1. Hippy beach boy meets mature men

    5/5/2023: Southern California hot beach in Del mar / Encinitas 80's I was wearing the only suit I had and they were skimpy half the size of the boys in their Speedos I was not going to school today and ditched I was already in the next town and decided to go to my friends who was in class his step father was new but I suspected he was into more and knocked on the door but no answer as I started to leave the read Sex Story
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  2. Taken captive in Locker room...

    3/3/2020: Here I was trapped in the gym's locker room pressed against the far wall with one of the schools bullies male member deep up my butt. He had twisted my arm up my back and pushed me down the stairway till we were in the gym's locker room. I had tried to struggle but not wanting my arm broke I reluctantly went with my assailant. Once we were in the locker room he pushed me away like I was nothing but a sack of bone and turned to secure the door way. Well I thought he was doing that and took that moment to try and flee to the back of the lockers trying to by time to figure out how to evade him read Sex Story
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  3. Nineteen Year Old Hotel Lifeguard Likes My Speedos

    3/3/2020: Eric was in town for business. He hated having to take trips for business, but always made sure to book a room at an upscale hotel with fitness facilities, a hot tub, sauna and a pool. It was late when he arrived and got settled in his room. Figuring that he had just enough time to swim a few quick laps before the pool closed, and maybe take a short soak in a hot tub, he stripped off his read Sex Story
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  4. My Fantasy

    3/2/2020: After a bit of chatting online where I confess my wants and needs to you and my darkest secrets, you finally tell me you want to meet up. We've arranged a daytime meet, I arrive at the place and see the car you've described to me and you recognise my car. After I've parked up you get out and start working into the woods, I follow you through the woods into a small clearing where you turn around and tell me firmly to stop. I see your face clearly for the first time. You are probably about 10-20 years older than me, in your fifties or early sixties, as I'm taking you in, I hear your next command read Sex Story
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  5. Squeaking in the Night

    3/2/2020: Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. ***** Lincoln lays awake and stares at a mosquito which has been quietly hanging upside down in the middle of his ceiling for a couple of days. It's not what he's looking at, however, that keeps him awake. It's the soft squeaking of his brother's bed in the room next to him. It's unmistakable. The sharp noises cutting through read Sex Story
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  6. The love of being a “Sissy.” The unending urge.

    3/1/2020: I missed his cock inside me. I couldn’t pretend, I didn’t want to pretend about my urges anymore. I craved to have him bend me over, to be on my knees for him, to have him use me for his sexual needed and appetite. I was young and he was older, but there was a connection. We fit together. He was a Physical Education Instructor at my school, everyone called him Coach. Coach and I were having sex, but more than that, I was learning and exploring. I knew he had his urges, manly, basic urges and I began to find that I loved to fulfill them for him. To pleasure him and even be submissive for him i read Sex Story
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  7. Halloween

    3/1/2020: We all agreed when we chose to be the power rangers for this hallowee party a friends of my friend had all the costume because og some old time pinlicity turn by his mom at an agency we drafted what color to wear , no one wanting to be either the yellow or pink they all cheered and laught when my hand got out the bag , the small piece of papper bright and pink ''god dammit , fuck you all ahah , this going to be stupid im only wearing it until the contest'' i got in the bathroom with the suit and looked at me in the mirror dress in pink power ranger the tight suit lifting up my cheeks bu read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial Hardcore, Gay Author: kylefuckyou, Source: xHamster
  8. Slut Becomes Him Ch. 01

    3/1/2020: "...13...14...15," I said bucking my hips for the extra momentum needed to slam the bench press bar back into the rack support above me. I leaned up, sweat dripping down my bare chest, my pulse pounding. I was home for the summer from college and had gotten tired of my high school physique (skinny and boney). I wanted some oomph, and I was on my way to adding ten pounds of pure muscle in my read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Author: byFiish, Source: Literotica
  9. First Time

    3/1/2020: My summer between middle school and freshman year was quite eventful. However, Let me back up to a couple of years before freshman year when I first discovered masturbation. It took me a couple of months of masturbating to actually climax. I accomplished my first orgasm after masturbating for 45 minutes one evening. I was probably so loud everyone in the house knew what I was doing. That was it. I was completely fascinated and addicted to masturbation. Growing up there were woods and fields behind my house. I would whack off in my woods completely nude all the time. I would sneak out of my h read Sex Story
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  10. Penis Chronicles 2

    3/1/2020: In a quiet blue-collar neighborhood, Jack and Dave lived around the corner from each other. These guys were in their 40s, both in moderately good health – no bodybuilding but enough aerobics to stay healthy, and normal weight. Jack was always up for a laugh. He used to be a bartender, so he's got a million jokes. Name a topic, and Jack has a good one. Dave works in one of those high pressure read Sex Story
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