1. Lusting Ex.Lover , wife taken by ex lover

    2/14/2020: He was determined to have my newly wed wifes virginity before I consummate the marriage. And my beautiful young wife was ok with it . When Priya asked that, if she can go to Torab’s house for dinner, I was little jealous. Torab was her muslim ex lover. But next she said that Torab wants to have her for the night, and I was also invited. I was shaken. But I did not show it and said that if it read Sex Story
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  2. Dominating My Older Sis 1: Lil Sis Pays the Price

    2/14/2020: Dominating My Older Sister (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter One: Little Sis Pays the Price By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Clint Elliston I had my queen and my concubine perched on my naked thighs, both girls nude, their pussies hot and juicy on my flesh as they squirmed, their arms around my neck, and their breasts thrust right into my face. Both read Sex Story
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  3. A Strong Alliance: Elzira (Ch. One)

    2/13/2020: The Orc King, Titus sat upon his mount on the battle field, awaiting the Elven King’s army. The Elves were out numbered, Titus was not worried about this battle. His army was ready for blood shed and the pillaging of the villages. Finally he spotted The Elf King riding up on his mount, but he had no men riding at his back, instead a young girl-child rode in front of him on the saddle. Titus was read Sex Story
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  4. Charlie

    2/12/2020: My name is Charlie. The year I turned 18, my body filled out and it seemed as if overnight I had curves. My mom had to take me shopping for new bras and clothes because hardly anything fit anymore. I was 5' 6" and athletic from the dance I had been doing my whole life. My breasts were all of a sudden a 32 D. My mom was sympathetic, telling me sports bras would help support me while I danced. But read Sex Story
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  5. Tied To Her Own Bed and Fucked

    2/12/2020: He'd been watching her arrive home from work every day for two months. Her red sporty car would pull in her drive around 5:25pm and he'd see her stick her long high-heeled leg outside her vehicle before pushing her slender but curvy body out. Usually she was in a tight pencil skirt, with her long brunette hair flowing down, almost to the small of her back. Today it was pulled into a pony tail at read Sex Story
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  6. A Gentleman's Night Out

    2/12/2020: I noticed you because your hair was the same color as new, copper pennies. It shimmered and gleamed in the soft lighting of the bar each time you faked a laugh at one of your friends’ jokes. What was obvious to me clearly wasn’t to them; your air of sadness couldn’t penetrate their alcohol-induced fog of glee. While your friends drank colorful cocktail after cocktail in frosted martini glasses, read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Humiliation Straight Sex Non-consensual sex Rape Water Sports / Pissing, Written by women Author: theevilsofman, Source: sexstories.com
  7. Making sure she is mine

    2/11/2020: We met online a few weeks ago and hit it off right away. Mark and I just clicked - he had this confident stride that I really liked, and perfect blue eyes. He didn't smile often, but when he did, my heart melted. It wasn't long before we were having sex - I couldn't keep my hands off that beautiful body for long! He was amazing in bed, with great stamina, and took control immediately. I loved that read Sex Story
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  8. Sally Decieved

    2/8/2020: Getting ready slowly Sally felt trepidation at what she had to do, sitting in front of the mirror in her dressing gown she picked up the note again and reread it; Sally, If you want to see your husband again you’ll follow the instructions below. You will dress in the clothing which you will receive shortly, make sure you Wear everything; you will then be at the Hotel Castor by 8pm Enter the bar read Sex Story
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  9. The House In The Cliffs

    2/8/2020: The sun peaked over the grass covered hilltop, its crown reflected in the sprawling ocean behind her. Charlie gtlanced at her watch. 6:47am. She took a short breath and knocked three times on the large wooden door. Nothing. She knocked again. Still no answer. She took a step back from the door, and looked up at the large house stood in front of her. Nestled in the hillside, surround by trees on read Sex Story
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  10. Utopia for One Chapter 4 – Strippers

    2/6/2020: Utopia for One Chapter 4 – Strippers By Dominic Durobastone Back on course, the master ordered that Phil be untied, his shoes, socks and pants be disposed of in a nearby rubbish bin and his hands be retied behind his back. This time Richard was instructed to check his dick and make him hard. Richard approached the task with obvious distaste but dared not refuse or delay. “Hail us a cab…actually read Sex Story
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