1. Joey's First Detention

    9/14/2019: Part 2: Joey's Detention - Day 1 Friday The 3 o'clock bell rang as Joey waited anxiously in the shop classroom for Mr. Brennan to appear for Joey's fist detention. As a senior, Joey was dismissed everyday at 11 am on a workstudy program. He had taken that opportunity to drive home and get himself prepped for later that afternoon. --- Earlier, Joey's House He showered, making sure to wash his still read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Anal Consensual Sex Gay Job / Office Sex Teen Trans Author: MightBeRealz, Source: sexstories.com
  2. Conference Conception - Part 2

    9/13/2019: Dear God! Was this what being drunk always felt like afterwards? It was late when I finally opened my eyes the following morning. The rest of the night had passed in a fitful sleep which had done nothing to refresh me. My head was thick, my mouth dry, my tummy heaving. I hadn’t actually been sick; if I had been more experienced in the world of drinking I might have made myself vomit; I read Sex Story
    Categories: Job / Office Sex Author: JennyGently, Source: LushStories
  3. Harry Potter and the Hogwarts pervert part 2

    9/8/2019: News about Michael Corner fucking Ginny Weasley traveled fast. It seemed that everybody had heard about the Ravenclaw keepers consolation prize. Still stung by the Gryffindor win, the Ravenclaws found solace in gloating about Ginny Weasley's fucking. Ginny seemed embarrassed, but didn't make too much of it. Harry was planning on getting revenge on Michael by playing a prank on him. He grabbed his read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Non-consensual sex Fan fiction, Job / Office Sex Teen Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Bigjack1982, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Predatrix: Prelude

    9/8/2019: If somebody asked him when it all started, he’d probably say it was the teachers’ picnic. Throughout the half hour the teachers of Woodward High were on the bus, Michael was nervously sitting next to Ms Jane Abbott, the Math teacher, and making small talk. He had been looking forward to this, Michael. He’d had a bit of a crush on Jane ever since he joined Woodward as a history teacher five months read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Authoritarian, BDSM Non-consensual sex Drug, Humiliation Job / Office Sex Straight Sex Mind Control Romance Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Everythingg, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Ian’s New Job

    9/5/2019: Authors note- this story includes non-consensual, rough, and coerced sex. As well as straight and bi-sexual sex. ************ Wendy moaned as her husband slowly licked around her pussy. She grabbed the sheets in her ecstasy. An orgasm rising excruciatingly slowly in her. Ian was great at cunnilingus. He practiced often on his wife. Delighting in the way his tongue could give her pleasure. In high read Sex Story
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  6. Sexiest Boss

    9/3/2019: My Boss is Ms. Monica Brown she is about 5' 6", in her late 40s, dark skin, bow legs, sexy ass, about a 34 cup and has a beautiful smile. I have been noticing her ever since i started working, her skirts were always neat, showing the outline of her underwear and she hardly wears a bra. One day she called me to her office, while inside there was an aroma that turned me on so much that my cock got read Sex Story
    Categories: Job / Office Sex Your Stories Author: Edwin Bailey, Source: SexStories-Hot
  7. Yvette Plays at Home (Part 2): Her Second Son

    9/2/2019: 1. Ben Thinks about Yvette Over the next few days Ben thought about what Kate had said and wondered why his mother had told Kate to have sex with him. Maybe his mother thought he needed more sex. Or maybe she thought Kate needed more sex, though he couldn't believe that. His mother had a whole side to her that surprised him, and it took a while to get used to it. He wondered if every time she went read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Group Sex Incest / Taboo Job / Office Sex Lesbian Author: DrizzleWithHoney, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Starting work at a new company with Kelly, Part 4

    8/23/2019: Tuesday morning Tom, HR director called Kelly into his office. They had some polite small talk for a few minutes. Then Tom asked Kelly if she would please close and lock his office door. Kelly sat back down and said, “What’s up Tom?” “Mr. Johnson wanted me to let you know that he continues to be very impressed by both your work and your enthusiasm toward the company. He asked me to let you read Sex Story
    Categories: Job / Office Sex Author: GoodToBeMe, Source: LushStories
  9. My History Teacher 6

    8/16/2019: Here is the newest addition to 'My History Teacher' series! /// "Ms. Harper is such a bitch. She made me rewrite my whole History essay." I roll my eyes at the girl behind me in my first bell. Nadia Hickman, super bitch of our grade. The teacher had left to make more copies of the worksheet so needlessly to say, everyone was talking and messing around. "You know I hear she sleeps with her read Sex Story
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  10. First introduction to life in the office

    8/15/2019: I had never had a interview like it. When I was told I have interview the letter came with instructions, not the normal turn up on time but what to wear and how to wear it. It was only a pa job for a local business man. I was told to turn up with a white blouse, black pencil skirt and stiletto heels. I read further…”it would be appreciated if your bra was visible through your blouse. Stockings read Sex Story
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