1. My Friend And I Seduced My Wife – Part 1

    3/3/2020: I was a professional engineer. My friend and ex-colleague Anil, was a smart 33 years young chap same as I and a very close friend of mine. Anil had athletic body and was really handsome. We enjoyed sexy jokes and had a secret desire to share our wives. My wife Neena, is very attractive. After seven years of marriage she had lost interest in sex. During sex in the night with my wife, I kept read Sex Story
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  2. Your Hole is My Goal Pt. 03: 2 Wives & Costume Party

    3/3/2020: Costume Party "Shit, Shit, Shit!" I cursed out loud. Colonel Johnson wants to see me for something and has ordered me to his office. Yes we have a fantastic relationship but still when your base commander orders you to their office is a lot different than having them alone in a plane or relaxed in a dance. This type of meeting is usually just to discuss some new piece of paper that will be shoved read Sex Story
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  3. Cultural studies

    3/3/2020: Laura’s lust for Korean women started the first weekend of her junior year in college. The concert, a recital by two Korean music students who had graduated the year before, had an excellent program: Beethoven’s Third Sonata, Debussy’s Sonata, and some Schumann and Telemann. When they came out on stage, Laura felt as if she had been struck in the chest—the pianist was dressed in blue, read Sex Story
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  4. The Bosses Wife Part Four: The Hard Choices

    3/3/2020: Not only did I have the images of Tammy's videos and gifs running through my head. I also remembered I had to meet some of the board members today. I looked through some of the notes Juliet had sent me. There were four members that worried me. They could easily tear me down and send me back downstairs. On top of that, I had two clients that wanted to set up a meeting. I scheduled them read Sex Story
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  5. Adventures of a Hot Wife

    3/3/2020: Since that wonderful night with Bill and my husband our sex life has been amazing. I've become if I say so myself a sexual hottie. Most of my friends have noticed the difference in me, the way I dress and the attitude I carry. To refresh your memory my named is Linda, I'm blonde about 5'4' 118 lbs., I wear a 34' D cup bra and I now have a completely shaven pussy. While the women say I'm much more confident, the men say I've become a fox. It was as if all the sexual repression was lifted after those early years. I now think about having sex all the time. From morning blow jobs for my Man to mar read Sex Story
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  6. Ashley's Highschool Sexual Experiences

    3/3/2020: Ashley was beautiful but didn't know it. Her brunette hair reached her slim waist and her wide hips followed with her plump ass, that bounced naturally as she walked. She was ashamed of it and wished she was like the other slender hipped girls. In reality her body looked as if it was created by a goddess. Some girls would die to have her C cupped breasts and flat stomach. Ashley always had a crush read Sex Story
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  7. 333 mother begged for it 5

    3/3/2020: part 5 The next day being Saturday there was little to be done round the house, it was raining, so the garden was out, so her having fetched a tray of tea and toast, they lay in their bed, nibbling on the toast and listening to the rain on the windows while just enjoying being together. “Do you think I`m strange wanting pain as I do?” she asked between mouthfuls of toast, he thought for a moment swallowed, then looking deep into her eyes said, “well most folk would run a mile rather than endure what you have that is true, and to get sexual satisfaction from pain is exceptional, but not unhea read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM Incest / Taboo Author: alibodge, Source: xHamster
  8. Becky and Scott part 1

    3/3/2020: Becky was apprehensive about starting college, as any freshman would be. Her high school boyfriend, Jason, whom she loved dearly, was going to a different college on the opposite side of the country. They had to promised to stay together but Becky was worried there would be a lot of temptation for him from all the girls that may be at his college. She hoped he wouldn't forget her and made a vow to read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex BDSM Straight Sex Teen Author: Echoes Valentia, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Golden Liquid

    3/3/2020: Over the last few months I seemed to have develop a fetish for water sports. My name is Tony and I am a 65 year old widower. I am not sure how it started but I can remember an incident with my 55 year old girl friend, Lisa which triggered it off. Let me explain... You see, I had been a widower for awhile when I connected with Lisa, a gorgeous woman who enjoyed the same things I liked, sex and read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: byflashgordon562006, Source: Literotica
  10. Urban Girl in a Village Ch. 04 Pt. 02

    3/3/2020: While walking towards home, after all those exhibitionist adventures, horny as fuck, all I had to think about was the crazy shit I did the whole day. Showing my tank top-clad body to my classmates- more than enough cleavage, armpit and navel and hugging all 4 of them and making sure they were hard for me, then heading to the theatre where I removed my bra and gave a blowjob to my boyfriend while read Sex Story
    Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: byrosh21, Source: Literotica