1. First Encounter With my Maid At 20 ---( I )

    7/21/2019: Her reply shocked me more ..... ok She will cure you ...... what will you return in back for my benefit. Now I grip her words little .... I will give you fee separately my Lady Doctor .... for you treatment She Laugh so loud make me confidence that the she almost ready to Diagnose me now ......................... ( CONTINUE ..FROM..FIRST.. ) ......................... And She ask me again to reply honestly that do I had any friend ...... female friend ) I again lir ,"No , Pooja Jii , .... Can You Judge from my status like this ..... ( Indicate towards my Jockey Pant she was holding in her h read Sex Story
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  2. Sex With High School Mate!

    7/15/2019: This story is between my HSC classmate and me. Her name is Sneha. During our HSC time, she was a little plumpy but not fat. Her most important thing feature was her already grown up boobs whereas other girls were flat TV. I was a studious c***d and I didn’t know much about sex till I was in higher secondary. We had several divisions in one standard. So we had to shift to other class for an elective subject. When we were goin read Sex Story
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  3. Reservation

    7/14/2019: The wedding had gone off without a hitch. Seamus and Colleen were now married and embarking on the rest of their lives. The church had been decorated out with beautiful flowers, the colour of her choice. Burgundy red roses mixed with cream coloured chrysanthemums. The service flowed and even the congregation had joined in with her chosen hymns. Better yet, the sun joined in and shone down read Sex Story
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  4. The Bride to be

    7/10/2019: So my names Tony, I'm in my early fifties and I own a car hire company. Were not a huge car hire company, but I do employ a few staff, a mechanic and cleaner for the cars, and an office girl to look after the bookings. Tammy is her name, she's in her early twenties, and is a real innocent, butter wouldn't melt her mouth type of girl, always friendly, but also a little naïve at times as well, I see her more as a daughter I never had, and always have time for her. Well, it was one day last week when I was in my office, when I could hear Tammy talking to someone on the phone in the next room, she read Sex Story
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  5. The Youngest Whore in the Whore House

    7/10/2019: James called Sue the Madam at the local whore house, she asked will I see you and your construction crew on Friday like usual he said of course. She asked so what can I do for you? James says I’m bringing my son Jake he just turned 18 I need something special for him what do you have. She asks is he a virgin, Jim says hardly I have been pulling him off of girls sence he was 14! She says you know I have a new girl starting Friday night also just turned 18, they are both young and able to go forever we will just put them her room and let them go at it all night. Jim says great see you Friday read Sex Story
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  6. Training Of A Husband – Part II

    7/10/2019: I told you that how my wife was very dominant from the very beginning of our married life. She was not only superior to me mentally & financially but also was physically much stronger. One day I lost my job whereas she was promoted, after which she made me do all sort of house hold work. Then came my worst nightmare. In a party thrown by her, I failed to obey her commands for which I read Sex Story
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  7. Fucked and Bred in Front of His Wife

    7/8/2019: It was a Friday night and I hadn’t gotten fucked or fed any cock in awhile so I took to my go to website for a hookup. After about a half hour I get a message from an older male saying his wife wants to watch him dominate another guy, he looked about 6’2, had grey hair, hairy chest, no facial hair, heavy build, a big thick 7.5” cut cock and he had a thing for younger guys like me and I love being dominated by a big older bear, however have never been fucked or fed a cock in front of a girl before, let alone the guys wife that’s railing me. I thought about it for a few mins and said fuck it, le read Sex Story
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  8. I Honestly Thought She was my Wife!

    7/7/2019: I Honestly Thought She was my Wife! Getting home early after a hard weeks work. I parked my car in the garage and relaxed. On Fridays my attractive wife is normally home way before me, unless she has gone shopping with her older sister; by 18 months. Being horny I fire up our old computer. When it builds up a head of steam I type in Xhamster Stories. After a couple of stories I watch a couple of video clips only stopping when I hear my wife’s car pull onto the drive. I peek out the window to see she is bending over the boot sorting out the shopping. Then I notice ‘THAT’ shirt! I told read Sex Story
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  9. Father In Law In Train

    7/6/2019: my husband as a bank manager in Pune our native is near Coimbatore Tamilnadu. my experience is very lovable so i like to share with u all once my family with my two c***dren visited our village near Coimbatore for vacation one afternoon I went top roof to collect the clothes c***dren’s were playing husband gone out. mother-in-law was in rest while top of roof I saw some movement in the garden saw my father in law hugging tightly a servant lady he already removed her dresses both were almost nude as it seems rain may come read Sex Story
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  10. AMU – Part 1 – My First Penis

    7/4/2019: Over all these years I’ve had 100’s of cocks in all my holes. I’ve experimented with Indian cocks, American, British, Negros, Japanese, Chinese, etc. Currently, my stats are 36dd 34 36, and I know exactly how to use my assets to my advantage. Since I remember, I’ve always had an extremely high sex drive and I’ve had sex with so many people in so many places that I can literally write an encyclopedia on it. I discovered my craving for sex when I was 14, an read Sex Story
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