1. My MILF Neighbor

    2/23/2020: One of my best friend’s mothers is about 42 or 43 years old and is absolutely gorgeous. She is about 5′ 7″, with long, smooth legs, and perfect breasts that are not too big not too small. They are natural looking, so they look perfect. She is the typical blonde stacked soccer mom who everyone wants to fuck in the neighborhood. She is a gardener and takes extra care of her bushes in front of her house and her gardens in the backyard. What was odd was she was such a knockout people never understood how her husband ever got her because he was kind of nerdy and was one of those computer guys. My read Sex Story
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  2. Wife Milk Maid Creampie

    2/23/2020: The hottest fuck I ever had with my wife has to have been about three months after we had out first c***d. My wife was 35 and I was 37. It had been a long 3 months of change but we were finally in a routine. The only disruption in our lives was that my wife was still breast feeding or pumping when she had too much excess and her breasts hurt. I always thought it was sexy as hell that she was lactating especially knowing how sensitive her nipples are, but it made her feel like a cow (which still turned me on). When we had sexy she rarely got on top to fuck because her breasts would usually leak read Sex Story
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  3. Andreas big cock lust

    2/22/2020: Andrea was the most depraved and fun woman I have ever been with. For seven years, we pushed each others sexual boundaries constantly. It got to a point where our sexual urges were getting us in increasingly dangerous situations, and although we would periodically swear off our swinging lifestyle and talk ourselves into living a 'pure' life, the rest of the time the pendulum swung to the other extreme. Filed away in my mind are all the great memories of our debauched times together. I also have millions... okay, thousands of digital pictures and video from our 'sessions' and video documentati read Sex Story
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  4. When I Met MY GF's Bull

    2/22/2020: If you haven't read my first post about how my GF cucked me you might to get you brought up to speed. Kate and I had been living together for about 6 months at the time and she had been getting fucked by an older guy at her work for about 3 months that I knew of and about 5 months overall. We were both in our early 20's. She was almost 3 years older than me. She was a hot slut when you get down to it. Blonde with green eyes, 5'3", beautiful ass and tits. Loved dressing sexy and was as much into lingerie and stockings as I am and she wore them every day to work or to play. In fact we started ha read Sex Story
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  5. Porn cinema fun

    2/20/2020: As i said in my previous stories i had discovered cock fun in my teens and no one was aware of this side of me esp my mates who i watched and played football with! My first trip abroad was to Amsterdam in 1985 to play some local teams and have a piss up, and on our first night we explored the red light district, had a few beers, visited a few hookers and strip shows [all the usual things english blokes do abroad!] on the way back to the hotel some of the lads went into a porn cinema and the next morning i heard all about it! they said a large women had been gang banged by most of the guys in t read Sex Story
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  6. The Devil Inside Me Pt. 02

    2/20/2020: Fred didn't say a word to me after I confronted him. He just stared at me in disbelief and then at Tony who was by now panicking and quickly putting his clothes on. 'Shit, I'm so sorry.' Tony blurted. He then ran out of the house as quickly as he could. I went to bed naked feeling exhilarated but also slightly apprehensive. Why was Fred watching us for so long? Did he enjoy watching a young stud read Sex Story
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  7. Nude Resort Sex

    2/20/2020: The last hot day in October found me at the nudist resort. It was sensual sitting in the warm sun covered in suntan lotion, wearing my largest PA. There were several couples also enjoying the sun but I chose an area removed from them. I settled down and soaked up the rays. After some time I got up and went into the pool for a swim. It was really cold, and when I got out of the pool my penis and purse shrunk to almost nothing. I passed a fellow on my way back to my spot and noticed he was also a smoothie and tanned just like me. As I passed he winked at my large PA jewelry and small penis and read Sex Story
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  8. True Love With My Forbidden Super Hero – Part 1

    2/20/2020: My figure is 36d 34 38 with 65 kg weight and 5’5″ height. I am a typical housewife, living with my husbands parents in kerala. I’ve never thought of anything odd in my life, but my life has changed forever now. Its been 2 years I am married to rahul, he was working in kerala at first. He is in bangalore from last two years. When I came to husbands house after marriage, we all were living together. My father-in-law amit, retired army officer is very disciplined and well behaving person. He was an ideal man for all of us read Sex Story
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  9. Karen and Mike, and I?

    2/20/2020: My name is Christopher Miller. I'm a big guy. 6'3" and 195 pounds. I've been told I'm good looking. Blue eyes. I'm 21 years old at the time of this occurrence. I just left the military (82nd Airborne Division) and found a job as a security guard at an open air mall. I worked for about 4 months for this old guy, Mark,(like in his 80s) that was the site boss of the guards. He told me one night, a read Sex Story
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  10. Dangerous treasure (fantasy)

    2/19/2020: One night Tyler was laying on his bed wondering why he hasn't found a mate yet. As a child, he was considered a worthless elf. It was because he didn't have an interest in sorcery or combat. Tyler is a pretty peaceful Elf and he doesn't like confrontation. He is about 6 2 and just a little muscular wearing blue pajamas and a white T-shirt. Because of his peaceful nature, his parents told him when read Sex Story
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