a life of thirty years could fall apart. One single night, one simple mistake, one marriage dissolved. Bianca had her taste of Bruce, and she was satisfied. Or so she thought. But sleeping with Vince when he returned from his trip become a chore, where she counted down the minutes until he finished. Then she was imagining her son-in-law again, seeking some read Sex Story
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  5. AMULYA Getting Satisfied

    5/18/2018: I used to live with my family. My husband had government job which needed him to go to nearby towns for regular inspections. I have two c***dren one boy 10 age and girl of 14 at that time. At that time there was a boy Mihir age 18. He was living down the street. I knew Mihir from ten years. But recently I used to find him attractive. May be he had grown up or may be it was me who was longing for sex. I used to watch him play cricket in the street every evening. Sometimes I used to call him for different works and used to read Sex Story
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  6. A Homecumming Delight

    5/18/2018: Knees still buckling, with toys still suspended in both my pussy and my ass, I shakily grasp the faucet and turn off the shower. The vibrations in my pussy intensify the fullness in my ass, and the pleasure is almost too much as I recover from the mind-numbing orgasm that just ripped through my fatigued body. As I stumble to our bedroom to dry off, I realize it is now dark outside. I turn read Sex Story
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  7. My Sexual Journey Pt. 01

    5/17/2018: It is every woman's romantic dream, at least in England, to live in a country cottage with roses round the door and an old fashioned country garden with its informal mixture of flowers, herbs, and vegetables densely packed into a small space. In a country where most people now live in towns or cities, many in drearily uniform suburban estates, I have often wondered if the English passion for read Sex Story
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  8. Bobby Jo

    5/17/2018: Bobby Jo We first met just after I started junior high school. I had entered the seventh grade like many others, in that I was awkward, felt alone and out of place most of the time. Miss Bobby as she was called singled me out on my first trip to the library in search of a research book. Even at that moment in my backward way I felt she had strange and wonderful things planned for me. What they read Sex Story
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  9. The Opening Door

    5/17/2018: There was a jangling of the bell as they walked into the bookshop. Godfrey gallantly stood back to allow Eugenia through the doorway as he took off his hat. He then followed her to greet the shopkeeper who was seated at his desk. The white-haired, portly, bespectacled Mr Johnson rose to shake Godfrey’s hand warmly and gave a slightly more muted, old-fashioned bow towards Eugenia, as was read Sex Story
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  10. The time my wife and I had as girls

    5/17/2018: This took place in fort Bragg Ca my wife had just found out that I crossdress and was ok with it i was so relieve and to show me she took me shoping for my own sexy underwear she had made me put on nylons garder belt bra and panty and a dress my out fit was not very good so on with a trench coat luckily it was winter . Right be for we go in she wants to suck my cock out in the parking lot I was all for that . It seams ever sins she found out she has bin Horner than ever I came real fast and as I was a tall man good looking walk past the car my wife did not see him he watched her give me head m read Sex Story
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