1. White Trash Meets Black Pussy Ch. 01

    3/4/2020: This is a fuck parody series... Maybe offensive... But not real Series Theme : I'm the trashiest white motherfucker (literally) out there... And I have a huge sweet tooth... I love chocolate... I love black pussy... My adopted mother is Oprah Winfrey... I'm the sleaziest fuck freak on earth... Sex drugs and freaky shit is my motto Phone's ringing... Still ringing... Answering machine comes on read Sex Story
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  2. The Birthday part 1

    3/1/2020: This happens to me last year on one of my last 5 stars luxury hotel security position. I was already looking to get out of the field and get into some more. I am all about raising the bar and open to new possibilities. While I was working there, I had the most interesting and most unforgettable experience ever in mid August. It was one August Friday night, I was around doing my rounds. I stand at 5’2 and about give or take 130 to 140 very lean. I have long hair on top and shaved off on the sides but you wouldn’t notice it unless I pull my hair up. I have brown eyes, tan white with a few inks h read Sex Story
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  3. Carrie Loses Her Accent & Finds It

    3/1/2020: THIS IS A SLEAZY FUCK PARODY... IT AIN'T REAL Queens, New York 2006 Carrie Heffernan came home one evening, just as her husband Doug and his friends were starting their poker game. She was in a foul mood because her supervisor at work told her that her Queens accent would be a problem for her getting promoted by her Manhattan bosses. "Yeah Spence, put your beer beside the damn coaster." Carrie read Sex Story
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  4. Livin' with Kathie Lee and Kelly

    2/28/2020: This is a parody This is my follow up to the Kathie Lee Gifford vs. Kelly Ripa story It's been a very fun few months since Kelly Ripa and I moved in with Kathie Lee Gifford. Both women are gorgeous... both are good cooks... both are sweet and treat me great... and both are awesome fucks. It's been sex-o-rama uncensored, every day, since we all moved in together. Kathie Lee's dominant side has been read Sex Story
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  5. Death in the Shell - Epilogue

    2/27/2020: Epilouge Very rarely would pieces of an op fall into place, sometimes the op would be blown and sometimes it would be the fault of a rookie or sometimes it would be mis-information from a bad snitch tip. But the Ghost Organization never took chances with any sort of fuck-ups. The night when Eve and Roarke rested up before their return to the NYPSD, Motoko, Batou and The Ghost Organization had kept read Sex Story
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  6. Dragonborn Rising Ch. 12

    2/27/2020: Before we begin, thanks to those who have left comments the past couple of chapters. We authors thrive on hearing from our readers. Nice to know you are enjoying everything so far, and that one or two of you are feeling inspired to have another playthrough! Keep them coming (if you'd like to.) ***** Chapter 12 -- Daedric Worship ***** Having Dawnbreaker in my possession urged something from read Sex Story
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  7. A Day to Remember Pt. 04

    2/22/2020: A couple of months have passed since you signed your contract and right now; life is good. You're training with WWE superstars. Living with your best friend AND there's already been talk of your NXT debut. However; you haven't seen Nikki since the day you signed, and you're starting to worry that you did something wrong or that she hates you now. It's Monday morning, you start your day as you read Sex Story
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  8. FF Crystal Caravan - Sala's Legacy

    2/21/2020: CHAPTER 1 - LINEAGE In the weeks following Peter and Sala's marriage, their sex had reached an all time high. The two of them were fucking in the evening and usually in the morning too. Through the endless amounts of Peter's cum poured into Sala's tight pussy, a miracle had happened. Through luck, changing genetics or just sheer repetition, the impossible had happened. Sala became pregnant. Their read Sex Story
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  9. Taking Home Nikki

    2/21/2020: Titus O'Neil parked his Cadillac Escalade next to Brooklyn New York's most expensive restaurants. With him, was former longest running Divas Champion, Nikki Bella. They recently finished performing on a local house show a few hours before so they decided to stop at a local restaurant to have a good time and eat out together. "I got millions of dollars, baby!" Titus shouted with excitement as he read Sex Story
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  10. Kaley Cuoco Gets a Divorce

    2/21/2020: Note- I have no idea why Kaley and Ryan split, nor is it my business. I just wrote this tall tale a bit of fun. xxx Tarzana, California 2016. xxx Ryan Sweeting sat alone in the airy living room and checked the time once more. He was in a casual suit in an armchair in the expensive home in California he and Kaley had purchased in 2016. They had only been dating for three months when the six foot read Sex Story
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