1. I Watched my Wife Get Gangraped

    2/27/2020: This is not my story, i found it online and though i had to share with the community. I will be uploading some of my own soon. I Watched My Wife Get Gangraped And Did Nothing To Stop It I must preface this by saying I have asked my wife to fuck other men on several occasions and she has always insisted that she does not want to. I explained that is was a fantacy of mine but she was always read Sex Story
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  2. Summer Vacation With Stepgrandad

    2/27/2020: Both of us were married before, both widowed. We had lived with our departed spouses in the same Chicago high rise condominium. As couples we had been casually acquainted, seeing each other occasionally in the parking garage, the building lobby, or in summer, on the rooftop swimming pool deck. When my wife was killed in an auto accident, our children were all grown and graduated from college. My read Sex Story
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  3. Locker Room Hero Part 1

    2/25/2020: School sucked! Every goddamn day someone harassed me. Either a teacher was being a prick or some older kids would fuck with me. If it weren't for my one and only friend, Jeff, I'd probably start cutting class. "Carlos," he'd say, "you must have done something to piss those guys off. They seem to zero in on you. They never mess with me, in fact, I never see them mess with anyone but you" "They're read Sex Story
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  4. Jody and Brooke

    2/23/2020: A lot of truly gorgeous women have graduated from my college. I guess we get enough applications that we can add beauty as a criterion for admission. The beauty of the women at my school has always impressed me, and I love the skimpy dress that they wear in our warm weather. Teaching college is sort of a weird business. The faculty gets older over a 30+ year career, but the students are always read Sex Story
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  5. My stepsister Lisa

    2/23/2020: We used to swim in the pool and she loved it when I would throw her up out of the water by placing my hands on her ass under the water and lifting her up fast. When I was under the water I would admire her nice firm ass,of course my hands started to wander and I felt her pussy a few times without her minding or mentioning it. She was of normal build with longish blonde hair,blue eyes,freckles,nice read Sex Story
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  6. My intro to sex part 1

    2/22/2020: In highschool i had three friends 18 Chase, 20 Kayle, and 18 Ellen. I always had a major crush on Kayle, she was sexy and curvasious in all the right places, plus she had brunette hair, which was my soft spot. Julie their mother, was a really bad chain smoker and would go through three or four packs a day. Julie would offen visit Kayles trailer which caused Kayle, Chase, Ellen and me to mostly read Sex Story
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  7. My Nerd Friend

    2/21/2020: My name is Tony I just turned 19 years old and still live at home with my parents. Which is not bad if you don't want to have a life of your own. I had many girlfriends but nothing too serious since I'm not one to be committed. I'm 5'10" tall medium build at 145 lbs and told by many people good looking. I've been working almost a year as night stocker at a big retail store. The money is good but read Sex Story
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  8. Heavy cummers wanted!

    2/21/2020: My wife Melissa relayed to me that she would love to find a guy who was a heavy cummer. Melissa loves to be creampied both vaginally and anally and she also loves the feeling of cum being spurted in to her hot mouth. Melissa told me that the feeling of a man coming in her drives her over the edge and the warm gooey feeling of cum being shot inside of her drives her crazy. I already knew this fact, read Sex Story
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  9. A Drive-In Story

    2/20/2020: I was working for an auto repair facility that repaired your vehicle on the road. My duties were to deliver the parts to the techs that repaired the vehicles. There was a lot of driving involved. I would stop and get gas at my favorite station. There was a girl that worked there that I took a liking to. Her name was Karen. She was about my height with brown hair down below her shoulders. We had read Sex Story
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  10. Karen and Mike, and I?

    2/20/2020: My name is Christopher Miller. I'm a big guy. 6'3" and 195 pounds. I've been told I'm good looking. Blue eyes. I'm 21 years old at the time of this occurrence. I just left the military (82nd Airborne Division) and found a job as a security guard at an open air mall. I worked for about 4 months for this old guy, Mark,(like in his 80s) that was the site boss of the guards. He told me one night, a read Sex Story
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