1. The Making of a Minotaur

    1/29/2020: This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially. **** The Making of a Minotaur "Oh, little one... You have so much to learn." The cave walls read Sex Story
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  2. Bro Time Gay

    1/28/2020: "So you think you can suck cock better than a woman?" Jay took another drink from his beer and laughed softly. His blue eyes sparkled mischievously in the low-lit bar. "Dude, it's a generally accepted belief that guys who suck dick are better at it than most women." I followed suit and sipped from the ale in front of me. "Guys have cocks, so it stands to reason that we know how to properly suck them. It's logically really, I know how I like my cock sucked so I know how to do it better." "I see the logic, but I don't know if I can get behind the idea of another guy sucking my dick." He sighe read Sex Story
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  3. I am taking this wife!

    1/27/2020: This true event happened at a party I attended, and a memory I will not forget. No one has permission to use my material with out my permission. First, I want to start out by saying the names have been changed, never will the real names of the people in my stories be used. I have attended two other parties at this couple’s house. We met through mutual friends and the last two parties were a lot of fun, so when I got an invited to this party it was a no brainer, I was going. Pam is a stunning brown-haired woman, she is a thick, hour glass frame, natural woman.Pam has breast that are a 38C cup, read Sex Story
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  4. My Husband Likes BBC and So do I

    1/27/2020: My husband hadn't been the same since he returned from a six-month military tour. There were various symptoms that he had changed, but I couldn't figure out and what the underlying cause might be, since one of the symptoms was that he'd become obsessively reluctant to disclose what he was feeling at any given time. He was just withdrawn ... distant. I mean there was the obvious: he didn't want to talk about his time overseas, but that wasn't really surprising. He had been in two shooting conflicts and seen men die. He also seemed unable to hold constant eye contact, as if he were ashamed of s read Sex Story
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  5. Interlude 2 - Fetishes - Shaving Cream

    1/26/2020: Interlude 2 – Fetishes – Shaving Cream For someone who has used a non-electric razor maybe a handful of times in his (long) life, I sure have gone through a lot of cans of shaving cream! I don’t know which came first, my smoking fetish or shaving cream fetish. (For smoking fetish, see Interludes 1 post.) They are similar, in that they both involve large quantities of white fluids being ejected from a small opening. Of course, there are more differences than similarities, but you know the ad men knew of the similarities as well. Who can forget the sexy blonde icon Farrah “sitting” on the seem read Sex Story
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  6. JANNA 2

    1/26/2020: It was next day.Janna had done her best to stay alone with me.And,she had succeeded.My wife has gone to her friends.I was at the beach.I was taking sun bath on the sands.And, of course,I was waiting Janna.Finally,I saw her coming.She was wearing a small bikini.A white bikini with flower design.There were laces of her bikini.I pretended sleeping.She came, looked at me. Janna; I know you are not sleeping. She was pretending as if nothing had happened one day ago. Me; shall we go to rocks?(I stared at her hips and ass) Janna; (she looked at towards rocks). I don't know. You want? Me; I answered read Sex Story
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  7. Fucking My Pregnant Neighbor, Chapter 1

    1/24/2020: My name is Alan Saunders and the story I'm about to tell you happened about five years ago now. It was a nice spring day here in Wilson, North Carolina, the place I call home these days. Wilson is a small town of about 50,000 people located about fifty miles east of state capitol of Raleigh. I like it here because it has the small town feel I enjoy, but it's still close enough to Raleigh read Sex Story
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  8. Mila Mynx - Gym, feet, chastity

    1/23/2020: Mila was fit and worked out regularly. You could tell, just by looking at her. Her skin, always so fresh, lightly tanned and smooth, so smooth... It was a Saturday, she enjoyed going for a run followed by yoga session as always to cool down and stretch. The groups were mixed, the way she liked it. Mila is an exhibitionist and craves male attention. She wouldn’t have to look, but she knew that the guys in the class were partly there for her. To watch her move and stretch. Whilst she always had a cool down session after her run, her perspiration, would be there just around the edges of her clo read Sex Story
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  9. Wife's homemade creamy pie

    1/22/2020: Friday evening I was setting on the deck enjoying a cold beer when I heard my wife Andrea pull into the garage. I needed another one so I went into the kitchen and met her as she came through the door. I looked at how lovely she was standing there in a mid thigh length cotton skirt. Her legs covered in nude colored pantyhose. I walked over to give her a kiss and as I did I reached under her skirt to rub her pussy through the nylon. She never wears panties if she wears pantyhose so I was rubbing her hairless pussy through the cotton gusset of her hose. It was damp so I asked her if she had been read Sex Story
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  10. Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 12

    1/21/2020: [This story involves bodily functions, so if that offends you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.] ***** Laura Franklin was highly pleased by the success of her weekend school, now conducted twice monthly, for adults who wished to return to an old-time school reminiscent of their own school days and complete with corporal punishment from female teachers. Melody Haynes, a read Sex Story
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