1. Surprise

    5/5/2021: I first saw my best friend Alicia pussy when she was in the bathroom one day, she is about 5'7" and very sexy with wide hips, medium breasts and a firm ass. It was bald and very attractive, the lips were pouty and the clit was glistening. I was immediately horny. I went to my room and masturbated thinking about her nice little wet coochie. I started having dreams about kissing her all over her read Sex Story
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  2. Becoming Bo's Bitch

    3/30/2021: I've been contemplating back and forth, on whether or not i should even write this down. I realized that it might be healthy to analyze what had happened last summer. So here we go. First off, my name is Becca and i am nineteen years old. To get a picture of what i look like, think typical cheerleader type, blonde, 5' 8", 115lbs. My tits? Well lets keep something to your imagination. So last read Sex Story
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  3. My nasty neighbor Sue and friend Susan

    3/23/2021: Sue and her husband were divorcing and she’s all alone across the street from me. I love watch her 36DD boobs bounce while she cuts the grass. My wife and I invited her and another big boned neighbor over hat afternoon to get in our pool and jacuzzi. I thought I was dreaming when I came out of the garage and saw these massive boobs floating in the bubbles all the while the three ladies read Sex Story
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  4. my wife

    1/4/2021: one night in the Florida keys my wife and I went to a strip club, the bouncer was a huge black guy with a huge bulge in his pants I only noticed because my wife pointed it out to me. My wife was pretty drunk when she went to the ladies room she was gone about fifteen minutes when she came back she looked flushed, I asked her if she was feeling ok. She just smiled at me and took my hand and slid it read Sex Story
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  5. Experiment

    11/13/2020: I love to fuck Susan and hear her swear and talk dirty. One night after we came home from the movies. We were fucking like Rabbits, she told me to fuck her til she see stars. " Skin me out and fuck me " she said in a very horny tone. As i stepped up the pace she started to tell me that she wants to go on her head top. I let her do it and started to fuck her pussy slowly, she said it was hurting read Sex Story
    Categories: Oral Sex / Blowjob Your Stories Author: Charles Brown, Source: SexStories-Hot
  6. Ms. Monica 1

    11/11/2020: Monica was in the shower washing her hot, sexy body, her breasts were nice and perky with small nipples, her face was round with nice lips and dreamy eyes. She had sexy bow legs, her pussy was very interesting, neatly shaved with nice lips and the tip of the clot peeping out at me. I took off my shorts, closed my eyes, slowly stroked my penis and licked my lips as if I was licking her clit. When I read Sex Story
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  7. Fantasy

    10/25/2020: She has nice pretty, very attractive fingers, I enjoy watching as she takes off her clothes and play with her sweet sexy bald pussy. After her shower she would lotion her body and play with her breasts,, licking her nipples and rubbing her g spot. I asked her one time when we were alone at the river if she masturbates and she told me that she would wash her pussy, oil her body and play with her read Sex Story
    Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Your Stories Author: Joe Grind, Source: SexStories-Hot
  8. Nice Mature Pussy

    9/19/2020: It was my fifth day in the neighborhood and i hadn't seen a sexy woman around, the women were a lot older then i was. There was this big ass gilf who drove a very nice car, she would pass by my apartment every morning at 7. One day i went to the park and saw a woman, she looked lonely so i decided to say hi, she offered me a seat and we started to chat. I learnt that she was the owner of a very read Sex Story
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  9. Tempting Flatmate

    9/4/2020: My flatmate Janet came home from work one evening about 8 o' clock, she had a bottle of wine and a box of pizza with her. She threw her handbag on the living room floor, put the food on the dining table and took off her dress and shoes also. I stood on the stairs watching her but she didn't see me, she squeezed her breasts and patted the front of her thong. I started to get hard. She went to the read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Your Stories Author: Alexander White, Source: SexStories-Hot
  10. Nice pic

    9/1/2020: Someone sent me a message on my phone, i opened it and there was a pic of a naked dark skin woman about forty something years old. Her hair was long and black, she had about size 38 very full breasts, very sexy hips, flat stomach and a broad ass. I quickly saved it in my gallery as well as the number in my contacts as. 'sexy'. The message was deleted from the sender and a message saying read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Your Stories Author: Anthony James, Source: SexStories-Hot