1. Journey Of Love With My Brother

    5/21/2019: I and my brother have been living together and sharing a room for almost the whole of his life. He was 18 then and I was 23 when this all took place. Since we have been living and playing for so years, we unknowingly got closer to each other more than we should have. There had been instances in life when I thought I love Vivaan, my brother, more than just as a bro read Sex Story
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  2. For The Baby, Day-1 (Lots Of Toys)

    5/19/2019: if you are looking for sex experience then this is the one. It’s already one year and three months since my marriage and I am very happy with my in-laws and husband. But now our relatives, my parents, and my in-laws are asking for good news. Although I and Nikhil are very active in sex, we were regular with before sleep and after wakeup sex. Sometimes on the weekends, we do afternoon sex as well but we hadn’t planned for the baby yet. So after f read Sex Story
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  3. The Babysitter P4

    5/19/2019: After that great Sunday, it was well over a week before my loving wife Kate mentioned about going out again, and I was pretty relieved because after the first four or so days I was beginning to wonder if she had changed her mind about the whole babysitting thing. But no, as I said, a week later she suddenly suggested going to the cinema for the evening. "There's that new musical I want to see" Kate said cheerily. "A musical really?" I groaned unhappily. "Yes" replied my wife firmly "But look on the brightside, if we go out, then we have to get a babysitter in!" "Oh yeah" I replied realising wh read Sex Story
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  4. Lisa Bruce and I in her dads office

    5/18/2019: it was on a cold Friday evening in October 2015, there was a special dinner at the Jersey Field Squadron. An evening where any married middle aged man's fantasies would've come true that night. It was a very formal dinner at the Mess (Drinking quarters at the barracks) and being a 40 year old man I wasn't expecting any luck that night. But my wish came true when This brunette 21 year old who attended with her parents and grandparents turned up. As soon as i set eyes on her i knew she wanted my dick. I constantly glanced into her eyes across the table and could see she was eyeing me up, between read Sex Story
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  5. Couple In Chicago Part 2

    5/17/2019: We were now at the club as John and Jane’s guests. I held Saima’s hand and we watched and enjoyed the performance. John and Jane were definitely more participating. They would go to the stripper and tuck dollar bills in her g-string panties. We got our drinks in a while, the first sips for both me and Saima were a bit of surprise. It was a little hard for us to get read Sex Story
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  6. Fucking by Boyfriend-2

    5/16/2019: Let me remind you. the protangonist and author of ‘Fucking by Boyfriend’ I told you how my boyfriend Rohit fucked me hard with his 10 inch long thick cock. I received a lot of emails for the story. Some really liked it while some asked if it is true. Guys, the story is cent percent genuine. Some asked whether Rohit really had 10 inches. I cant make anyone believe but thats also cent percen read Sex Story
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  7. Apartment Seven Has A Golden Dinner Invitation

    5/15/2019: Hey, Big Bad Boris. Come over to #8 as soon as you’re home. Hope you’re hungry for something special!! ~ C. Thud. Thud. Thud. “Coming!” Carie chimed as she skipped excitedly over to her front door after hearing the familiar clubbing upon her door. She flipped back her long black hair, clasped her hands together, leaned aside and chirped, “Who is it?” “Is ‘Big Bad Boris’,” Vasily read Sex Story
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  8. Winter is Cumming

    5/9/2019: The day began like all others, climbing out of bed at the crack of noon, devouring a Toaster Strudel and mayonnaise sandwich before braving the crisp Canadian weather by going to Vancouver's Public Market for fresh seafood now that I'm eating healthy. Along the way I passed a group of American hipsters vaping cannabis oil on a street corner, celebrating Tommy Chong's birthday. Damn read Sex Story
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    5/6/2019: After my experience with leaving a pair of pantyhose in the Men’s Room at the Mall I was anxious to have another experience leaving my worn pantyhose behind for men to discover. I would love to be able to secretly see their expressions and know their thoughts as they entered a space for men only to find an article of clothing presumptively considered for females only. I planned to go to the movies today. It was still cold but not nearly as brutal as Black Friday. I put on three pair of pantyhose for my adventure. Two pair of all nylon ultra sheers, one off-black and the other jet black with r read Sex Story
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  10. Daddy & daughter date night

    5/2/2019: My daughter & I have a night, once a month, that we have coffee, and chat. Many people looked at us, because they see an old man with a young attractive woman, hmmm! Sugar daddy? Could be! We enjoyed our times together, and we talk about many things. Chief topic was the number of rude boys trying to hustle or fuck my daughter. She loved the way mom & I flirt with each other and show affection. One evening, we met in the local bar, we chatted over a brew when she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, very close to my mouth. I returned the kiss by giving her a peck on the lips. She read Sex Story
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