1. White sissy crossdresser obsessed with Black cocks

    8/28/2023: When i was married, i loved watching my wife with Black guys, it progressed quickly from the guys she fucked shed meet more , and so it grew into bigger and bigger gangbangs. I was fine with it , but as she became kinkyer, she stayed out later and later, one Black guy i worked with knew some guys that she was hanging out with,gave me a heads up on the deal. He explained that she was with some drug read Sex Story
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  2. hippy-surfer M 4 M

    5/10/2023: I grew up in southern California during the 80's later on I began to to organize a fairly large group of men that would only get together twice a month and smaller groups all the time. Back then their were swinger parties that got huge and the families would have over lots of couples and have sex most of the time the kids would stay the nite someplace girls go wherever and boys different place and read Sex Story
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  3. Suzanne Making of a Slut

    1/25/2022: My name is suzanne b and at the time of this story I was married to Josh, we got divorced a year latter, I was 26 years old, attractive, my hair was still blonde long down to mid back, which I had in a pony tail, I'm 5' 7, 138 lbs, 36c-30-38, After 2 years in college I left, and took a job working at a major manufacturing company in their office. I was in the planning department, which I am the read Sex Story
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  4. my wife

    1/4/2021: one night in the Florida keys my wife and I went to a strip club, the bouncer was a huge black guy with a huge bulge in his pants I only noticed because my wife pointed it out to me. My wife was pretty drunk when she went to the ladies room she was gone about fifteen minutes when she came back she looked flushed, I asked her if she was feeling ok. She just smiled at me and took my hand and slid it read Sex Story
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  5. Turkish Vacation

    3/3/2020: My husband and I took a 3 week vacation trip to a small town on the beach close to Dalaman, Turkey , it was our 4th time in this town, we had a nice hotel, right on the beach, on our first night after a nice dinner and a few drinks, we made our way back to the room, it was a 2nd floor, nice balcony, big room, when we got to the room, my husband and I quickly got undressed he took me in to the read Sex Story
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  6. The Best Friend

    3/2/2020: My husband David is restoring an old car in the garage with the assistance of his mates. First they stripped the car down to the frame and chassis labelling the bits and putting them in boxes. I come home about 9pm from work and find them having a beer in the garage still covered in grease and oil as tonight they removed the drive shaft, transmission, and engine. My husband is standing on the opposite side of the car from me. I join his sleazy Maori mate Steve, a mechanic, with a huge bulge in his pants, on the other side his hand under my short dress gropes my ass as David sculls his big c read Sex Story
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  7. My First Time Interracial, the Story of "N&qu

    3/2/2020: So back to the future my friends, 2003, the Story of “N”! So, “K” and I became separated in October of 2002 and I was dating within six weeks after that. My first conquest was with a co-worker. We were attracted to each other and friends at work and she went out with me a few times, eventually ending up in bed with me for a marathon sex session. It had been a long time that I was without female companionship and I was anxious to get on with my life, especially that part of my life. As I stated in an earlier story, it was not read Sex Story
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  8. Halloween

    3/1/2020: We all agreed when we chose to be the power rangers for this hallowee party a friends of my friend had all the costume because og some old time pinlicity turn by his mom at an agency we drafted what color to wear , no one wanting to be either the yellow or pink they all cheered and laught when my hand got out the bag , the small piece of papper bright and pink ''god dammit , fuck you all ahah , this going to be stupid im only wearing it until the contest'' i got in the bathroom with the suit and looked at me in the mirror dress in pink power ranger the tight suit lifting up my cheeks bu read Sex Story
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  9. Ma premiére avec un mec

    2/29/2020: Ceci est l’histoire de ma première pipe et doigtage subis j'avais alors 1X ans, début 90, je ne connaissais pas encore mes préférences sexuelles. Mes souvenirs ne sont plus tout frais mais je vais essayer de ne rien omettre, ni trop enjoliver (juste un peut). Je suis parti seul dans un concert alternatif, la je rencontre Laurent un métisse plutôt carré, plus âgé que moi, avec qui le courant passe bien, nous discutons de la musique, il ne dit qu’il joue dans un petit groupe de musique industrielle entre autre, puis je ne sais plus trop comment j'apprends qu'il est gay. Nous bougeons sur la musi read Sex Story
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  10. Mrs. Lee

    2/28/2020: This took place when I was just finishing high school. I was eighteen and probably in the best shape of my life: tall, good build, shaved head, and never had any problem getting the ladies. Matter of fact, being the only black men in a hundred mile radius, I never had any problem with the ladies throughout life. This story is a little different because it is about the start of my addiction read Sex Story
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