1. What If

    7/22/2019: It started when he caught me staring while he did squats. I'd gotten home from a work trip late that afternoon and the last thing I'd wanted to do was lift, but my wife had insisted. She was going, and she knew I'd regret it the next day if I didn't. So we drove down to the college where she worked and made our way across campus to the gym. We'd only been there for about twenty minutes when read Sex Story
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  2. Danny and Jenny chapter nine

    7/22/2019: "Karen?" "That's me, hello Danny." she reached up and kissed me on the lips. "Well, Jenny certainly wasn't lying," she said mysteriously, "You really are gorgeous." Gorgeous? Shit, I've been called many things in my life, but that has never been one of them! "Danny, do you think I could perhaps come inside please?" "Sorry? Oh yes excuse me, I mean, yes dease plo come in, I mean, read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: davedax97, Source: LushStories
  3. Horse Play

    7/22/2019: This story, as is all stories, isn't written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you're welcome. If not, thank you for visiting. ***** Something was off between my mom and dad. At first I thought, 'ok, they're splitting up'. They weren't arguing. They had no financial problems. I know they love each other, I've seen them in action. Well, daytime around the house action. They read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bySuburb, Source: Literotica
  4. First story. MFM on our boat

    7/22/2019: We’d found ourselves finishing off a bottle of red before we’d even got off our boat. We both knew it was going to be a messy night! Another bottle gets emptied over a lovely meal and as we’re walking to the gin distillery you tell me your knickers are rubbing against your freshly trimmed pussy. Once settled in the comfy seats we chill and watch the world go by while you try different cocktails and I stick to Hendricks, looking at friends chat and first dates happen. You head off to the toilet and I notice a couple of guys eyes follow you out, then look back at me grinning. I message you read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time Group Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Left_surface, Source: xHamster
  5. Enslaved by friends part 1

    7/22/2019: “Hunh, Hunh, Hunh……Hunh, Hunh, Hunh….. did you prepared what I told you to do. You did it right? I’m going to listen to it after we are done here.” Gary asked ratchel while fucking her cunt vigourously. “Yes master” Ratchel in pain said sobbing into tears with a gag ball in her mouth that made the words out of her mouth less comprehensible. Gary had the thickest cock over all three of the boys read Sex Story
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  6. A Roll of the Dice

    7/22/2019: Her clit throbbing and desperate, she waited, naked and kneeling next to him. The long, wicked paddle and a pair of dice—one red and one white—waited for her, on the coffee table. The thick, black collar sat snugly around her neck, a constant reminder that she’d given herself to him, utterly and completely. She was owned. His to do with as he pleased. The little padlock wasn’t read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM Author: 19Savant, Source: LushStories
  7. Caught sucking Daddy

    7/22/2019: This follows on from my last story, please read and comment. He said I did a good job and that he could tell how much I enjoyed myself, he then started the engine and took me back home….. I put my hand back on his cock through his pants as we pulled up outside my house, I started stroking and massaging it, I told him I enjoyed sucking his cock and that if his wife wasn’t willing to suck it for him I would be happy to anytime, as long as he kept it between us. The bulge in his pants started to get bigger as I was playing with it. He looked at me and said you are such a slut; you want to su read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Gay Group Sex Author: smhnewc2013, Source: xHamster
  8. Tomorrow

    7/22/2019: When I come out of the shower, I wrap a towel around my waist and sit perched on the end of the bed as I wait for her. My hair is still wet and skin still damp. It's late. I reach across to switch on the bedside light, its glow only half lighting the room. As I do it, I notice his picture on the table. He is staring back at me, smiling. She must have put it there since the last time I was in this read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bydrewwils, Source: Literotica
  9. First time stallion continued – A Black stallion,

    7/22/2019: So it’s 22:30 and only around 15 minutes after the sharp exit of Jess’s hot steamy hook-up sex session with an Italian stallion. There Jess is, still in the dark with the light of the bathroom seeping out of the small gap in the door. The flickering light of the T.V flashed occasionally over her silky smooth black stockings as she sits on the edge of the double bed facing towards the hotel bedroom door. With the lingering taste of cum in her mouth and her breath strong with the same flavour, Jess plays a little with the stretchiness of her black lace twisted knickers left around her ankles as read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Trans Interracial Author: dirtyjenna, Source: xHamster
  10. AnimeCon Harem pt. 08

    7/22/2019: There’s no way she actually meant it, Brian told himself, trying to push the thought out of his mind. Holding each other, kissing, and even taking clothes off for dares is one thing, but this is… Of course, it was inevitable that he’d imagine it, at least. He had met Stephanie’s vulva face-first in a collision of bodies that had him sprawled out on the ground in the middle of the read Sex Story
    Categories: Novels, Author: FortySixtyFour, Source: LushStories