1. Big Bang Theory - Penny's Audition

    11/14/2019: "This must be it." Her eyes briefly studied the piece of paper in her hand before she again looked up examining the exterior of the building in more detail. It was a simple brick building set apart from any other building and one that she had to negotiate a series of rubbish strewn, dirty back alleys to find. Later on she would tell herself that this should have been the first warning sign that a read Sex Story
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  2. Illusions

    11/9/2019: Allura walked up to the woman at the cash register, placed her groceries on the conveyor, and noted the woman's gaze lingering on her milky white breasts. As her groceries were rung through, Allura began to experience a dampness between her thighs as she imagined what it would be like to have this woman's face buried in her crotch. The woman, of course, did not know she was naked, nor did anyone read Sex Story
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  3. It's a Redneck Life Ch. 01

    11/9/2019: This is a pimped out redneck fuck parody series... It ain't real This is my biggest fuck parody series ever... It will be a bunch of perverted episodes about my freaky ass, pimped out and sleazy redneck life... I'm keeping it simple... There will be tons of sex, freaky shit and sleazy ass perverted fun... I make porn, sell drugs, pimp hoes and sell motherfuckin' moonshine... I'm the most perverted read Sex Story
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  4. CoC: My Champion's Continued Story

    10/31/2019: CHAPTER 1 - FORT INGNAM Jenny yawned and stretched. As usual, her plump harpy lover was cuddled on top of her with her pussy and ass engulfing Jenny's monster horse cocks. The harpy, a pink feathered beauty by the name of Sophie, had enormous breasts, a fat ass and big matronly thighs. Her holes had spent nearly a year making love to Jenny's throbbing members each and every night. A curse from a read Sex Story
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  5. Big Bang Theory - Penny's Big Bonus

    10/31/2019: (A standalone story) (Fictional story about fictional characters) Penny knocked perfunctorily on the glass door of her friend Bernadette's office. The whole wall was glass and reminded Penny of the old saying about "people who live in glass houses..." It had been a prosperous few years for the pharmaceutical company where they were both employed, and the new building they occupied reflected it read Sex Story
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  6. Valerie in New York Ch. 03

    10/30/2019: [This story takes place immediately after the events described at the end ofChapter 2. This is in February, 1968.]1966 Mercury Montego After the Pontiac was gone Valerie stood by the light pole at 48th and Twelfth trying to consider her situation. Being February, it was still fully dark. She was tired and cold and a wind blew in from the Hudson River. Nevertheless she had only made about half of read Sex Story
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  7. Hollywood GirlCock Ch. 01

    10/28/2019: To start with, as usual I beg you to please comment on my stories in the comments section if you like them and offer me ideas, or feedback too. I live for the pleasure of my fans, and I like to think we are all bound by our juicy little kinks and fantasies. Without feedback, I wither and die. You don't want that now do you. Secondly, I can't take all the credit for this one. I actually took the read Sex Story
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  8. The Waterflower S!sters

    10/26/2019: The Waterflower S!sters On the day that Misty's s!sters came back from their world tour, Misty decided that she would leave for the Hoenn Region to find Ash and his friends on their journey. However, she decided to spend one more week at the Cerulean Gym to spend some time with Lily, Violet, and Daisy because she had not seen them in over two years. Even though they enjoyed teasing Misty when she was younger, they were still her s!sters and Misty loved them. Misty was awoken at 7:00 am by her Pidgey alarm clock. She shut off the alarm and sleeepily said to herself, "Another day." The read Sex Story
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  9. Taking to Chloe Ch. 02

    10/24/2019: 12:45 PM It had been three days. Three whole days since my little..."encounter" with Chloe Moretz. It was crazy; since I left her house after the fucking I had given her, she hadn't called, texted or even try to contact me in any way. The last time I saw Chloe, she told me that if I fucked her good enough, I could keep my job, and I'd say I really did more than enough for such to happen read Sex Story
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  10. All About Mary

    10/23/2019: Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual so please feel free to leave me a comment in the comment box at the end of the story! You see those big empty stars down there as well? Did you want to maybe fill them up? We don't want them empty and all alone like that. You're not read Sex Story
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