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    2/17/2020: stan rolled my wife onto her stomach.He had his long hard black cock resting on her ass cheek. Lin squirmed as he rubbed his hot cock over her firm butt.he rubbed ky on his cock and on her brown eye. Stan then proceeded to put his long meat into her asshole.Inch by inch he shoved it to her.she squealed with delight.God stan fuck me baby,fuck my hot ass.stan had half of his cock in LIN.He began read Sex Story
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  2. Punching Above Ones Weight: Ch. 2

    2/14/2020: We had just met and we were totally smitten with each other. The events of the crazy weekend just gone ended in an unexpected coupling of Ying and Yang proportions. Her whole life she played second fiddle and now suddenly found someone willing to put her on a pedestal. I, who lacked direction, found a girl who could keep me in check and control my destiny. An outsider may have seen it as read Sex Story
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  3. Epic Cuckold Sequel - The Unwanted Houseguest

    2/14/2020: You may message me to get the first 26 chapters. However, let me at least explain the setting and characters: Setting: Urban Bangalore, India, modern times. Main characters: - Manu – the main character, a ~30 year man. The story is mostly told from Manu’s perspective. - Kavita – Manu’s beautiful wife who has a past history with Prem during her college days. - Amir Ali, known to his friends as read Sex Story
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  4. it finally happend

    2/14/2020: Part 1 Jackie and I have been married for 37 years, and our sex lives have become a little stale, in fact my wife has gone off the idea completely, I keep trying to come up with new ideas some turn her on some don’t, what I will say about her she does go through the motions for my sake, she still has orgasms but on very rare occasions. What is strange to me is she like to pose for erotic pictures read Sex Story
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  5. Climbing the Coporate Ladder

    2/9/2020: Climbing the Corporate Ladder By Willing Wimp I spent the first ten years of my marriage thinking I was a good lover and provider and that my wife, Rachel, was satisfied with our relationship. In retrospect, I now realize that I took my beautiful Rachel for granted and didn't show her the appreciation she deserved. I was a moderately successful junior business executive. Rachel, in turn, was a read Sex Story
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  6. A Cuckold By Choice

    2/7/2020: It was New Year's Eve last year when I first became a cuckold, a willing cuckold I should mention. Katie and I had been married twenty one years, all of them good. We had two children a boy and a girl who now had spouses of their own and we’d both decided to further our sexual explorations, somewhat. Over the years of our marriage we’d often enjoyed our fantasies and even acted some of read Sex Story
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  7. Life with Summer: My Second Cuckold Relationship Pt. 02

    2/4/2020: I ran to catch up with Summer before she got inside of her parents' house. Realizing that I was behind her, she spun around to face me. "Get the fuck away from me. I’m not going to throw myself at you again. I appreciate your help last night, but I’m not going to beg you to let me thank you.” “It’s not like that Summer. It’s...” “You’re not gay. You’ve already told me you had a girlfriend read Sex Story
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  8. A Necessary Cuckolding - Part XV

    2/2/2020: Dawn She felt as though she was walking on air as she held Bradley’s hand on their walk to the lift to go to his room. Though they had been lovers for just over two weeks it all seemed so real now. Holding hands in public made it official; they were an item now, in a relationship, call it whatever you like, but they were together now. And behind her, in the distance, was her read Sex Story
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  9. stanfuckslin

    2/1/2020: my wife lin always had a thing for stan.she wanted to try his black cock at least once. she finally got her chance.we visited stan and his wife for a party.well, lin got drunk and cornered stan in his bedroom.she started kissing him,thrusting her her tongue down his throat. he felt her up ,sqeezing her firm titties with one hand and feeling her ass with the other.they were soon on the bed read Sex Story
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  10. Converting the Family 1: Mind-Controlled Cum-Sluts

    1/31/2020: Converting the Family Chapter One: Mind-Controlled Cum-Sluts By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: An anonymous fan commissioned this story and allowed it to be shared. I merely penned this individual's outline. Billy Purvis I gripped the modified remote in my hand. Weeks of being closeted in my hot, stuffy bedroom had finally paid off. I was ready to use it. I'd resisted busting out my device all read Sex Story
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