1. No Nut November - Journal, Entry 3

    11/13/2019: Day 8 Yo I had a really close call today, like I legit almost failed the No Nut November. So I was on the train on the way back from the supermarket with a bag of water chestnuts and there was this super fucking hot chick in opposite me. Like she was a bang on 10/10, with nice tits, and a fit body, and a gorgeous face. The perfect mix of cute and adorable as hell, but sexy and seductive as fuck. She was smiling at her phone, probably looking at memes or something I dunno, so she didn’t notice me or my raging erection. Like holy shitballs I was so horny. Now I only do things with read Sex Story
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  2. Gangbang Sex with Filthy Beggars in Train

    11/12/2019: Let me introduce myself I am middle aged girl recently married and I am still a virgin. During the weekends I planned to visit my husband by Train. Since my visit was instantaneous, an no AC tickets were available, I had to go in the general Compartment. I my ticket and went in looking for a place to sit. To my surprise, the compartment was full of beggars and only few seats were read Sex Story
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  3. Sabrina The Tricky Witch Part 2

    11/5/2019: She was beat down from what had just happened, the revenge plan fallen apart and it had been a rough night. She stumbled in to find Salem on her bed, she still had Jacks dried cum on her face and in her soft blonde hair, dead leaves were stuck in her hair and black dirt on her backside and knees. She couldn't figure out what went wrong, was the spell fucked up? She took a good soak in the tub, lit some scented candles, played some Johnny Mathis, poured herself a glass of whiskey and tried to forget about it. Salem hopped off the bed an sat down next to the tub, "I dont wanna hear it Salem" she read Sex Story
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  4. Teacher Get Fucked In The Library!

    10/31/2019: I have a 34D-24-36 body and I live in South India. I used to work out and keep my body in shape. My marriage was at the age of 24. He was 28. My husband was working in a company when I married him. I was working as a school teacher. We didn’t have much fun together as it was an arranged marriage. He told me that he wanted only one c***d. He made me pregnant with a baby boy. One day, he lost his current job. We had rough times and my salar read Sex Story
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  5. Experience with Lakshmi

    10/26/2019: This is the first time that happened with my colleague virgin girl, Lakshmi. We are living in the same colony in My sore (Karnataka). I am fair, Jim body person. Lakshmi gorgeous girl white fair white color, she has big boobs and a very nice structure about 38-85-30. Coming to story, I have to say thanks to my colleague. Since my colleague dinesh loved her. He asked me to be a mediator. I always had a lust on her and so I agreed to act as a mediator. I got read Sex Story
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  6. Thine Own Tattoo

    10/26/2019: Thine Own Tattoo A Collection of Written Thought by Hugo Carlos Arreola Copyright 2018 --- --- Thine Own Tattoo (fictional, sequel to my novella, 'walking with scars') …and then, it happened Lucy woke up on Monday after the night she had had celebrating the new year she should have been hungover and generally feeling shitty all over but for whateverthegodfuck reason she felt fine in fact Lucy, felt insanely well as though on a cloud somewhere between eight and ten she might as well been on meth or some other nonsense but she was not she simply, felt great read Sex Story
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  7. Lushie Christmas

    10/23/2019: All the elves are worried when Vixen returns alone while Santa is out on his deliveries. Later in the night his sleigh is spotted, but is flying erratically with only the seven reindeer. Santa lands the sleigh hard. One of the runners collapses and the sleigh smashes it into a snowbank. The elves rush to sleigh and roll it off the old elf. Santa slowly tries to stand up. He looks like read Sex Story
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  8. 3 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta

    10/19/2019: Part 3Older man surprises a younger woman with his stamina.This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story.HOW MANY TIMES WILL 66 GO INTO 38?More unexpected encounters on the Cruise Ship.INTRODUCTIONIn the first chapter you learned about Barb. In chapter two you met Barb's sister Michelle and you heard about my first two days on a cruise ship read Sex Story
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  9. Drinking, Smoking & Fucking

    10/18/2019: Stella is my senior in office, she is my team leader, ever since the day I joined I was working under her she was very supportive, kind and she had a helping mentality and she taught me several things. She is from Kollam Kerala she is 28 years old slim tall medium complexion she had an attractive figure she has been working here past three years and, I joined here eight months ago, she become very close to me in the second month itself she is not married du read Sex Story
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  10. Cute Female Escort Or Call Girl

    10/14/2019: I am a young and lovely girl with cute eyes, slim and perfect body shape, black long hair, round boobs with pointed nipples, swinging ass and tight pussy. My body stats are 32-28-32. I am a reserved girl. So, for the first time, I would like to open up about my sexual experience . All your valuable comments and feedback are welcomed The story is all about myself who is an engineering student born in a middle-class family. I am studying 2nd yea read Sex Story
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