1. The wasted beauty

    10/31/2019: It was saturday night and there was nothing good on TV and no new interesting shows on Netflix. I was bored and therefore also horny. Not tired at all even though it was after midnight. I tried searching for some good porn, but nothing really caught my attention. I wanted to fuck and not just use my hand tonight. Well on saturdays, the city is full of drunk, stupid girls, who crave attention. I read Sex Story
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  2. Just what the Doctor ordered

    10/28/2019: I have been stressed out at work lately so the Doctor recommended some rest. The first three days i stayed home. On the fourth day Ann called and said she would stop by after work. She came by about 6:30 in the evening wearing a blue dress with a wrap at the front and matching heels, she made us some soup and the after talking she proceeded to read me a novel. My head was right on top of her read Sex Story
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  3. My Hubby's idea for my satisfaction

    10/27/2019: I am a hot blonde 42 yr old. When I turned 40 I started getting hornier and hornier by the day.I am 5 ft and 105 lbs and told I am a very hot MILF. My husband was losing his sex drive and I craved cock constantly. I think my hubby knew that I need to get some satisfaction and he asked if I was interested in finding some playmates and as long as I brought them home and had my fun in front of him read Sex Story
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  4. Forced orgasms 3

    10/19/2019: Stan said okay boys pull off a second. He got the dildo. It was big, much more than Tina would ever play with in her own. He did put some lube on it. Because of her humiliation and wanting to claw their eyes out, she was still dry. Stan announced that would change. He posed the dildo in front of her and said, this is going in your pussy and you can do nothing about it. How’s that make you feel? read Sex Story
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  5. Forced Orgasms 2

    10/16/2019: We all just stared at her not quite believing we really went through with it. She had on black yoga pants and a tight white t shirt. Her legs were spread about a foot apart. We can spread them all the way to about 90 degrees if we want to. The yoga pants hugged her pussy tightly. Leo wanted to take her clothes off but Stan said no, wait until she wakes up. It will be more humiliating for her that read Sex Story
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  6. Forced orgasms 1

    10/15/2019: Tina was a bitch. A real grade A bitch. She just turned eighteen, reddish short hair, probably C cup size breasts, beautiful ass, and a body to kill for. I’m Dan, a typical zit faced kid that eats too many Big Macs. My friends Stan and Leo are overweight and I guess you would call us geeks. Are plan is to kidnap Tina and make her ours for a whole weekend. The plan is to take her unwilling to my read Sex Story
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  7. My first time

    10/12/2019: My first time was at 11 y.o. with my 16y.o. girl cousin during end year school holiday. She kissing me before ask me licked his tits. We did same things everydays till a one day I insert my dick to his pussy n she don't like it n refuse to stop. After few month, i watch sex's videos at my friend room n it the first time i feel horny n doing my first masturbate at my friends toilet.after that day,i read Sex Story
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  8. Such a slut

    10/5/2019: Divya is currently on her all fours like 'a bitch in heat' as her boyfriend liked yo call her. She's on the cold floor because that's where she deserves to be. Completely naked, her plush breast hung, nipples erect, she has her ass high up in air, exposing her shaved cunt to the rest of three men in the room. Arousal drips slightly from her pussy and she clearly is turned on. "This filthy read Sex Story
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  9. Kindergarten fun

    10/4/2019: I'm a 21 year old girl. I'm still in college, but decided to get a job to help me cover some of my loans. I'm very athletic and I have an amazing body. I'm 176cm tall, I'm blessed with 32 DD natural breasts and amazing bubble butt. I don't have any problem with boys nor the girls. I decided to get a job at the kindergarten because I absolutely love kids, maybe little too much and most read Sex Story
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  10. My guilty pleasure

    10/3/2019: Hi I'm a 32 year old mother to four beautiful daughters. My oldest is 7yo the twins are 5yo and the youngest is 3yo. They are all around the same age, we wanted them to be close, so me and my husband decided to have our children close to one another. We are able to have multiple kids with our income, since we didn't have any financial problems we wanted a big family. I work from home, read Sex Story
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