1. New Year’s Resolution-Chapter 6

    9/18/2019: New Year’s Resolution-June Journal entry-I've had many questions going through my mind the last couple of weeks and honestly I don’t have any answers right now. Hopefully after finishing writing in out and exorcising some of my thoughts on paper, solutions will show themselves. First, how is the relationship with Molly and my kids progressing? MJ and Erin are the most important people read Sex Story
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  2. The Family Affair Chapter 3

    9/18/2019: As with the last two chapters. These are consenting adults participating in age play fetish. The Family Affair Chapter 3 Forbidden Love ** The girls came out of the kitchen giggling and playing around. Mom said why don't you girls go get your shower and get ready for bed. All three girls said yes and headed off to the bathroom. Mike and Debbie sat quietly sipping their drinks and reminiscing about what just happened. So Debbie said how can we work this out? Mike thought for a minute. Would you like for her to live with us? So we can be a true poly home? Not in the same house. we each n read Sex Story
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  3. Another CFNM Experience!

    9/18/2019: My name's Nick (big surprise) and I LOVE CFNM! I used to think it was something that would either never happen to me, or if I were lucky, I'd have a g/f that was into it. At any rate, I'm finally ready to talk about another CFNM experience I had...I've just been lazy about writing it. CFNM stands for 'clothed female, naked male', btw, and it's one of my many fetishes I enjoy and seek to try. So, read Sex Story
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  4. A Great Guy...the bastard

    9/18/2019: A "Great" Guy...the Bastard Growing up by phyllisroger He walked along side after school was out...me with my splendid profile, I thought, and what did I know...we were teenagers after all...each of us at stages of development in school...but I was ahead of the class, in History, too...but you know what I mean. I was the magnet of the boys, mostly immature...admiring me and a few other girls from read Sex Story
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  5. At Jim's house on Saturday

    9/18/2019: Ana had been making her Wednesday routine at Jim’s house during three long months. She did not talk too much with me about this; but I knew she was enjoying being well fucked by his huge black cock. One Wednesday when she came home I asked her how she had spent a good time and she just responded me by sticking my hand between her legs so I could feel how wet and cum filled she was. The best part was eating her before she would take a shower. She finally admitted she was having a very good time every day she visited Jim. He enjoyed four full hours of black dick on her delicate white body. She read Sex Story
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  6. Mom fucked hard by a tailor

    9/18/2019: hi this is raju and my dad is in abroad and my mom is working in a bank her name is velamma.she is 40 yrs old and have some hotter looks she is very fair and have long hairs,pink lips,big huge melons and huge ass.Every men around our area are fond of mom and they have mom as their fantasy list they many tried to approach her but she is a devoted wife to my dad.Many men will die to fuck her hot read Sex Story
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  7. Tell Me What To Do

    9/18/2019: "Do you see that?" "Yes, I do," my husband, Alan, said. "I wonder why she does that." "To draw attention to herself," he said. "Well, she's doing that for sure. She got your attention, buddy." "Maybe she likes it," he said. "How could you...wait, do see that? That guy's fondling her breast!" I said. "Seems she likes that a lot. How about you, honey? Would you like some guy feeling you up in read Sex Story
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  8. Outside Dick

    9/18/2019: As a married woman, I know I had no business looking at this man. I have been married for 7 years. I love my husband with all my heart, but recently we have seem to be growing less interested in each other. We still sleep together, not as close as usual. We don't even go to sleep at the same time anymore. He has been so busy with this new account at work that he rarely talks to me anymore. I feel read Sex Story
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  9. My wif and I with Holiday Neighbours, part 2

    9/18/2019: Holiday Fun with Wife and Neighbours, Part 2 I should probably title this differently because what I am about to tell you happened a month or so after we returned home. At some point while away either my wife Jane or myself had given Victoria an email address and so we weren’t that surprised when we got a message. She had a weekend coming up and asked if she could take us up on our offer of coming down to visit for a couple of days. Her husband was going to be away on some business trip and their daughter was going away with friends. Victoria wanted to come alone but her controlling bastard of read Sex Story
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  10. The Key

    9/18/2019: She sits, still half dressed in her slip, skirt, and heels, with the flogger lying limp across her thighs. She is stunned at how it came to be lying on her lap in the first place. She knows she needs to get up and make dinner, but she can't stop the scene replaying in her head. — She walked into the bedroom, dying to take off her heels and take down her hair. She stewed on the day's last meeting read Sex Story
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