1. Jimmy Boy

    7/22/2019: BDSM clubs are absolutely not for everybody, not even people who like BDSM. It takes something that is usually private and brings it right out in the open. The club that I have been a member of for four years allows everything short of fucking in the main hub, the giant area that most people hang out in. Every time I walk in I'm usually greeted with the sounds of somebody being spanked or whipped read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Author: byNRMathis, Source: Literotica
  2. Busted With My Online Porn 8

    7/22/2019: My wife has always gotten up before me, with very few exceptions. I woke up in bed alone to the smell of coffee and the quiet drone of the morning news on the television. My wife, as usual, had her laptop open and it was on Facebook. She was looking at all the inane stuff friends posted back home. She never seems to pay attention to either the TV or the computer, in my estimation. She read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold Author: coastalkid, Source: LushStories
  3. The Monday Night Club Ch. 03

    7/22/2019: When I saw Toby at school the next afternoon, he walked up and gave me a quick shoulder/side hug. "How are you, man?" he said, quietly. "Horny as hell," I confessed. "Can't think about anything else... I'm not gonna make it to the weekend. Can we get together at your house before then?" I knew his mother was gone a lot, traveling for her job, so it was a good bet to ask. His face lit up. "Sure! read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Author: byrukind, Source: Literotica
  4. Oh Doctor.

    7/22/2019: Everyone has their so called “home” doctor, the one that they always go to when they need an MC or when they are legitimately sick. I have mine too. But recently, they expanded, and now I have a new doctor - Dr Jillian (not her real name). The first time I saw Dr Jillian was when my “home” doctor was unavailable and I was automatically queued to see the new doctor instead. I was down with a flu and thus dropped by to get some meds. As I walked into room for the first time, a beautiful, spectacled lady in her early 30s looked up at me and greeted me pleasantly. “Hello Tim, how can I help you read Sex Story
    Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Mature / Older Author: yoursecretstuff, Source: xHamster
  5. An Impossible Love Chapter Four

    7/22/2019: We were up early the following morning in preparation for our flight. Cherry looked stunning as usual in a new denim mini skirt with a white blouse. She hadn't bothered with a bra and I loved the way her breasts jiggled as she walked. This was my new sister: a very sexy, very confident young woman; a woman who'd just discovered her sexuality and was enjoying it! I had the deeds to the land read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: davedax97, Source: LushStories
  6. Chinese Turn-out Pt. 03

    7/22/2019: I crashed harder than anytime ever in my life and my dreams were fucking vivid. I dreamt of being fucked. And of sucking huge cock and getting face fucked so hard that I was cock drunk and high from holding my breath so much. But so really horny from him doing that, so into that cock. Of Jax fucking me so hard that it is still in my head. In me. I hurt. My ass hurts, the ring, deep inside sort of read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans Author: bySissyhalo, Source: Literotica
  7. Virus Pt. 06: The Cure (Final Part)

    7/22/2019: Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me over the length of the series. If you enjoyed it, please let me know in the comments. Usual disclaimer - Everyone in the story is over 18. ================= It had been a life-changing few months for the family. A deadly virus, who's only treatment (treatment, not cure) was semen, had lead brother Simon and younger sister Emma into an read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: byTheOtherTeacher, Source: Literotica
  8. Workout 05

    7/22/2019: I realized that I was spiraling down that long, dark, (no pun intended) tunnel of depravity on my way to being a slut for Big Black Cock. I was torn, on one hand, I thoroughly enjoyed sex with Jim, but I knew I was getting out of control, thinking about his thick black tube of flesh in my mouth, spewing its salty load down my throat, pounding my now forever wrecked asshole, now pussy, and read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Non-consensual sex BDSM Gay Interracial Author: DougsLair, Source: sexstories.com
  9. From Teen Bride to Hot Wife, 5: Back To Reality, Joe The Cuckold

    7/22/2019: Joe stands behind Caroline as she sits at the table writing. He lifts her long hair to one side to uncover the nape of her neck, kisses it gently before saying, "Tell me again, Caz. Tell me how his cock tasted." "I've an essay to finish," Caroline says, her pen moving quickly across the page. "Please, Caz. It won't take long. I've got a hard-on just thinking about him having you like that." read Sex Story
    Categories: Wife / MILF Author: LucaByDesign, Source: LushStories
  10. The party at Helena's house begins

    7/22/2019: That last Halloween my beloved Ana asked me to go with her to visit her girlfriend Helena, who had moved to Jacksonville. I almost decided to go but at the last minute I had to cancel because I had another business trip to make. Anita left on early Friday. She had bought a sexy costume, as she told me; but she had not shown it to me. But I knew she would be Batgirl… My sweet wife called me on Friday evening, telling me she had made a nice road trip with her car and she had arrived to Helena`s house. Her girlfriend had got divorced some months ago and I knew she was a very bad influence to my read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Voyeur / Exhibitionism Group Sex Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster