1. Computer History Snoop Ch. 2

    1/16/2020: Computer History Snoop Chapter 2 by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing. Gloria’s story continued from Chapter 1 I was so wet from squirting in the kitchen, I had to take a shower and then change my soaked panties. I kept thinking of Jason’s statement, ‘I’ll bring some friends over and read Sex Story
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  2. behind his back

    1/14/2020: Hi, You can call me Clark. In 2004 I enrolled as a freshman at a University somewhere in Pennsylvania. The exact name of the University isn't important let's just Say that the University has a fascination with a large blue lion. My reason for choosing this University had absolutely nothing to do with its academic programs and even less to do with its elite sports programs. I enrolled at this read Sex Story
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  3. Crashing Camp

    1/13/2020: I'm pretty sure I had lost him, the benefit of being young and fit but as I sailed through the air after tripping on a fallen log I wondered why I was still running so hard, guilt maybe? I landed with a hard thump, took a bash on the head and was awake long enough to look over at the young couple fucking on their blanket, her legs wrapped round his back, both naked and sexy and staring at me with read Sex Story
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  4. Daughter's Slut Trainign 14: Mommy's Naughty Punishment

    1/9/2020: Daughter's Slut Training (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Fourteen: Mommy's Naughty Punishment By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Mrs. Umayyah I used to be a good Muslim woman. A faithful wife. A loving mother. And then this young man, Clint, awakened the slut in me. I shuddered as I stared up at him as my mouth engulfed his dick fresh out of my read Sex Story
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  5. Lunchtime Experience

    1/6/2020: He sat in his chair staring at the TV. He had no idea what was on, some basketball game. His mind was still thinking about the day. Unbelievable really. "You've been quite tonight. Everything okay?" his wife asked. He was pulled out of his trance. "Yes, everything is fine." "Okay, just making sure." He went back to his thoughts. -- Today he went to his favorite sandwich shop. It was called the read Sex Story
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  6. Sister In Law Dreams Come True

    1/4/2020: Let me set the scene with a bit of background. I'm a 30 year old male, married to my 25 year old wife, who has an older 35 year old sister. My wife and her sister are very similar with their looks and physique. My wife is around 5'6" of slim athletic build, her sister is slightly shorter, say 5'4" and quite petite. We have holidayed with my wife's sister on several occasions over the years so I've read Sex Story
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  7. Snow Storm II - Club

    12/31/2019: (Authors note: This is based on a true story our heroine told me in the chat room but enough is made up to call it fiction.) "That would be fun, wouldn't it. But do you think Mark would go along?" Paul asked. "No, no, it's just a fantasy." A few moments of naked cuddling passed. "Did you and Mark ever talk about swinging?" Paul asked. "No. He's so straight." More moments passed. We were kissing read Sex Story
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  8. Mature Grey Fox

    12/28/2019: I awoke on a Wednesday morning in my girlfriends bed. She had gone to work already and I was left by myself in her queen sized bed to wake up slowly after a night of sex. My girl Tasha is a long chestnut haired, brown eyed, athletic thirty five year old and former Gymnast and now gymnastics teacher at a local club. She missed going to the Olympics because she injured her knee and never competed read Sex Story
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  9. Welcome Return

    12/27/2019: Sven waited on the farmhouse doorstep, hearing the footsteps approaching in answer to his ringing of the bell. The smile as Sam opened the door brightened the cold, damp afternoon better than any sunshine might have done. Sven kissed her as he stepped quickly in, so she could shut the door before the dismal late winter day had time to penetrate the warmth within. "Sven - it's a welcome read Sex Story
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  10. Finding Hannah

    12/26/2019: Finding Hannah “Where is she?” my sister asks her son as she watches the servers place small dishes on the spinning glass table top. The food is already coming out and my nephew’s girlfriend isn’t here yet. Not good. I glance at my sister. She’s clearly getting annoyed, but then again, she is always annoyed. Honestly, I love my sister but I wouldn’t choose to be around her if I could help it. Shit read Sex Story
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