1. Helping a Friend

    9/11/2017: I am currently in a long-term monogamous relationship and which is a rather new experience for me. My significant relationships up till now always involved stepping out as couple or alone. I have been posting things that I have found interested and aroused me here on this page. A friend that I have on this site had asked me to relay some of my experiences so here goes one for Mary… I had been dating Kendra for several months by this point and we were definitely at a stage of commitment but primarily to our desires. We were not sure if our relationship would blossom into something more permanen read Sex Story
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    9/11/2017: It must have been about 1990 again while I was still working .as a security guard in the city of London near Old Street. The office block I was guarding was only a temporary job as the normal guard was off on holiday in America for a month, but I was hoping somehow he wouldn’t,t come back as despite the long hours 6:30 pm to 6:30 am the staff were very friendly, hot drinks free and sandwiches also provided free which helped a lot on the weekly grocery bill with two teenagers in our house hold. Being a firm that dealt with news they stayed open till 11pm then reopened at 6am when the day cleane read Sex Story
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  3. Making the varsity team

    9/11/2017: It was finally the day for soccer tryouts, and I was determined to make the varsity team. I had put plenty of hours into training and preparation, but I still felt nervous to perform in front of the coaches. My freshmen year had gone great and my goal for sophomore year was to make the jump to the varsity team at all cost. I took a quick shower and then put on my favorite gear which read Sex Story
    Categories: Non-consensual sex Author: Issabela, Source: LushStories
  4. Enter Me

    9/11/2017: Heather and Jerry were first cousins. Neither one of them would profess to know much about genetics but it wouldn't take a genius to figure out that they would be pretty close in the gene pool. Their fathers were identical twins, big strong good-looking athletic guys with reddish-brown hair and they had married a pair of sisters. Their wives weren't twins, but they were born a year apart and read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bySwampcooler, Source: Literotica
  5. Leftovers

    9/11/2017: This story is the third in a series, following on to "Thin Ice" and "A Slippery Slope" - you might want to check them out before reading "Leftovers" for maximal enjoyment. Like those, this story has a strong element of cuckoldry and wife sharing, so please only read it if that is something that appeals to you.This story contains graphic sex and is intended for the entertainment of adults. All read Sex Story
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  6. Ainsely 15

    9/11/2017: "So how's my college girl doing?" I asked her. She was sitting at the dining room table pouring over her notes and writing. "Learning a lot?" "Oh Jack, I hate having to do papers," she whined. "I just don't get anything out of it and he just doesn't like the way I write. I wish I could just get credit for how good I can be with kids." "I'm sure papers do you more good than you think read Sex Story
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  7. Going Nova ch. 2: Elsie

    9/11/2017: Brie came to life. Where was she? She felt like she was in her bed, naked as before, when her dad tried to steal the sheet off of her. Was it all a strange dream? she thought. But something didn’t feel quite right. She squinted at the bright overhead lights. They were fluorescent. Am I still in school? She slowly sat up. Her head felt like it was full of gauze, but not in the same way it had read Sex Story
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  8. Mistress and I

    9/11/2017: She loved having me like this; chained up, pulling me closer and closer to her and pinning me down to the mattress of her bed, my head between her legs, surrendering completely and ready at her service. After all, it was the reason I was there for; to serve and to obey her every command. I am her slave. Her fuck toy. I’m always there for her sexual needs and will forever be. ¨Have you been a good boy¨? she asked Yes, Mistress, I’ve been a real good boy. ¨Good. I want you to serve me. You need to serve me slave. Bury your tongue and savour your Mistress.¨ With a hand full of hair, she pul read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM Fetish Author: JeansLeatherBoy, Source: xHamster
  9. She didn't know that I knew - Part 8

    9/11/2017: tI striped out of my clothes and was unable to take my eyes off of my sexually ravished wife. I partially climbed up on the bed, locking lips with her hot, lipstick-covered lips. We kissed and kissed, moaned and kissed some more, breaking our kiss only to tell her how amazing she was. She used that opportunity to point out and comment on my huge, dripping cock and to tell me how much she loved me. “I’m not sure where you want to begin” she said, in a very sexed-up tone, “But I can’t hold this in very much longer…” “I need to taste you” I panted. “You mean HIM, don’t you baby?” she added wit read Sex Story
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  10. Getting my own back on my husband, (Part 3 )

    9/11/2017: As you will all know by now, Peter and I were fucking like rabbits, I was actually looking forward to my husband going out to meet the girl he was fucking, Peter would park around the corner, when my husband would drive away, he'd be in the back door within seconds, I know in my heart, it was more lust than love, although we did love each other, I said in my last post, that there was a twist to this version, but there are actually two twists, my favourite part will have to come at the end of this story tho, like I said, Peter took me into a world of sex I'd never known, I'd heard, read, and se read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Author: Cutiefox, Source: xHamster