1. Wife To A Escort-3

    9/15/2019: After the smoke, I don’t know when I went to sleep…. Around 5:30 rob woke me up and said they got some emergency regarding their business deal and they are leaving to Delhi…He took my contact number, email id and asked me to leave. I took the white shirt for memory and came my cottage… I tried to open the door but it was already open…. I walked in and saw my sweet little husband is sleeping hugging the young little girl he picked f read Sex Story
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  2. A Valid Ticket To Gang Bang

    9/12/2019: I didn’t know that the community here is not only composed of readers but also enthusiasts. All your emails and messages mean a lot and the appreciation for my stories here is humbling, I thank thee readers!!! Please continue to support like this and all your feedback is welcomed . As is the case with my other stories, it contains a background and a built up as to how everything happened, if you’re looking for just a quick fap you can scro read Sex Story
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  3. Watching a couple fuck then fucking my mate's

    9/10/2019: I've written about this girl before. She was my mate's little sister and my first proper girlfriend. But we never fucked while we were together because we were both in our very early teens. No, that would wait until many many years later... ~~~ wibbly lines ~~~ I was back from college for the summer and one of my friends decided to throw a party in the run-down shared house he was living in. Four floors. Six bedrooms. Plenty of room to get good and drunk. And he'd invited everybody. Little did I know, this also included my mate's little sister - the girl I'd been dating almost 7 years read Sex Story
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  4. First Intimate Relationship-1

    8/31/2019: I got married last year, my husband name is Nikhil, 27. Today I am going to tell my first intimate night story with my husband. I am writing here on my husband’s suggestion. If anyone wants a sex story then this is not one, it is about an intimate relationship. First of all, let me describe myself, I am 5’2” tall, with 34, 28, 36 figure, I have a fair complexion. I was an average girl with no boyfriend but it doesn’t mean I was not read Sex Story
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  5. Al's Add-In and the Enchanted Phone

    8/27/2019: Most people thought old McNamara's electronics store was a disorganised heap of junk. But to me, it was a cave full of secret treasure. I used to spend ages searching through his random collection of second hand gear, computer parts and old-school electronics kits. It’s fair to say that most guys my age were probably happier chasing women, but computers, electronics and science made a read Sex Story
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  6. Nicoles Tittenbingo

    8/24/2019: Mein Mann Andy und ich fuhren von einem langen Messetag zurück nach Hause über die Autobahn. Es wurde schon langsam dunkel und auf der Straße war kaum etwas los. Wir bekamen Hunger. Es war aber weit und breit keine Raststätte zu sehen. Von der Autobahn aus erblickten wir allerdings ein kleines Städtchen mit maximal 10 Häusern. So dicht an der Autobahn? Da muss es etwas zu essen geben. Wir fuhren die Autobahn ab und nach einer kurzen Landstraßenstrecke erreichten wir dann auch das Dorf. Wir fanden direkt zu Beginn auch ein Imbiss-Restaurant, die Burger anboten, fuhren aber zunächst weiter, um w read Sex Story
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  7. Sloppy seconds at the party

    8/24/2019: Flirting at a very erotic party is so much fun when the guys at the party are interesting/attractive. Yes, I’m married. Yes, I go to church. Yes, I’m a poor example of a church-goer in many ways. But it is so difficult not to be naughty with temptation always knock-knock-knocking on my pubic door. My husband and I decided to go to another pool party at the Rosenthal’s home. This party promised to be small but fun. It was understood that the pool rule was to be enforced and that no swimsuits were to be allowed. And by traditi read Sex Story
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  8. My wife, her Catholic School Friend, and her Cowor

    8/21/2019: This was part one of this story:https://xhamster.com/stories/my-wife-her-catholic-school-friend-and-her-cowor-876933 Here is part 2: She looked at me and asked if I wanted anymore but had a look of concern on her face. Before I answered I asked her what was wrong. She said if I want to fuck her she will let me but it will hurt because her pussy is sore and swollen. I told her. I was tired too and did not want to hurt her. I offered her a way to help her feel better. She asked how. I offered to gently eat her out and massage her pussy with my tongue and lips. She looked at me and smiled and read Sex Story
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  9. My Wife Was Fucked By Her Boyfriend--1

    8/19/2019: Asif was her office mate too. My wife age is 24 years old, with nice body and simple God fearing woman. When I told her about my idea initially she was shocked to hear my perverted ideas. She rebuked me for having such an outlandish ideas. But when I persuaded her a lot by making her read your stories on ISS, she also liked it. She agreed on a condition too, she said she would hunt for her bull (fucker) herself. One week before our wedding da read Sex Story
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  10. Begging for a Bukkake!

    8/17/2019: I'd been bombarding my fellow students inbox for days, we were at war... It all started when my best friend found out I was a total sissy whore... Raj is like me a typical Indian, he loves to fuck. However a couple years back I made the switch I moved out of the city and found a rural institution. A place out in the country where I went to study and learn about the world around me. In time I was feminised and became a total sissy whore. Raj meanwhile had never left the city, he tried to pass college but dropped out, he tried to settle down, and although he found a few women nothing really read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Interracial Humor Author: SissyMunster, Source: xHamster