1. The Taking Of My Wife, Part 1: Arousal of Dark Desires

    11/12/2019: I met my wife Viki in 2007 when she was twenty-two and I was twenty-five. I am half-Thai and half-Indonesian while Viki was pure Thai, from a traditional Thai family in Chiangmai. She had just graduated and had come to work at the travel agency where I was the manager. It was love at first sight for me. She was small, only five feet tall, but very pretty, with a great smile and a slim but read Sex Story
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  2. stripping for Master and his friends

    11/10/2019: This is a side story that has nothing to do with Seth. I am currently working out seth's next story and this is a little something in between. I asked a female friend of mine to write down her fantasy as a story. She gave me a short premise and I asked if I could work it out as real story. She agreed and here are we now. This is her fantasy with a little bit of my ideas in them, As it is her read Sex Story
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  3. My First threesome

    11/8/2019: We were going to a friend’s 30th birthday party at a local hotel, now we are both in our forties but keep ourselves fit and enjoy a night out from time to time. My husband enjoys me flirting and showing off my figure when we go out, I’m no longer twenty-one, but I have a firm pair of pert 36B breasts and good size twelve figure with firm toned legs. I’m not a slut by any means, but I do get read Sex Story
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  4. Arriving Home Early Is Both Good And Bad

    11/7/2019: Hi, my name is Don. My wife is Debbie who is thirty-five, blonde, blue-eyed and five feet tall. We've been married for seventeen years. We met in high school and have been sweethearts ever since. Both of us were virgins when we met, so you can appreciate that neither of us had much sexual experience with other people. When we hold each other, the top of Debbie's head rests just under my read Sex Story
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  5. Mommies girl part 3

    11/2/2019: Part 3 This is a work of fiction and all participants are over the age of 18. Chapter 1 The boys had pulled on their clothes and headed to the door. “We’ll leave you three alone for a bit” said Dave. “The night is still young though and we’re just down the corridor.” He grinned. When Don had come out of the bathroom (the last of the three to have showered) his girls were naked, giggling on the bed read Sex Story
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  6. The Chronicles of Suzie's Descent - part 5

    11/1/2019: PART 5 I heard my ex (Pete) laughing. “I’m going to call you TC from now on…. your cunt is the size of a huge tunnel, so your new nickname is Tunnel Cunt." I wiggled my ass and Blackie was RAMMED back in and it went ALL the way back in... Success! As I felt the dildo being pulled out I started wiggling my ass again and I was still squirting when I heard it drop on the floor. I instantly felt read Sex Story
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  7. It Was Late. Deborah's view

    11/1/2019: It was late. Too late to back out. You had brought us to this point. I snapped the lock shut on your chastity cage and your cock looked strangely sexy tucked inside its chrome bars, your balls engorged by the ring behind them. I removed my jeans and pants and allowed you access to shave my pubic area. I know it turns you on to shave me, that’s why I put the cage on first, silly. You did read Sex Story
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  8. Cuck Father

    10/31/2019: Reed was home from college for the summer. His room had been converted to an office for his milquetoast father. So the young man was forced to convert part of the attic into a bedroom. ‘That’s fine.’ He thought grumpily. ‘Not like I could bring any tail back here anyway.’ He was moving some boxes when one split open. The old cardboard ripping. Grumbling he picks up a collection of old books, read Sex Story
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  9. Ron and Ronnie Chapter 20 - Finally, The Purpose.

    10/25/2019: Goyse I knew that Ron’s story had to be coming to an end soon because of the age of the children at that stage of the story. He had already told me that Ronnie was refusing to allow him to father his child, well after her son Garry had been born and I knew that he was only just over eighteen months old when they had split up. I was keen to hear what had led to her leaving. Sue had read Sex Story
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    10/24/2019: “This time around I have a new man, Marco, who says he will enjoy a MFM threesome with me and another man, though you will be the first for him and me. He is fifteen years younger than me and rather pretty. “He has enjoyed me telling him about you and our brief time together, especially when I am sucking his cock. He gets off on it. “It has been more than a month for me, I am hanging out for a read Sex Story
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