1. Husband Made me Hot

    1/30/2018: had been happily married, this story is about how I got hot with my hubbies Friend. I am staying with a Joint family after marriage, life of the girl Changes drastically after marriage, with responsibility, hence with busy daily schedules once interest of life changes. This incidence happened while we were driving to Shimla. We two Family was travelling for the vacatio read Sex Story
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  2. Little Sis Ch. 06

    1/30/2018: Copyright © May 2018 by CiaoSteve CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work. This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not read Sex Story
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  3. Puritan Whores Ch4

    1/29/2018: Constance was a happy maid. She smiled a lot these days. Away from the stifling village, I watched as she flourished. It has been nearly a month since we started our own porn site, ‘Puritan Whores.’ Traffic was good, but not as much as we needed to keep the village. Constance seems to enjoy her role as a maid. Abby helped her pick out a few different sets of slutty maid costumes online. Now that’s read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Consensual Sex Incest / Taboo Prostitution, Wife / MILF Author: Satinslip, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Lost Empire 24

    1/29/2018: 0001 - Tempro 0003 - Conner 0097 - Ace 0098 - Lucy(un-grown) 0101 -Shelby (mothership) 0798 - Celeste 0999 - Zan 1000 - Sherry Though he was only a very minor noble, Baron John Talbert was scared. He was still wondering why he'd been singled out by the Rangers and the Emperor. Shaking he remembered the execution of the Republic President a most horrid way to die. His mouth dropping agape, he read Sex Story
    Categories: Science-Fiction , Alien, Non-Erotic, Violence / Cruelty Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Chechen Muslim Amazon

    1/29/2018: "The Cold War is over, Sir, I strongly suggest you get used to it," Russian Air Force Captain Yasmin Taisumov said calmly, looking at her counterpart, U.S. Air Force Captain Steven Dwyer. The tall, dark-skinned, muscular serviceman looked good in his uniform and looked like he meant business. As a fellow military officer, Captain Yasmin Taisumov could certainly appreciate that. Too bad Dwyer's read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial Author: bySamuelx, Source: Literotica
  6. Jaq Goes Back To College

    1/29/2018: As a fifty-eight-year-old wife, Jaq did not need to get a job to help with the bills. However, when a part-time position came up at the local college, Jaq decided to apply. Jaq was asked to go for an interview. The day of the interview came around. Jaq looked very smart as well as very sexy in a blue suit with a fairly short skirt. Jaq arrived at the college just after eight thirty in read Sex Story
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  7. High School Lovers

    1/29/2018: Family and friends/Friday Party Michael? Where did you go? Ashley taunted from behind a nearby tree. I snuck up behind her quickly and quietly, scooped her up and hugged her tight. She screamed and then giggled. I kissed my sisters’ forehead and said, (gotcha.) No fair it was my turn she squeaked. Can we have pizza, Ashley asked? As we walked back to the house from Sanctuary, our little fort in read Sex Story
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  8. Jack, Queen & King the Beginning

    1/29/2018: So, it all began in the Spring of 2017, I meet the Queen, we will call her Renea, on an adult freak site. You know those type where there are subs and doms and people that like being spanked, choked and pissed on. She was young, 19-year-old at the time, her profile pictures were of her in high school, a soccer player, hot, about 125 and amazing legs. We chatted often, then exchanged cell numbers and text messaged for a while. I started visiting her at her place of employment, a fast food restaurant at the time. I, at the time, was a 42-year-old, 24-year Army retiree, trying to figure out about read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Group Sex Interracial Author: lovesexallkinds, Source: xHamster
  9. The Keyholder Ch. 11

    1/29/2018: It was an hour later when Amy opened Ben's bedroom door a crack, cautiously peered outside and then tiptoed out into the lounge. Her hair was up in a rough bun, her feet were bare, and she wore blue jeans and a tight black tee-shirt. She wasn't sure whether Ben had heard her masturbate and she kicked herself her not being quieter. She picked up the key to the large wooden trunk and sat down on the read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM Author: byAndreaJordan, Source: Literotica
  10. Right or Wrong - Final Part

    1/29/2018: One day, at about 9 in the evening, the Brigadier’s attendant came running to us and said, “Saab is not well. He has fever. Please call the doctor. He has instructed me not to call anyone but just inform you.” We were about to go to bed. Sumi was in her night gown and was preparing to put the children to bed. As soon as she heard that, she dropped everything and rushed to the Brigadier, read Sex Story
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