1/5/2020: MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 22 FANTASTIC FUCKING This was the time when my boy friend Ramesh (now my loving husband) was in final year and I was in my second year of college. I remember this act as one of the finest and memorable fuck in my life because, as you will read below, we both did it like we were doing it first time. We were not doing that purposely but all went automatically in such a read Sex Story
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  2. Best Friends Ch.03

    1/3/2020: Tesla let out a deep sigh as she set the weights down, feeling the heat deep in the muscles of her arms that came with a strenuous workout. With a soft moan she sat up and arched her back, feeling her breasts press against her tight sport's top as she cast her gaze around the gym. For the most part, she, and everyone else, was in their own little world, focusing on their own workout and routines, read Sex Story
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  3. 12 - The Julie Journals

    1/2/2020: She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. She smiled as she saw the entry, 'Operation Probe & Protect Advance Party, Eilat, Israel,' then added in another pen, 'met Ziva again today, she hasn't changed.' ***** read Sex Story
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  4. A Weekend With Austin

    1/1/2020: Before any of you jump to conclusions, no, we didn’t have hidden feelings for each other before this or anything like that. We used to take baths together and stuff when we were younger but that was innocent. We grew up together and hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years because of parent issues. I’m was also a curious virgin. Who better to practice with than someone who knows you best? read Sex Story
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  5. First Time Lap Dance and Erotic Massge

    1/1/2020: My husband and I were out celebrating our anniversary. Lunch went on to dinner and by 8ish we were pretty drunk. We were talking about spicing up our sex life and how we could do it. I admitted to my husband that I had never been to a strip club. That was like waving a red rag to a bull. So, of course, off we went. To be honest I thought it was on the tacky side but happy enough to hang around read Sex Story
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  6. Snow Storm II - Club

    12/31/2019: (Authors note: This is based on a true story our heroine told me in the chat room but enough is made up to call it fiction.) "That would be fun, wouldn't it. But do you think Mark would go along?" Paul asked. "No, no, it's just a fantasy." A few moments of naked cuddling passed. "Did you and Mark ever talk about swinging?" Paul asked. "No. He's so straight." More moments passed. We were kissing read Sex Story
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  7. Popsicles

    12/31/2019: Hem, medium heighted and curvy, had ass and tits that belonged in porn. She had shoulder-length brown hair and matching brown eyes... a little Barbie doll. But this Barbie doll was the dirtiest fucking slut. God, I loved her. Unnati was short, thin, but with a lovely ass. Her legs were toned, almost runner's legs, and her tits, while small, were perky, with perfect nipples. She had dark, straight read Sex Story
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  8. A Night of Class

    12/30/2019: I've decided to treat my little corner of this site as an open online diary of my sexual exploration. There may be some references in my stories that link back to a previous story. I will try to make sure each one can stand on its own though. I arrived back at my dorm room after my night with Pete and Amy and stripped down and fell straight into bed. I woke up with roommate, Madison, spooning me read Sex Story
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  9. Drugged and raped at a party

    12/29/2019: This is not my story but i found it online and enjoyed reading it so i thought id share it with the community. Enjoy. When I was a teen I noticed my younger brother and some others guy friends of his get really excited, like they were doing something REALLY naughty, as they were trying really hard to act like they were not up to something. I kept my eyes on them to try to figure out what they were read Sex Story
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  10. My first blow job part 2

    12/28/2019: So in my first story i told you about meeting boyfriend mark. In this story ill tell you how mark ate me out for the first tim So as 8th grade year started mark and i really did see much of each other due to homework but did talk on the phone almost every night. It was about 6 week into the year that the teachers decided on a friday not to us homework so us kids were free for weekend. That firday read Sex Story
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