1. Busted With My Online Porn 8

    7/22/2019: My wife has always gotten up before me, with very few exceptions. I woke up in bed alone to the smell of coffee and the quiet drone of the morning news on the television. My wife, as usual, had her laptop open and it was on Facebook. She was looking at all the inane stuff friends posted back home. She never seems to pay attention to either the TV or the computer, in my estimation. She read Sex Story
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  2. Cuckolded by Her First Love

    7/19/2019: “My God, I’ve found Tommy on Facebook,” Margret squealed. All I could do was groan; since she went on Facebook, eighteen months ago, all she did was find people from our past. Then, their lives would be clinically compared with our own and, a decision made about where we had done better, or worse, than them. It would be like this with Tommy; but, with the complication that Tommy had been read Sex Story
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  3. Renee gets Bred

    7/17/2019: If you read my first posting, then you know how my sexy brunette wife became a full fledged hot wife with her ex from highschool. Unfortunately, their sexcapades kind of ran their course, but not after he managed to fuck my wife in every way possible over quite a few extended ‘dates’. To be honest, I really enjoyed the entire situation. Although she tried her very best to keep both of read Sex Story
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  4. Jane Takes Flight

    7/14/2019: “Oh God Jane, you’re such a naughty slut.” Jane was being naughty and she knew it, edging him again so close to coming in her mouth he was actually pulsing before she pulled off. She held his rocklike pillar vertical from its base with her finger and thumb while watching his face. She blew against it as one might cool hot tea. This was all new to Jane but sure she wasn’t ready for him read Sex Story
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  5. Letter to an Expectant Father

    7/12/2019: So, the baby is due any day, now. Congratulations! You must be so proud of Annie. Truly, your little wife has never looked more beautiful than she does right now. You can tell she adores being pregnant. Look at the way she caresses the taut skin of her belly, with that drowsy smile. She’s so big she can hardly reach around herself. See how she cups her hands under those heavy read Sex Story
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  6. Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 01

    7/11/2019: My name is Grey, I'll withhold my last name for reasons that will become obvious as my story unfolds. I was a bit of a nerd in high school. I wasn't really picked on or anything like that, but I was shy, kept to myself and didn't have a lot of friends. In my graduating year I became close friends with a girl named Melissa. She grew up in the city, but her parents were going through a read Sex Story
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  7. The Rut-Breaker

    7/2/2019: It was the last thing that Larry expected as he answered his mobile phone over breakfast. “It’s Helen,” a soft female voice spoke, “Helen, from last night.” “Yes I know.” he responded curiously, “good of you to call.” “I... I was wondering if you were free to meet up for coffee this morning if you’re still in town.” “I haven’t checked out yet in fact I’m just having breakfast. When would read Sex Story
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  8. Breeding Beauty chp4 - Auction her off

    6/30/2019: I few weeks went by and I didn't hear from cory.... Ding! "bring the bitch friday night to the club down the street from you, I want to see her awake and dancing" I was knee deep into this with no way out.... I set up a date and told her there was a band playing at the local club that looked cool. She was totally into it and loved the idea. she hadn't been dancing in a long time. When friday came read Sex Story
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  9. Penny's Promiscuity - 7 - Rapid Replay

    6/29/2019: The buzz of excitement that followed my first Official Hotwife Date was almost tangible. Though my affair was well over a month old, Monday evening’s date had been the first time my lover and I had met with my husband’s full knowledge; the first time he had fucked me with Pete’s not-entirely-unreserved-but-helplessly-excited acquiescence. After over a year of almost nightly persuasion, read Sex Story
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  10. A Necessary Cuckolding - Part XI

    6/25/2019: Dawn Dawn also had to drag herself out of bed that morning. She too was tired and she ached in places that she had never done before. Bradley had been something else in bed that night. He had shaved all her pubic hair off after they had made love for the second time in the marital bed. It was a long drawn out affair. As she lay back on top of the bed he clipped away most of read Sex Story
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