1. Things get wild in Africa

    5/23/2019: Things get wild in Africa. Pt 1. Back in the fifties and sixties, my father worked in Tanganyika or Tanzania as it’s now called. I was then twenty, I was in the British army, based in the UK and I had saved up two months leave having been given permission to take an extended leave to visit my parents. They lived at the time in a very remote area with only a small handful of European engineers and read Sex Story
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  2. Change Can be Good - Five Years Later

    5/22/2019: Change can be Good – Five Years Later Kathleen Casey snapped her laptop closed and turned her desk lamp off. Another day of work for the local newspaper, finished. She got up and stretched, her tank top forming around her B-cup tits, as she was not wearing a bra this late at night. Her long, thick red hair cascaded over her shoulders, not the artificial red color of her youth, but a natural read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob Body modification, Consensual Sex Cum Swallowing Lesbian Incest / Taboo Trans Author: NedRanders, Source: sexstories.com
  3. What's Not To Like

    5/20/2019: What’s not to like ? My wife Dee an I are in our 50’s ,we have some friends whose wife is also named Dee that we would go out with time to time. This particular night we were going bar hopping in our local town. We had already hit 4 bars when we came to the Brass Cactus, a little neighborhood bar that you parked in the rear and came in the back door, the had booths and tables, so by the time we read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Bisexual BDSM Voyeur / Exhibitionism First Time Lesbian Wife / MILF Author: CaptainCooker, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Swinging With Mommy - Part 3 (Final Chapter)

    5/19/2019: Another introduction of mine. Parts 1 and 2 of this story was already posted. This is Part 3. Probably final one. Hi, my name is Farhan. I am now 20 years old, a Muslim boy living in Canada with my family which includes my mom, my younger brother and younger sister. This happened recently and I'd thought I would share this experience with the world. When my Mom and I talked to one another, it read Sex Story
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  5. Betsy's Creampie Part #3

    5/15/2019: Betsy's Creampie – Part 3 To better understand and enjoy this chapter, I suggest that you read Betsy’s Creampie Parts 1 and 2. I was working from home. I had several conference calls; the last of which was a long, boring dissertation by some know it all from accounting on the benefits of their new system. My mind drifted. I leaned back in my chair and sipped my coffee. I thought about last weekend read Sex Story
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  6. Carly Shay and what the goat did.

    5/13/2019: It was Carly Shays birthday and Spencer her older brother had a big day planned for her. Sending Carly and her friends off to school that morning Spencer contacted the people that ran the mobile petting zoo and arranged for them to bring the zoo to the apartment that afternoon. Spencer rented the zoo for the day so the pets would be his from 2 PM until 2 PM the next day. That afternoon Spencer set read Sex Story
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  7. That was Then.. This is Now

    5/13/2019: A couple reunites after 27 years apart and find their taste have changed, but for the good and explore what could have been. Chapter 1 I’m Doug, 5’ 11, 175 pounds, in good shape still, and own my own remodeling business. After 10 years of being divorced, I found that being single was good for me. Sure, it is nice to have a partner who likes things that I do, and likes to have sex, but also does read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Bisexual Straight Sex Group Sex Author: T. Foxal, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Sex Surrogate

    5/11/2019: Sex Surrogate Ch1 Splashing water over my face and staring into a large bathroom mirror, tired from the long evening I had last night where I had a conference of over one hundred guest in which I talked to them about my job. No I wasn't a call girl, I've never stripped, I've never worked in a brothel, and I don't do advertisements. I'm basically a psychologist who helps out men, women, and also read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary , Bisexual Black, Consensual Sex Masturbation / Toys Lesbian Group Sex Author: BigDog959, Source: sexstories.com
  9. The Paladins Folly

    5/9/2019: The Lich had been a plague upon the provinces of Pasor for generations, none who now lived remembered how it had been born, however myths exist that the Lich had been an archmage of terrifying power, who had extended their life for hundreds of years by moving the essence of their soul from magic grown clone to magic grown clone until it had grown tired of the procedure, setting up a catastrophic read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy BDSM Bisexual Body modification, Cum Swallowing Lesbian Non-consensual sex Author: sinfulwritings, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Blacked and Betrayed (chapter 8)

    5/8/2019: * * * * * Author's Note: I asked my wife, Bea (not her real name), to collaborate with me in the writing and editing of this 8th chapter of my Blacked and Betrayed story, which I wanted to tell exclusively from the perspective of the main female character in the story. * * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race and slick_chick * * * * * CHAPTER 8 - Did someone say mulatto? * * * * * I had gone to read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Bisexual Black, Oral Sex / Blowjob Cuckold Voyeur / Exhibitionism Lesbian Incest / Taboo Interracial Straight Sex Masturbation / Toys Wife / MILF Author: rat_race, Source: sexstories.com