1. What Happens In The Woods...

    2/28/2020: Ted was my best friend and we went everywhere together and did everything together. I had moved into the area from another state where homes were far apart and friends were left at school. We were both in our early teens and our house had a game room with a pool table and a ping-pong table which Ted wowed over the first time I invited him over. I had just learned to ride a bicycle since the high speed rural roads in my other state made it too dangerous and ted and I explored ceaselessly. That exploration eventually encompassed sexuality and I was one up on him since my dad received Playboy mag read Sex Story
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  2. Mrs Wilkinson The Climax !

    2/28/2020: "Ok Natalie start wanking him" Nat did as she was told. She wrapped her right hand around my stiff cock and started jerking me. "No ! you'll make cum too quick" I blurted but Nat continued "Slowly Nat" Hazel said as she climbed onto the bed next to me. She opened her legs. She looked at me as she started rubbing her pussy. "Just getting the juices flowing" she said and watched as Nat continued jerking me. Hazels hand increased the pace of her own masturbation and suddenly a big gush of water spouted from her pussy, Hazel shouting "Fuck me now Steve ! Get that fucking big cock inside my cun read Sex Story
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  3. First Encounter With my Maid At 20 - II

    2/28/2020: "" How .... !! can be you are so sure about me ... we hardly met for 30 minute and we talk noting like this." Then she reply from beginning ....... ...................... Continue .............. 2 ............. Ok I will tell you all what happen how happen and when ………. In morning time when I came her for dusting ….. I do all work in rest of your house then I came to your room you was sleeping at that time on your bed I go to washroom there I wash all your clothes under garments also . I had check your half pant for which we are talking about … It was almost spoiled by your night fall as I read Sex Story
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  4. A Great Show

    2/27/2020: A couple of days ago Mom asked me with her to go to a concert featuring her favorite group since Dad doesn’t like the group and doesn’t want to go. Because I do like the group also, I readily agree to go with her. The only downside is that the venue is well over two hours away from where we live. The upside is that she lets me drive us there since it is still daylight. We head out early and it’s a good thing because the parking lot is already starting to fill up when we get there a couple of hours before the concert starts. We go to the concession stands and buy a soft drink for me and a beer read Sex Story
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  5. promoted

    2/27/2020: I didnt knew my regional director was into this all i tough about was my promotion once it was Christmas i had met him maybe 4 times, he was the regional director and wasnt here that much i was tipsy about to leave the party when he salute me shook my hand with his big black hand ''congrats for the raise boy'' ''thanks Ed'' ''im going out where do yo live?'' we were in his bmw he was nice and cool for a 50yr old ''this gonna sound weird but im divorced and i like cute white boy likes you very much'' looking at him looking nervous saying these words ''sorry im not thinking str8 '' read Sex Story
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  6. Best Birthday Ever!

    2/27/2020: My name is Jill i now attend an all girls school i wasn't always at a all girls school i was a normal private school girl in classes with boys and girls but i was caught kissing a boy around my science block and my parents being all no sex before marriage praise the lord mumbo jumbo moved me to an all girls school to stop me from snogging boys it was only 1 kiss and my first kiss i know 16 is the read Sex Story
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  7. Falling

    2/27/2020: ‘Fuck! It’s cold out here!’ I thought as I hit the door leading outside. A 4a.m. call to get to my high school and then ride a bus two hours to what was probably going to amount to a very boring wrestling tournament... There was no upside here… well other than the fact that this would be my very last wrestling tournament as a minor! My 18th birthday was tomorrow! I stopped and pulled my bag on and read Sex Story
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  8. My Sisters - Chapter 1

    2/27/2020: There are indeed a lot of sibling relationships out there in the world. Some siblings are in such sync that they know exactly what the other is thinking on the money, others envy their siblings because the other is the apple of their parent’s eye. Then there’s the most frequent set; the siblings that hate each other. My sibling relationship falls into that category. Hey there, my name’s Sean, and read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Ass to mouth, Cum Swallowing First Time Incest / Taboo Masturbation / Toys Oral Sex / Blowjob Author: golfgangstar, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Cherry Falls

    2/26/2020: So, there I was, in the bastard's basement, tied to a chair alongside my father, the deputy sheriff. I was to be one of the final victims of a serial killer known on Twitter as 'ThatNiceGuyWithAKnife', an account he used to scare the populace of our little town, and confuse the police as they searched for his real IP address, hidden behind a dozen of proxies. The first two that were killed were a read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction First Time Horror, Incest / Taboo Teen Author: DarkThunder, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Wife's in Charge Your My Little Bitch!

    2/26/2020: Sex had become a one-night-a-week chore that left me barely satisfied. In fact, I had recently unleashed the world wide web of porn on the internet to get me off between our weekly fornications. After everybody was in bed for the night, I'd retire to the study, sit down at my keyboard and surf my way to a satisfying jerk-off. As the weeks progressed, the r-rated pictures of hot little teen cuties had less and less effect on my middle-aged boner. I started surfing more hardcore stuff; orgies, bdsm, bi-sexual, transvestite, and even gay sites. The nastier the porn, the more I got off. After sh read Sex Story
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