1. The Dice Game

    9/13/2019: It started out like many other evenings, Dave's best mate Keith had called round. He usually came round at least once a week to spend a few hours with us. I think he got lonely since he and his wife had split up some months before. I liked him. About a couple of years older than me, maybe 42, or 45? Looked younger than that though. Fairly slim, and a good 6 inches over my 5 foot 3 read Sex Story
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  2. daddys play toy the beginning

    9/11/2019: This is a true story. I have been dying to tell this to someone all these years. Let me tell you about myself I am 38 yrs old now and this is my fondest memory about my early sex life. My Parents have been divorced for as long as I can remember. I live with my Mom and on the weekends My dad has been using me for his sexual pleasure. Most of the time he would just strip me naked and put his cock read Sex Story
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    9/7/2019: It was the usual night at home Ash and her 7 year old daughter was getting ready to go to school the next day so as usual they where in the room where I lay on the bed covered up watching her try different outfits on Meg only to find myself looking at Megs cotton panties more everytime her pants was pulled off for a new pair to be put on over her fat little bottom. I had just taken a really big read Sex Story
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  4. You say i am A chuck I do not think so part 1

    9/7/2019: So I am a Chuck??? I DISAGREE When I first met my wife Toni of over 27 years she was a novice at sex yes she was married before had a child but really no experience. She had never had oral sex of any kind no foreplay ahe never gave a blow job did not even trim or shave her pubic area ,yes I mean her pussy lol. So after we met I introduced her to these things I pleasured her with oral sex bring her read Sex Story
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  5. Melissa and I meet.

    9/6/2019: I have been writing recently about my wife Melissa and our living our sexual fantasies and growth as a couple. I realized that I had not written about our first experience when were much, much younger. I was young and after serving in the military, I bought a motorcycle and decided to see the country that I had just spent 4 years protecting. I drove and had many cool experiences and then I landed read Sex Story
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  6. Quickie

    9/4/2019: Suzan turned off the light, closed the doors and we went in the bathroom. We took turns to give each other a warm sponge bath. We finished, dried off and went on the bed, i started kissing her lips and ahe hugged me, my penis got hard and she started to stroke it. She told me her sister will soon be back so i must hurry..i smiled, put one finger in her pum pum and use the thumb to stimulate her read Sex Story
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  7. Karen, My lover (pt3)

    9/4/2019: Karen didn't normally get any time off, being her mums career etc, but she did spend the odd night at mine, but for her birthday, we had agreed to go and spend a few nights alone together in a hotel. I left my car at hers and we walked with our back packs to Diss train station. I kept the location of our hotel a secret so it would be a surprise for her. At Norwich we had to change trains, and read Sex Story
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  8. Sexy Wife Displays

    9/3/2019: Young Wife Displays herself. Voyeur, fm, cuckold, public, older man It all started one Tuesday when my wife, Mary and I were in a downtown department store meeting for a late lunch. My office was nearby and she wanted to shop a bit afterward. The cafeteria was on the top 6th floor behind the furniture department. A pleasant time and a good lunch. Until I noticed Mary was kind of distracted. She read Sex Story
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  9. Long Day of Fishing

    9/2/2019: One of the greatest things about having older friends is that you get to do things that high school Juniors don’t normally get to do. Travel, fishing, beer… all the things that make for a crazy good Saturday during a hot, sweaty summer in Texas. I left home early after filling my mom in on my plans - Fishing with James and a couple of his friends, coming home and spending the night at his place, read Sex Story
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  10. Arizona Angel

    9/1/2019: Hey, my name is Dan. I'm 32 years old and this is my story about an amazing girl and my exploits with her. First, let me tell you about me. I'm 6' 2'' with brown hair and light blue eyes. I'm of an average build you could say. I'm not exactly 'Hollywood Hot' in appearance, but I'm certainly not mirror-breaking grotesque either. Thoroughly average as a friend of mine once said. I was always read Sex Story
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