1. Forbidden Fur 2 - Gaze of the Wolf Pt.1

    4/30/2018: Tamara Johnson watched the sun setting on the distant horizon. The Novo Brazilian sky was alive with orange and pink hues, it was beautiful. She studied her reflection in the window of her room. A snub-nosed, freckled face stared back at her, green eyes, curly copper hair, chopped short at her nape. Not bad. She had been trying to get more sleep lately and it appeared to be paying off. She read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Bestiality, Interracial Lesbian Author: Jennifer Reyes, Source: sexstories.com
  2. Fresh Men: Chapters 2-3

    4/29/2018: Hello! Thank you for clicking on this story. A few notes: As you might have guessed from the title, this is not the first entry in this series. For those looking for a quick wank, this series may not be for you, as there will also be quite a bit of story and character involved. With that being said, there is no sex in Chapter 2, but there is sex in Chapter 3. This series takes place on a small read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Authoritarian, Oral Sex / Blowjob Boy, Teen Cheating BDSM First Time Gay massage, Author: collegeboy22, Source: sexstories.com
  3. My Two Married Guys

    4/29/2018: To keep from freaking you out, I’m not going say how old I am. Let it go by saying I’m a senior citizen. I’m repeatedly told I look good for my age, whatever that means. I have a “lover” (more accurately a sex partner) who is less than half my age. The way that came about is, I hired a guy to paint a couple of rooms in my house, and he brought along a very young assistant, Cecil. About read Sex Story
    Categories: Bisexual Author: spinneroftales, Source: LushStories
  4. Prom Night

    4/29/2018: Author's statement: This is a fairly long story. I thought of making chapters of it, but at the time, didn't think it would be this long. Enjoy:) NOTE: All characters depicted in sexual situations are 18. DISCLAIMER: Names and events of characters in this story are fictional. Any person, living or dead having these names, or were in similar events, is purely coincidence. ***** "I'm going to the read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bybigjimbroni65, Source: Literotica
  5. Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 4

    4/29/2018: Hi, This is Claire. So far it’s been my loving husband Neil who’s described what’s happened to us since our younger daughter Caitlyn left for college. I’m happy for my beloved to carry on doing all the heavy lifting (After all, that’s what husbands are for!). But I’d like to add my two cents' worth before Neil continues. I guess I’d like to really expand on and give everyone a read Sex Story
    Categories: Wife / MILF Author: rawraw25, Source: LushStories
  6. Boys Neighbor

    4/29/2018: Part 1 : My name is Billy I am in my 40’s at present but this story goes back to when I was a young man. I grew up normal but with very little experience with girls and woman. Being this was the case most if not all of my sexual orientation and experimenting was alone through masturbation, which I discovered at the age of 12 or 13. Starting off that young I was a steady once or twice a day kind of read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Bestiality, First Time Humiliation Mature / Older Non-consensual sex Author: Billynjguy, Source: sexstories.com
  7. How and when did i discover i liked women and not

    4/29/2018: Chapter No1 it was some years ago, but its as clear as if it happened yesterday.. I was on my way home from school one afternoon when i suddenly needed a wee, luckily there is a big named suppermarket close by so i thought i will pop in there, i was so tiny back then no one would take any notice of a girl in her school uniform going to the restroom.. In i went, the first thing that caught my young attention, was that it was very very clean, it smelt really nice, so i felt comfortable. it had 3 stalls and 3 washhand basins and a dryer, why am i telling you this? Its called setting read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time Author: Lara-lez-Dubius, Source: xHamster
  8. I find out My BF likes Cock

    4/29/2018: Working with my boyfriend is not as bad as what people think. Most of my friends claim that they would get sick of seeing their other every day as Chris and I do. We both work in an office building with Chris being the assistant manager and myself the secretary. "Hey Lily!" It was one of the other secretaries, Judy, who always had something to say. "Judith! Hi. Whatever gossip you have can you hold for like 10 or 20 more minutes? I have way too much work to get done." "No gossip. I just need you to run this to Mr. Barnam's office for me real quick. I was supposed to be at a meeting 15 minu read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time Gay Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  9. My mates son asking me about stuff cause his dad d

    4/29/2018: He was asking telling me that he would do anything for me and I didn't know what he meant then he winked at me and He said anything at all I said I hurt my ankle can u help me out and get some food he said anything thing at all then he Just Come out and asked me if I would let him suck me off I said why do u want to do that he said cause it's something new and he thought I would like to do it to I said to him that I am not gay or bi he said that doesn't matter He asked me if I wanted to see girls he talked to on the net I said ok but he said I want a vid of me cuming so I made One then read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo First Time Masturbation / Toys Author: killa6988v8, Source: xHamster
  10. Dangerous Games Ch 3

    4/29/2018: Chapter 3 "You really are unbelievable. Well, let me tell you something, Erin, or whatever the hell your name really is, this shit ends today. I'm in a relationship. One that I don't intend to fuck up, and there's no place in it for you, you got that? You need to go find another playmate and leave me the hell alone." It felt good finally to lay it out for her, but if I thought a read Sex Story
    Categories: Novels, Author: Milik_the_Red, Source: LushStories