1. Incestuous Harem 7: Bratty Sis Gets Soaked

    2/26/2020: Incestuous Harem Chapter Seven: Bratty Sis Gets Soaked By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Vicky Samuels “What is going on? I'm on a break?” I texted to my sister as I hurried to the upstairs girls' restroom. I had thirty minutes to satiate my hot pussy. Everyone participating in the debate match today—I coached my high school's team in addition to teaching history—would use the nearer ones. And I read Sex Story
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  2. My Favorite Gloryhole Memory

    2/25/2020: I had been working late on a frustrating building project where I wasn't making any money. The only good thing about it was that it was within easy walking distance of my favorite adult bookstore. I cleaned out my ass with an enema and lubed myself up with Crisco so I'd be ready for anything sexy. When I got to the bookstore I was greeted by the shopkeeper who I'd serviced with my mouth and hot tight ass many times so he clued me in on which booth was out of order and just had a light on constantly and a number of strategically placed glory holes. He enjoyed coming back to the booths to watch read Sex Story
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  3. Aunt tricked me but I loved it part 2

    2/25/2020: Part 2 I woke up the next morning in my aunt Evelinas bed alone and naked. The events of last night came flooding back and a smile formed on my face. I was going to try something bold so I walked down to the kitchen naked to see her standing by the stove in only a long shirt. I don't think she heard me come In so when I put my hand between her legs to feel her sex she jumped a little. " Morning read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Incest / Taboo Mature / Older massage, Author: Victor Payton, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Sudden Urges-3

    2/24/2020: Sudden Urges-3 Sleep did not come easy and I tossed and turned through the night. The wild adventures stirred desires deep in me. Confusing my life with the erotic and humiliating events which are not yet over. My wife was coming home tonight. The house was a mess, I was a mess. My mouth sore and my ass bruised and worn from all the sucking and fucking. Dennis was taking complete advantage of me read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Blackmail, Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM Voyeur / Exhibitionism Humiliation Group Sex Masturbation / Toys Author: Harry_n_Wild, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Not A Clue....

    2/24/2020: So..... I am currently sharing a place with my soon to be ex-wife, we are separated, co existing for now...……… I have my rooms... she has hers... we do whatever we want.... Now...... obviously, I have picked up things and know things about her, from the years together.... one small thing is... she never leaves her laptop unlocked.... and she also closes out all open windows on it..... unless...… she actually genuinely does forget... or she wants someone to take a peak. She knows full well... that if I, walk past and her laptop is actually open and I can browse... I will.... She had gone ou read Sex Story
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  6. my ass fuck :)

    2/23/2020: i'm doing some police officers. I guess the rumor is that I have a thing for cops etc... not the case, but that's ok. it gets me fucked haha. I like them because they're younger, strong, don't want trouble. I mostly do out of town cops, but there is one local - I wanted a fuck so I txtd him this morn, that I wanted to fuck. he said sure, he'd gotten off at 2 in the morn. I picked up a couple of bagel sandwiches, took a partial bottle of baileys I had. we had the bagels, coffee, then took the bottle to the spa they have. hot tub. we were alone, so we sipped, I found his cock and enjoyed myself read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Fetish Author: oldoldold, Source: xHamster
  7. Piss Whores in Training: Sabrina's Birthday

    2/23/2020: It was Sabrina's 24th birthday, many years ago, and since she's my best friend, I'm on board. She broke up with her long-term boyfriend shortly before, and accordingly she was in a bad mood. We went out that night and she drank quite a bit. I didn't notice that during the evening, but when we finally went to the car late, she almost couldn't walk anymore. At the time I still thought she may just read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal BDSM Straight Sex Lesbian Humiliation Masturbation / Toys Non-consensual sex Water Sports / Pissing, Written by women Author: Kathrin, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Jody and Brooke

    2/23/2020: A lot of truly gorgeous women have graduated from my college. I guess we get enough applications that we can add beauty as a criterion for admission. The beauty of the women at my school has always impressed me, and I love the skimpy dress that they wear in our warm weather. Teaching college is sort of a weird business. The faculty gets older over a 30+ year career, but the students are always read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Anal Ass to mouth, Cum Swallowing Group Sex Oral Sex / Blowjob Author: Professor Peterson, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Dani and Danny, Part 2 & 3

    2/23/2020: A couple of days went by as Dani was busy with some friends from high school. Danny couldn't get over his last encounter with his sister. He'd close his eyes and see her there in the tub with his soapy hands on her tits. His dick was continuously erect and he wanted to relieve the pressure, but based on what she had said, he wondered if Dani would be impressed if he saved up his cum for the next read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Anal Incest / Taboo Masturbation / Toys Teen Author: Roger Phillips, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Car ride

    2/22/2020: There was this cute young guy about half my age in his early 20's I'd been talking to on Grindr. Slim and cute he sent pics of his nice 9"cock and nice round ass but it really never went anywhere. Well one day I was cruising Grindr and there he was again. Turns out he was stranded at a local gay nudist camp. His ride took off with someone and since they charge to stay there he wanted to get home rather than waste money he didn't have. I was bored and oddly free for a change so I felt bad for him and figured even if it went nowhere I couldn't leave a guy stranded especially since it started to read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Gay Author: BiGuyNEPA, Source: xHamster