1. Read to Me

    2/28/2020: Pausing after a disorienting fit of sensory anxiety, it took Oleana a long moment to catch her breath. After several harsh gasps, she adjusted the gear on her wrists and face. She took one more deep breath before reactivating the simulation. The visual frenzy of rendering errors and jumping perspective had been terminated by the restart, but it had left her somewhat disoriented. All she read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: She, Source: LushStories
  2. My Sisters - Chapter 1

    2/27/2020: There are indeed a lot of sibling relationships out there in the world. Some siblings are in such sync that they know exactly what the other is thinking on the money, others envy their siblings because the other is the apple of their parent’s eye. Then there’s the most frequent set; the siblings that hate each other. My sibling relationship falls into that category. Hey there, my name’s Sean, and read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Ass to mouth, Cum Swallowing First Time Incest / Taboo Masturbation / Toys Oral Sex / Blowjob Author: golfgangstar, Source: sexstories.com
  3. The Invasion

    2/25/2020: This story is only fiction. This author does not condone in anyway the actions of rape or non-consensual sex. The Invasion - "What have you got there?" Luke asked his older brother John. "I just finished cleaning out grandpa's house that he left us in the Will. I found this large box tucked away in the attic marked "Top Secret." I did not go through it yet but it's filled with old disc drives, read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Alien, Cuckold BDSM Mind Control Non-consensual sex Rape Violence / Cruelty Voyeur / Exhibitionism Wife / MILF Author: AlphaDrive, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Aunty's Darker Side Exposed - 2

    2/24/2020: Recap : I am Sushant, a 18 years old boy has been living with his Aunty and uncle at their house in his parent's absence. He comes to know about his Aunty's dominant side, and how she wears the pant in her marriage. It's been a week now since he is living at his aunty's, and has been peeping inside of their room through the window daily to watch the harem that is performed by his aunty on uncle read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Asian, BDSM Violence / Cruelty Cuckold Discipline, Fetish Humiliation Incest / Taboo Lactation, Straight Sex Slavery, Teen Water Sports / Pissing, Wife / MILF Author: Briano82, Source: sexstories.com
  5. The Knight and the Acolyte Book 7, Chapter 8: Passion's Illusion

    2/24/2020: The Knight and the Acolyte Book Seven: Illusory Passion Chapter Eight: Passion's Illusion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Knight-Errant Angela – The Lamp My tongue passed the honey-covered date back and forth to Saniyya, the dusky-skinned and citrine-eyed jinn. The flavor of the date sent a heady rush through me, fogging my brain, making me relax as she lifted my arms to her bed's posts where read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Body modification, BDSM Lesbian Group Sex Straight Sex Oral Sex / Blowjob Spanking Masturbation / Toys Trans Wife / MILF Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com
  6. Traci's Abduction and Rape 3

    2/24/2020: Traci's Abduction and Rape 3 Traci wakened to the noise in the vast barn as he opened the large door and entered. As he approached her he noticed she had removed the rope from her legs and ankles during the night. The collar was padlocked on her neck with the chain attached to the collar was still securely attached to the metal head board with a padlock. She could move but could not get up from read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy BDSM Author: jb_funn, Source: sexstories.com
  7. A Sister's Love (Jay, Lael, and Kate, part 1)

    2/23/2020: A Sisters Love (Jay, Lael, and Kate Part 1) One afternoon on a Saturday Jay went for a walk on the park to clear his mind. He has been thinking about his favorite girls on his soccer team and the time on a Friday night when he had scored with Faith and some of her friends in the locker room after a late game. "Hey coach!" He heard a voice call to him from behind him. It was Lael, the tall busty read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Cum Swallowing First Time Lesbian Incest / Taboo Teen Group Sex Non-consensual sex Author: jwells6995, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Dani and Danny, Part 2 & 3

    2/23/2020: A couple of days went by as Dani was busy with some friends from high school. Danny couldn't get over his last encounter with his sister. He'd close his eyes and see her there in the tub with his soapy hands on her tits. His dick was continuously erect and he wanted to relieve the pressure, but based on what she had said, he wondered if Dani would be impressed if he saved up his cum for the next read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Anal Incest / Taboo Masturbation / Toys Teen Author: Roger Phillips, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Secrets Of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land (Chapter 21)

    2/22/2020: Wrestling under the covers while playing a game of naked grab-ass kicked our biological heat engines into overdrive. The internal temperature of our sleeping bag was well beyond the comfort zone as our cozy sleeping space became a sauna without steam. "I'm tired of anatomy by Braille, I wanna see what I'm doing." Alice tossed the sleeping bag cover back and rose to her knees. Her nude read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: SkyWolf, Source: LushStories
  10. The Runesmith Chronicles 6

    2/22/2020: “Umm……………… What?” Ikuno smiled but didn’t lift her head off his shoulder, “I’ll explain later, take me to bed.” Kal started walking again, “Sounds like there’s going to be a lot of that later, like how you ended up overloaded with magic.” Kal walked into the mouth of the cave, Ikuno snapped her fingers and a ball of light formed before them, leading the way into the darkness. Ikuno read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Author: BluDraygn, Source: LushStories