1. My mom fucked by tution sir

    10/17/2017: Hi this is Raju and this the story of how my mom got fucked by my tutorial sir.my dad is in foreign and he visits us only 5yrs once and mom is a housewife.My mom is velamma 36 yrs old .she looks like a typical south Indian lady very fair and long haired which extends upto to her ass her boogs are so huge like watermelons and are round any man will due to suck it her lips are pink in colour and so read Sex Story
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  2. My Wife Spends the Night at a Friends - Part 2

    10/13/2017: It had been almost a week and I still hadn't confronted my wife about her weekend away. Every time I looked at her I could see that man's huge black dick in her mouth, but I just couldn’t bring myself to ask her what really happened or why she decided to cheat on me. We had sex the night she came home. I don't know why I went through with it knowing my wife's pussy had been read Sex Story
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  3. The Futa Fairy - Futa Doctor's Hot Wish Chapter 3: Dr. Rita's Naughty Healing

    10/12/2017: The Futa Fairy – Futa Doctor's Hot Wish Chapter Three: Dr. Rita's Naughty Healing By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 I groaned as my patient's pussy rippled about my cock. Her moans were so sweet as she spasmed on the hospital bed, her thighs locked about my hips. The pain was wholly gone from her face. Her arm twitched in her sling, the bones healing as my futa-cum spurted into her depths. I read Sex Story
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  4. Screwdrivers and a little 9- ball

    10/12/2017: WARNING! My story is intended for adults 18 years or older this story contains sexual content. I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. The story you are about to read is true. In order to maintain their anonymity of the innocent in some instances. I have changed the names of the individuals, any resemblance between the characters in this story and any read Sex Story
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  5. Running Wild at Mardi Gras

    10/11/2017: Devon was gyrating to the music on the Bourbon Street hotel balcony, cheering at the crowd of inebriated revelers below; a mass of exposed flesh as women bared their tits to all that offered them trinkets of shiny beads. Her husband Mark was squeezed in close beside her, holding her tight and pulling her skimpy top ever so slowly higher on her body to the screams of the crowd below. Her read Sex Story
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  6. Indian Aunty banging

    10/9/2017: I decided to head home early during the work day and was coming down my street when I noticed my nephew's car pulling into my driveway. I don't know why but I pulled around the corner and quietly made my way to the back of the house. I then spotted my nephew, raj talking to my wife guddi in the downstairs bedroom sitting on the bed. I heard her yelling something about her pussy as he was read Sex Story
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  7. An Unexpected Delight

    10/9/2017: It was an ordinary Wednesday morning on my way to start a new job at some guys house, new cupboards and a kitchen sink to fit. A text comes through: "Hi Stephen, it's Jim, just checking you're still coming? I'm holding off going to work to run through a few things with you." I don't bother replying as I'm five minutes away. After parking at the house Jim comes to the door, sadly excited read Sex Story
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  8. Karissa's Cheerleader Cunnilingus

    10/8/2017: It was a warm and sunny Friday morning when Karissa woke up. She smiled as soon as she opened her eyes. It was her favorite kind of Friday. In fact, it was the only day of the week where she looked forward to going to school. Today was gameday. Karissa climbed out of her bed. She stared at her naked 18-year-old body in a mirror that was hanging on a nearby bedroom wall. She never went to bed with read Sex Story
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  9. Mom fucked hard by a plumber

    10/7/2017: hi this is raju and my mom is velamma and my dad is an army man he is very strict and he is in kashmir and mom and me are alone in home.Mom works as a teacher and she is 38 yrs old she is an gorgeous angel she looks like a southindian lady her boobs are riped melons and huge in size tey r round and her skin colour is pale white and her ass is fatty and jiggles wen she walks its sexy to see tat her read Sex Story
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  10. Stacey's Road Trip With John

    10/6/2017: John was a HGV driver and spent most of his working week away from home sleeping in his lorry at night. From Monday morning to Friday evening, his only means of contact with Julie, his wife of eight years, was either by phone or video calling, which he did nightly. This tale took place in the middle of summer. It was a Wednesday and John was collecting goods from a regular customer in read Sex Story
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