1. Corrie The Next Generation Ch. 01

    9/7/2019: "Fancy another night on the town?" Asked Toyah Battersby. Angie Appleton thought about the question for about a second, then replied, "I am more than ready, when are you thinking?" Toyah replied, "how about Saturday, can you get a sitter?" "I am sure Jude or Mary will babysit," said the stunning black woman. "Great, I will text you later." The two girls had enjoyed a nights out in Manchester and read Sex Story
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  2. Era Erotica Ch. 10

    9/5/2019: Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It is not real. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such. Chapter Ten: Look What You Made Me Do Starring Taylor Swift Codes: MF, Cons, Bondage, Femdom, Footjob, Oral ***** 2018 "Cole! Hurry up! I need to head out in a minute!" Taylor said, calling out to him across her lavish hotel suite. "Coming! I'll be there in a sec!" Cole read Sex Story
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  3. Proud No More Ch. 03

    9/5/2019: Chapter 3: Pride Breaker She had no idea how much time had passed when she finally came to. The first thing she noticed was the soreness between her legs, causing her to let out a weak groan. The second thing she noticed was the pain from her right ass cheek, where Kardris had branded her. Looking down, she saw the emblem of the Horde seared into her flesh. Jaina almost wanted to go back to the read Sex Story
    Categories: Celebrities Author: byRed_Anticius, Source: Literotica
  4. Adventurous Minxes

    9/4/2019: Adventurous Minxes It had been a week and Elizabeth Gillies was still sore she had tried breaking up with Dozer but he always talked his way back into her pants somehow. “Not going to relapse he’s not talking his way back in again.” she thought Sitting down with her coffee was a welcome change from the morning sex poundings she got in her holes depending on what day of the week it was she shifted at the thought that if they were still together Liz would have a very thick 24-inch monster up her ass now. “So many memories.” she thought again The raven-haired actress got a smile on he read Sex Story
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  5. Tales from a Hustler--All I Want for Christmas

    9/2/2019: Tales of a Hustler---All I Want for Christmas “All I Want for Christmas is a ten inch dick” LOL that fits perfect with “two front teeth” It was Christmas eve, and the middle of the week. I couldn't go home, cause I would need off more than 1 day. Mom said it's no big deal—she had volunteered to pull a double at the diner anyway, and she said Dustin didn't spend much time at the house anyway. Said she didn't know where he was most of the time. I told her I would get home the weekend, and I would see what was up with my lil bro—and we would just do Christmas a few days late. So anyway==back read Sex Story
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  6. Sex-Ed for Dummies - Lesson 02

    9/2/2019: Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such. Lesson #2: Blowjob Starring Taylor Swift Codes: M+F, Cons, Facial, Oral ***** "Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode ofSex-Ed For Dummies. Today we are here at the Los Angeles home of Taylor Swift, world renowned popstar." Said Glen, one the many good-looking spokespeople read Sex Story
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  7. Spence The Pornstar Ch. 01

    9/1/2019: This is a perverted sleazy fucktastic parody series... It ain't real Stars Of This Story : James (Me) Kim Kardashian (Herself) Beyonce (Herself) Spence (Spence Ulchin Of The Sitcom King Of Queens) Professor Gaia (Herself) Christy Canyon (Herself) "Babe, will you and Beyonce please go to the Adult Convention in San Diego with Spence and try to help him get over with the fans and film some footage read Sex Story
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  8. Great Tolly Sluts : 4

    9/1/2019: Characters : 1. Rituparna : Tollygunge / Bengalee film-actress. 2. Ankan : Rituparna’s son. 3. Rishona : Rituparna’s daughter, rising film-actress. 4. Soumya : Rituparna’s son-in-law. 5. Debasree : Tollygunge / Bengalee film-actress. 6. Koel : Tollygunge / Bengalee film-actress, Debasree's actual but unofficial daughter. 7. Noel : Koel’s husband. 8. And others. When Ankan's read Sex Story
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  9. Ghost Story Ch. 02 Pt. 02

    8/31/2019: Content Warnings: Unrealistic anatomy, huge cock, excessive cum Disclaimer: All characters are 18+Ghost Story: Chapter 2, Part 2 A moment of tense silence hung over the living room as Maddie pushed herself up from her chair and stood in front of Sam, looking down at her with an unknowing, innocent concern. The curvy goth could only look up at her, eyes wide, frozen in panic as her orgasm-addled read Sex Story
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  10. Comfort in Her Time of Need

    8/31/2019: COMFORT IN HER TIME OF NEED By voodoojoe “He what?!” Selena Gomez screamed into the phone upon hearing the news. “It’s been coming for a while,” Taylor Swift sighed. “The relationship had stagnated a bit and he wasn’t comfortable with me being so much more successful than he was.” “Nice humble brag there,” Selena said, chuckling. “Well, it’s the truth,” Taylor said, smiling despite the empty spot in her heart. “It’s always been that way, and then the car wreck just kinda put things in perspective, for both of us.” “I would so be there in a heartbeat, but I have the tour and everyt read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Celebrities Incest / Taboo Author: ElizabethDalton, Source: xHamster