1. Picard Show Concept Idea "Star Trek Galaxy&qu

    7/21/2019: Recently I watched my favorite movie reviewer upload about what he think the new Picard Show should be about. Alot of his ideas where almost exactly like the once I thought about. Some differences here and there. So i figured I'd write it down. Don't really have a place other than here to write it so I might as well do it here. Just to get it down. First off this is not a script really just a concept. Some dialog. Some quick jumps, some long lingering scenes that stick in my head. I’m just free writing this in one go. There WILL be some mistakes. Be warned this will be tough. Picard is on read Sex Story
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  2. Codename Lumiere - Soft Launch Pt. 3

    7/15/2019: CODENAME LUMIÈRE – THE SOFT LAUNCH Chapter 03 – The Rules of the Attraction DISCLAIMER I do not own any of the characters on this story, save if they are original characters (OC). They belong to their creators, producers, broadcasters, publishers and distributors, as the works they come from or inspired in way the story written below. I do not have any financial gain through this written piece nor I intend to cash on it. This content is mostly to be seen as a parody work with adult content. I repeat, a parody. With adult content. Because of that, people under the authorized age to see ero read Sex Story
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  3. Super Sub Ch. 04

    7/12/2019: Disclaimer: I do not own Supergirl or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. ***** "Men!" Lucy Lane exclaimed the second the door was opened. "Erm, hi Lucy." Kara mumbled, allowing her friend to barge past her and then closing the door to her apartment behind the clearly annoyed brunette. "God Kara, you're so lucky you're a lesbian." Lucy groaned, making read Sex Story
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  4. Four Way Fun Ch.05

    7/12/2019: Starring: Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it has never happened. Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission. *************** Malene eased out and moved to check on Sophie, as I stood back as well. Malene bent down, "She's fine, give her a chance and she'll come around" Malene said read Sex Story
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  5. Kajal Agarwal has a Problem Ch. 02

    7/11/2019: Two days later... Romeo was sitting in P. V. Murthy's office in Hyderabad playing Words With Friends on his smartphone. He knew it would be a little while before Murthy will see him. Murthy was a young director and still drunk with his power. He would make Romeo wait to establish his own authority and superiority. Romeo didn't mind. He was beyond these games. If he wanted he could establish his read Sex Story
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  6. Era Erotica Ch. 05

    7/11/2019: Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It is not real. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such. Chapter Five: 1989 Starring: Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Codes: MFF, Cons, Oral, Facial ***** 2018 Despite all his big talk, Cole was nervous about his date. He was standing in front of his mirror, preening himself. He wore a loose collared shirt and jeans. His dark hair read Sex Story
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  7. Dragonborn Rising Ch. 18

    7/8/2019: This is the first chapter I've written for this story where there is no sexual content. ***** Chapter 18 - Dreams & Nightmares ***** Muiri was seven months pregnant when... If I hadn't shared those drinks with Sam, maybe it wouldn't have all gone wrong. It's my fault. Everything that happened is my fault. But I guess I have to start at the beginning. That fateful night in the Bee and Barb... Muiri read Sex Story
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  8. Helping Hands

    7/8/2019: Helping Hands - Chapter 1 No POV "Hey Hayl." Tara, a young woman with slightly curly blonde hair, a thin build, and large B-cup breasts, says as she walks into the apartment she shares with Hayley, a brunette slightly taller than her with large A-cup breasts. "Hey T. You're home early." Hayley says as she stands up from the couch, the TV remote being tossed on the cushion beside her. "Something wrong?" She asks, hugging her girlfriend. "No, everything is fine. Professor Harris was sick today so his class was postponed until tomorrow." Tara says, pulling Hayley into a hug. "How are t read Sex Story
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  9. The Obstacle Course Bett Ch. 03

    7/7/2019: DISCLAIMER This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. ***** The Obstacle Course Bett 3: The Prize Winner read Sex Story
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  10. Mistress AJ and Marisa Tomei

    7/6/2019: Marisa was at a comic book convention in Chicago to promote the next Spider-Man movie. But she was bored right now. She really needed a distraction. She needed something to do. She looked around at the sea of people at the convention. "Or someone," she said looking around for someone that was hot enough for her to fuck in a secluded room. That was when she saw a woman looking over some of the read Sex Story
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