1. What If

    7/22/2019: It started when he caught me staring while he did squats. I'd gotten home from a work trip late that afternoon and the last thing I'd wanted to do was lift, but my wife had insisted. She was going, and she knew I'd regret it the next day if I didn't. So we drove down to the college where she worked and made our way across campus to the gym. We'd only been there for about twenty minutes when read Sex Story
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  2. Caught sucking Daddy

    7/22/2019: This follows on from my last story, please read and comment. He said I did a good job and that he could tell how much I enjoyed myself, he then started the engine and took me back home….. I put my hand back on his cock through his pants as we pulled up outside my house, I started stroking and massaging it, I told him I enjoyed sucking his cock and that if his wife wasn’t willing to suck it for him I would be happy to anytime, as long as he kept it between us. The bulge in his pants started to get bigger as I was playing with it. He looked at me and said you are such a slut; you want to su read Sex Story
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  3. Jimmy Boy

    7/22/2019: BDSM clubs are absolutely not for everybody, not even people who like BDSM. It takes something that is usually private and brings it right out in the open. The club that I have been a member of for four years allows everything short of fucking in the main hub, the giant area that most people hang out in. Every time I walk in I'm usually greeted with the sounds of somebody being spanked or whipped read Sex Story
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  4. The Monday Night Club Ch. 03

    7/22/2019: When I saw Toby at school the next afternoon, he walked up and gave me a quick shoulder/side hug. "How are you, man?" he said, quietly. "Horny as hell," I confessed. "Can't think about anything else... I'm not gonna make it to the weekend. Can we get together at your house before then?" I knew his mother was gone a lot, traveling for her job, so it was a good bet to ask. His face lit up. "Sure! read Sex Story
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  5. Workout 05

    7/22/2019: I realized that I was spiraling down that long, dark, (no pun intended) tunnel of depravity on my way to being a slut for Big Black Cock. I was torn, on one hand, I thoroughly enjoyed sex with Jim, but I knew I was getting out of control, thinking about his thick black tube of flesh in my mouth, spewing its salty load down my throat, pounding my now forever wrecked asshole, now pussy, and read Sex Story
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    7/21/2019: The door closed behind me as I slid into the seat. I watched in total apprehension as the Police Officer walked around and climbed behind the wheel. He checked his mirrors and pulled away from the curb without speaking. After he closed the windows he turned on the air-conditioning, it felt good. "Thought I told you to wait for me at the car he said." 'You did, I answered.' 'But you took off,' 'Yes. I got scared, I said' He looked me over, for a second or two, I was wearing shorts and a basketball jersey. I'd been pl read Sex Story
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  7. My Father was a Switchman

    7/20/2019: Introduction: This is a slow build love story between two men in modern times. The story touches on the difficulties of expressing such love in some cultures. In this case, the culture is that of ranchers and cowboys in the high desert country of central Oregon, USA. Such places are on the rough edges of the change in understanding of normal human sexuality. Ultimately, this is a story of hope for read Sex Story
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  8. Total Control Pt. 01: Hooked

    7/19/2019: This is my first try at writing. Ever! So any constructive criticism is welcomed. More parts to the story will be hopefully finished soon - two more chapters are almost ready and I have ideas for a couple more. _______________________________________ Total control. Part 1 - Hooked It was late, I was horny and my husband was asleep. I knew he had an early morning meeting next day, so did not want read Sex Story
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  9. I was Straight Blacken Gay

    7/19/2019: His long hard cock slapped against my cheek. It was humiliating, degrading and embarrassing. I loved it. I have always had a submissive side and being cuckolded by my beautiful wife was an incredible turn on. His rod was over 8 inches long and proportionately thick. It glistened with the juices from my wife's just fucked pussy and a stream of precum flowed steadily from the thick cut head. Despite the excitement of a humiliating taboo situation I was conflicted. I was straight. I had never imagined touching another man's dick much less kneeling at his feet as he rubbed it across my lips but read Sex Story
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  10. My 2nd time as a bottom

    7/19/2019: I entered the familiar apartment, even though a few years has past everything looked exactly the same. I walked into the same dark living room with muffled sounds of gay porn in the background. This time I was more confident and I knew my way to the bedroom. I walked in and Rick was sitting on the bed wearing a bathrobe rubbing his large bulge threw the thin layer of cotton. He smiled as I read Sex Story
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