1. Ron and Ronnie Chapter 9 - Sometimes things get a little bent.

    2/26/2020: Ron had been telling me the story about the sexual adventures of him and Ronnie, his wife who had recently left him. I arrived at Ron’s house the next evening around six o’clock knowing that Ron worked until five. Ron had showered and the kids were in their PJ’s ready for bed. It was obvious that the lads had been fed. I said hi to the kids and we talked for a while before Ron took them off read Sex Story
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  2. The Invasion

    2/25/2020: This story is only fiction. This author does not condone in anyway the actions of rape or non-consensual sex. The Invasion - "What have you got there?" Luke asked his older brother John. "I just finished cleaning out grandpa's house that he left us in the Will. I found this large box tucked away in the attic marked "Top Secret." I did not go through it yet but it's filled with old disc drives, read Sex Story
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  3. A Necessary Cuckolding - Part IX

    2/24/2020: Dawn “Look, I’m going to have to put some panties on,” Dawn told Bradley as they returned to the kitchen to cook dinner. “Why?” She turned to face him and parted her legs slightly to show him his creamy, glistening cum slowly making its way down the inside of her thighs. He smiled. “Have you any wipes?” She nodded. “Tell me where they are and I’ll get them for you.” “I have a read Sex Story
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  4. Aunty's Darker Side Exposed - 2

    2/24/2020: Recap : I am Sushant, a 18 years old boy has been living with his Aunty and uncle at their house in his parent's absence. He comes to know about his Aunty's dominant side, and how she wears the pant in her marriage. It's been a week now since he is living at his aunty's, and has been peeping inside of their room through the window daily to watch the harem that is performed by his aunty on uncle read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Asian, BDSM Violence / Cruelty Cuckold Discipline, Fetish Humiliation Incest / Taboo Lactation, Straight Sex Slavery, Teen Water Sports / Pissing, Wife / MILF Author: Briano82, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Showing wife sex tape to our kids part.2

    2/23/2020: Even looking at her sleeping turns me on. I took off the blanket so I can see her body and off the air conditioner so she won't get too cold. Slowly, i took off her pantie and I took a good look at her pussy. I stuck my tongue out and start to lick her pussy. She just moan a little in her sleep. I didn't want to put it in her as i didn't want her to wake up so I masturbated and cum all over her read Sex Story
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  6. How I Lost My Cute Little Girlfriend (Part 2)

    2/22/2020: Chapter 3: “Fight-or-flight” Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion. I could see the movements of her throat, as she was swallowing his huge load of thick cum right in front of me. My only thought was that she would have his cum inside her body for some time now, I could even picture her belly full of it by now. It made me furious to think that I had never been close to any read Sex Story
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  7. dick in her white ass

    2/17/2020: stan rolled my wife onto her stomach.He had his long hard black cock resting on her ass cheek. Lin squirmed as he rubbed his hot cock over her firm butt.he rubbed ky on his cock and on her brown eye. Stan then proceeded to put his long meat into her asshole.Inch by inch he shoved it to her.she squealed with delight.God stan fuck me baby,fuck my hot ass.stan had half of his cock in LIN.He began read Sex Story
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  8. Punching Above Ones Weight: Ch. 2

    2/14/2020: We had just met and we were totally smitten with each other. The events of the crazy weekend just gone ended in an unexpected coupling of Ying and Yang proportions. Her whole life she played second fiddle and now suddenly found someone willing to put her on a pedestal. I, who lacked direction, found a girl who could keep me in check and control my destiny. An outsider may have seen it as read Sex Story
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  9. Epic Cuckold Sequel - The Unwanted Houseguest

    2/14/2020: You may message me to get the first 26 chapters. However, let me at least explain the setting and characters: Setting: Urban Bangalore, India, modern times. Main characters: - Manu – the main character, a ~30 year man. The story is mostly told from Manu’s perspective. - Kavita – Manu’s beautiful wife who has a past history with Prem during her college days. - Amir Ali, known to his friends as read Sex Story
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  10. it finally happend

    2/14/2020: Part 1 Jackie and I have been married for 37 years, and our sex lives have become a little stale, in fact my wife has gone off the idea completely, I keep trying to come up with new ideas some turn her on some don’t, what I will say about her she does go through the motions for my sake, she still has orgasms but on very rare occasions. What is strange to me is she like to pose for erotic pictures read Sex Story
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