1. School daze. Taming Miss MacDougall

    9/12/2019: I went to school in Scotland during the 1950s. All the staff at the primary school were female. They had families of their own, some of whom were pupils at the school. In contrast, there were only four women teachers at the large secondary school I later attended. They were excellent educators, but crabby and hard on pupils, particularly the boys. It must have been demanding for them to read Sex Story
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  2. Pain and Pleasure 2: The Punishment Horse

    9/12/2019: “Please ma'am, please don't sack me. I'll never do it again, I swear.” He was looking up at her with a pleading expression on his face and Lady Vernon pursed her lips. The boy was a good hard worker but such a lapse had to have consequences. And if he was that keen to keep the job maybe he could be talked into a consequence she could deliver herself. And the thought of that was read Sex Story
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  3. Prince Charming

    9/11/2019: A fantasy with a hint of truth, if this aint your thing then look at the tags before reading. That’s why they’re there. When I was young, I’m pretty sure I was in love with my cousin. We grew up on the same street and were inseparable. We’d always play Princess and Prince and I’d have to save her from one of the other neighbor kids who were the “bad guys”. But no matter how much they begged, the read Sex Story
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  4. The Crush

    9/10/2019: Emma didn't have the normal college girl crush as the sixteen-year-old didn't have a crush on her college teacher or the gym mistress or the headmistress, but, instead she had a crush on the Head-girl, eighteen-year-old Melissa. Emma was slim with long dark brown hair she wore in a ponytail at college and looked pretty in her college uniform which was a gingham green and white checked read Sex Story
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  5. Ian’s New Job

    9/5/2019: Authors note- this story includes non-consensual, rough, and coerced sex. As well as straight and bi-sexual sex. ************ Wendy moaned as her husband slowly licked around her pussy. She grabbed the sheets in her ecstasy. An orgasm rising excruciatingly slowly in her. Ian was great at cunnilingus. He practiced often on his wife. Delighting in the way his tongue could give her pleasure. In high read Sex Story
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  6. Just Another Day at the Office after WWIII - Part 12

    9/5/2019: (This is NOT a free standing story. In each succeeding part you will find new characters introduced, but only embellishments on existing characters. Just click on author name to find earlier parts/chapters.) Robert strap in hand grabbed Margaret's right calf firmly and pull in back towards Margaret's chest. “Now, Margaret, I've given you a lot of leeway when it comes to running our household read Sex Story
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  7. Unwanted: Part 8

    9/5/2019: Tiffany stuck to unoccupied streets and back alleys as she made her way home. She was still drenched in sweat from her romp in the bathroom with Jon and she did not want anyone to get close enough to notice. When she reached her house, she sighed in despair as she recalled that she did not have a set of keys. Part of the reason she joined all the same sports clubs as Jon was because she always had read Sex Story
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  8. BimboTech Chapter 9: Bimbo Wife's Big Black Mistake

    9/5/2019: BimboTech Chapter Nine: Bimbo Wife's Big Black Mistake By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals “What?” the Black man asked, blinking at my question as I rubbed on his cock through his jeans. My pussy clenched so hard. I shouldn't be doing this. There was something wrong with the intelligence serum. The cabin pressure of the plane we flew on read Sex Story
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  9. A fantasy come true

    9/3/2019: I had been thinking about the upcoming days for weeks now. I was so excited to see one of my oldest family friends. She and I had gotten especially close over the last few years. She was gorgeous. She was on the shorter side, about 5’4”. She had long, wavy auburn hair and green eyes. She had one of the best bodies I’ve been on a girl. She had huge breasts, which I had admired since I was about 13 read Sex Story
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  10. Mom as surrogate mother

    9/2/2019: Hi this is raju and i am 18yrs old .My dad is such a coward he had affair with some women and he left mom.My mom is velamma 35yrs old as she is a stunning beauty she is a typical south indian women.Having some hot looking body as her boobs are bigger in size and every men will die to fuck her such a hot maal is mom.She have no affair she lived for my welfare.She wrked in a office wer her friend's read Sex Story
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