1. The Penalty For Speeding

    2/27/2020: Tina looked in her mirror and saw the blue flashing light of the police car bearing down on her. She looked down at her speedometer and saw she was doing ten miles over the limit. What was she thinking of, she asked herself, as she slowed down and pulled in to the side of the road, drawing to a stop. She sat in her car as she watched the police car stop a few feet behind her and a police read Sex Story
    Categories: Spanking Author: SusanHarper, Source: LushStories
  2. Dragonborn Rising Ch. 12

    2/27/2020: Before we begin, thanks to those who have left comments the past couple of chapters. We authors thrive on hearing from our readers. Nice to know you are enjoying everything so far, and that one or two of you are feeling inspired to have another playthrough! Keep them coming (if you'd like to.) ***** Chapter 12 -- Daedric Worship ***** Having Dawnbreaker in my possession urged something from read Sex Story
    Categories: Celebrities Author: byunknownauthor29, Source: Literotica
  3. Co-work Humiliation

    2/27/2020: Lindsay and Sarah are two young mums in their twenties. They work part-time in an old peoples’ day centre. They are two very different characters. Sarah is cool, trendy, sexy and rather fiery. Lindsay is a rather boring, geekish hippy-type. The two girls fall out over some minor issue. The consequence of which leads to Sarah humiliating Lindsay. Lindsay was a bit of a worrier. She tried not to watch the news, as she knew that she would get obsessional about some new disease. Recently bird flu had been in the news. At work she instantly volunteered to go to a conference to find out about it. S read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian BDSM Author: ChiaraMangla, Source: xHamster
  4. Falling

    2/27/2020: ‘Fuck! It’s cold out here!’ I thought as I hit the door leading outside. A 4a.m. call to get to my high school and then ride a bus two hours to what was probably going to amount to a very boring wrestling tournament... There was no upside here… well other than the fact that this would be my very last wrestling tournament as a minor! My 18th birthday was tomorrow! I stopped and pulled my bag on and read Sex Story
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  5. Summer Vacation With Stepgrandad

    2/27/2020: Both of us were married before, both widowed. We had lived with our departed spouses in the same Chicago high rise condominium. As couples we had been casually acquainted, seeing each other occasionally in the parking garage, the building lobby, or in summer, on the rooftop swimming pool deck. When my wife was killed in an auto accident, our children were all grown and graduated from college. My read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Incest / Taboo Teen Author: Stepgranddad, Source: sexstories.com
  6. A Model Cousin Pt. 03

    2/27/2020: 3 days later I arrived in the middle of the afternoon. By this point she'd been here about a month a week. I now began to realize she was going to be leaving soon. She helped me bring my suitcase out of my car. She was wearing pajama pants (at 4 PM) and a red tank top. While I was away on a leisure fest with my buddies, she'd been busy. "So what did you while I was gone?" I asked when we got read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: byCousinObsessed, Source: Literotica
  7. My Sisters - Chapter 1

    2/27/2020: There are indeed a lot of sibling relationships out there in the world. Some siblings are in such sync that they know exactly what the other is thinking on the money, others envy their siblings because the other is the apple of their parent’s eye. Then there’s the most frequent set; the siblings that hate each other. My sibling relationship falls into that category. Hey there, my name’s Sean, and read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Ass to mouth, Cum Swallowing First Time Incest / Taboo Masturbation / Toys Oral Sex / Blowjob Author: golfgangstar, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Scottish Holiday - A Woodland Walk

    2/26/2020: "Anyone care to join me for a walk?" I called out. "I'll come with you Ken," June replied, "that's just what I need to get the stiffness out of my legs after sitting so long in the car." "How about you darling?" I said to my wife Anne. "Not for me honey," she replied, "I'm going to have a long soak in the jacuzzi with a glass of Prosecco." "Don't let the bubbles go to your head," I laughed before read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Author: byvirusman, Source: Literotica
  9. A Chance Meeting Part Four

    2/26/2020: It was a quick drive to Newquay; the hotel was right near Fistral Beach and their room had a sea view. 'Wow, the bed is massive.' Gina winked at Sam, she kicked off her shoes and stripped down to her red lace underwear, she then got under the black velvet duvet. 'I want you to fuck me hard.' Sam didn't need asking twice, he stripped down to his boxers within seconds and joined her in read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM Author: MysticStorm86, Source: LushStories
  10. Ron and Ronnie Chapter 9 - Sometimes things get a little bent.

    2/26/2020: Ron had been telling me the story about the sexual adventures of him and Ronnie, his wife who had recently left him. I arrived at Ron’s house the next evening around six o’clock knowing that Ron worked until five. Ron had showered and the kids were in their PJ’s ready for bed. It was obvious that the lads had been fed. I said hi to the kids and we talked for a while before Ron took them off read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold Author: goyse, Source: LushStories