1. Patrick

    5/23/2019: My name is Patrick, I like men, older men always have. Not real frilly, girly gay men either. Big strong men with hair on their chest and balls. I like to have sex with real men not boys who want to be girls. Get it? Good. My story is about the first older man who I ever had sex with. I was fifteen years old never been with a girl, ever, always was attracted to cock. Any way I had however been read Sex Story
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  2. Father's Wisdom

    5/22/2019: First entry in an exploration of father-son sex. Contains: consenting gay sex between a teenage son and his father. +++ "Calvin!" his mother was accustomed to shouting up the staircase. "I'm about to put a load in the wash. Can you get your father's laundry." "Yeah, and I was about to take my pants off and shoot a load." This was something I wasn't going to miss when I started college in the read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Author: bymarquis06, Source: Literotica
  3. The Massage I Never Expected

    5/22/2019: A massage is one of those things that I can never get enough of. They put me in a place that I never want to come back from. Unfortunately, up until now, I had always gotten massages from women and no matter how much I wish they would just keep going up under the towel, they never do. I had hit a bit of a dry spell in my sexual partners and was in much need of any human contact. I found an read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Author: waitforit15, Source: LushStories
  4. Huston conference ch 1 Tequila and a thong

    5/22/2019: It had been a long day at a work conference in Huston, and i was utterly drained. How many ways could you hear the same thing, and then hear them again from other much more excited men at the bar located at the hotel. After some quick farewells i made my way back up to my room, where i had planned on just laying in bed and relaxing the rest of the night. Well that was the plan until Fred a buddy from my office text me and said "tequila?". I should have said no but of course i didn’t "sure why not" i replied back to him. "On my way" was his reply. When i made it in my room i did a quick check a read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay First Time Interracial Author: tryme69u, Source: xHamster
  5. Wife makes me a CockSucker!

    5/22/2019: I could see the sun slowly rising outside my bedroom window. I was tied to a chair as a chain of men had their way with my wife while I watched. It was her fantasy and my punishment for an eight month long affair. She had been fucking bareback off and on all night and I could see cum overflowing from her pussy as she lay on our bed with her legs spread wide. "Jim and Kenny untie my cheating pig of a husband and bring him over to the bed," she directed the two well built young men who had just finished double teaming her. Kenny walked over first. His long flaccid cock swung from side with th read Sex Story
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  6. GF turns me Gay

    5/22/2019: I found Wendy on OKCupid. She was just another face as I scrolled down, albeit a fairly attractive one. I clicked on her profile, glancing over it: she was older than me, which is not usually my type, and she was six years older than I at thirty two. She had a darker natural red hair in shoulder length cut, but a sort of light olive complexion, and pouty lips, same height as me. Musical tastes in common? Check. Reading? Movies? Check and check. Polyamorous. Well. I've been single for a while at this point, and I've dated around a fair bit, so it didn't seem like a troubling thing. Besides, i read Sex Story
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  7. chrissmass gift

    5/21/2019: He moved next door this summer i felt this weird feeling the moment he got in the multiplex lobby with his boxes , crossing me gettin out of my appart his smile and big pitch black dark hand shaking my small hand the way he look at me walking out the building made me shy it was the same for the next 6 month , winter had come , every morning we would meet shortly in the elevator chit chatting about nothing important then christmass happen i would always remember cming home at 2am drunk after a party with my co workers Joseph smoking weed on the balcony waving a me before walking in the lo read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial First Time Gay Author: kylefuckyou, Source: xHamster
  8. I am a Prison Bitch Now Gay

    5/21/2019: Life can be sweet until you fuck up. Life was going great for Michael Brand. He was living the high life. He had beautiful girls following him around. Nice cars and a cool house. He wore fancy sneakers and all the cool hoodies any guy would want. He loved designer clothes and living the high life. Michael had the greatest parties. Everybody who was anybody went to them. Michael was a d**g dealer. He'd been selling d**gs since he was eighteen. He made friends with somebody who was in the mob. They gave him clients and he did quite well for himself. He gave his cut to the mob and the rest was h read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time Gay Fetish Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  9. Lifeguard has a Speedo Boner

    5/21/2019: "Do you know where I can get some tanning oil?" Chris looked down from his lifeguard post upon hearing the question and found a stunning stud at the bottom. A mere ten feet below Chris was a majestically muscled blonde, boasting firm washboard abs and rock-hard pecs. Chris looked down in amazement as he checked out the rest of the stud's body, his toned biceps and forearms, his defined read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Author: speedodave, Source: LushStories
  10. The next morning.

    5/21/2019: I woke up the next morning laying next to Tim, his dried cum still on my chest and his flavor still in my mouth. His naked body pressed up against me. I was the big spoon, he the little. His perfect, firm ass right up against my hard cock. Last night I had felt it for the first time, lovingly held it. When the morning came I thought I might just want to run, but alittle surprisingly, I wanted to stay. His cute little bit and my raging cock made that decision easy. I slowly moved my cock against the crack of his ass, he felt amazing! Tim may have been awake for awhile, I wasn’t sure, but when read Sex Story
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