1. Slut of the Old Republic: Kashyyyk

    5/22/2019: (Disclaimer: This is free fantasy/parody for legal adults. The author claims no ownership of any copyrighted material.)The Republic is on the defensive. After narrowlydefeating the Neo Mandalorian invaders, it nowfaces a Sith army led by former Jedi Darth Malak. On Kashyyyk, now controlled by Czerka Corporation,the Wookiee traitor Chuundar has taken his brotherZaalbar hostage in order to read Sex Story
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  2. The Dragonborn Comes Ch. 09

    5/20/2019: Just to answer a question / comment from the previous chapter, how is the Dragonborn armed and armoured? As he's arrived after defeating Alduin, I always do that mission at the end of my play-through, so my character is always OP by that stage, so defeating Alduin is always an anti-climax. To ensure he's somewhat killable, or he can at least be wounded and bleed like a normal man, I always imagine read Sex Story
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  3. There and Back Again Ch. 173

    5/18/2019: Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Three: Sailing Away The morning came too soon, and found us standing on the Highever docks, waiting for a tender to ferry us out to the boat Fergus had booked. As I understood it, the ship was some sort of massive, ocean-going vessel usually used more for hauling cargo than guests, although we'd been assured that Alistair and I, and Aedan and Zevran, would have cabins read Sex Story
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  4. Bollywood Dreams

    5/15/2019: Hello, my name is Ryan. All you need to know about me is that I'm a white male in his mid 20s. I'm 5'11, slightly overweight and have brown hair. I don't shave my body hair, and my uncircumcised penis is 6.5 inches when fully erect. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. I graduated university in spring of 2017, with a Master's in Tourism & Travel. After several months of writing letters and read Sex Story
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  5. The Freaky King of Porn Ch. 01

    5/15/2019: THIS IS A PERVERTED FREAKY FUCK PARODY SERIES... IT AIN'T REAL This is my new series about my freaky life as The King Of Porn... It's freaky and perverted, so it's fun... I introduce my new wife, Kelly Madison and my new sex toy, Hitomi Tanaka Hollywood, CA. A Bondage Dungeon 11:30 pm "Ok Earl... make sure to zoom in on Hitomi's gorgeous tits... the client is obsessed with her breasts. He's paying read Sex Story
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  6. To Really Know Someone: Chapter 2

    5/13/2019: To Really Know Someone: Chapter 2 She starts to shift in the spot she woke up in, the cold dampness of her surroundings becoming more obvious the more she moves. Suddenly, something rattles and a weight on her arms seems to shift when she lifts them. Looking down at her hands, the feeling of the shackles fastened tightly around her wrists registers in her head. “What the...?” “I'm sorry...” * * * “We're coming up empty Buff.” The three main screens of the Slayer Command Centre show various live feeds from slayers in the field, the main factors in the search. “We've been all over read Sex Story
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  7. Valerie in New York Ch. 01

    5/13/2019: [A number of years ago I became interested in the movieI Shot Andy Warhol mainly because of Lili Taylor's performance as Valerie Solanas. Although I was impressed by her work, I thought Taylor fell somewhat out of character at times and made Solanas appear more personable than she likely was in reality. Anyway, I thought that the movie needed more detail about Solanas' life in the two or three read Sex Story
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  8. Voucher Number One Ch. 04

    5/11/2019: Starring: Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, it has never happened. Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission. *************** I was laying back on the couch when Lucy and Michelle arrived in the lounge, Michelle had on a tight black bra and panties set, with thigh high leather boots. Lucy had a red read Sex Story
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  9. A Web of Sticky Lies

    5/9/2019: This is all fictional, everyone is eighteen or over the age of eighteen, and hope you enjoy. Characters: Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), Peter Parker/Spider Man (Tom Holland) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Peter stood there not knowing what to do or say as he tried to cover his cum covered and hard cock. He loved the sight of nude Aunt May and this made him harder and he could see her looking at his cock read Sex Story
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  10. Deposits Redux

    5/9/2019: My West Wing deposit story was a success. The following are short stories that make up a larger story. If you're not familiar with the shows, you won't like it, but if you are, enjoy! Again, the premise of these stories are the same. Any female must allow their male counterparts to make a deposit. The idea being that a pussy full of cum and empty balls make for a better productive person. The idea read Sex Story
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