1. What husband does not know will never hurt him. Intro to the family.

    8/25/2019: My Uncle Bill, he knows that his wife Grace and I have a close relationship. He just does not know just how close that our relationship has gone. My Uncle Bill, he had left the house, at 4:00 pm. He would drive down to the bank, he would park out side the bank. His daughter was a bank teller. She did not get out of work until 4:30 pm. My Uncle Bill would be home again with his daughter at about read Sex Story
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  2. Tollygunge Film-actresses : Ch-1

    8/22/2019: It was almost the end of the film-shooting and it was a beautiful summer's morning. Satabdi lay in bed stroking her clit. "God, what am I doing?" She thought to herself. "Here I am a famous Bengalee film-actress, not only that I am already familiar in Bengal as well as in India as a Politician also ; but I have always masturbated on fantasies of having sex with my lower-caste adibasi servant Ramu read Sex Story
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  3. gay pride with Josh

    8/16/2019: I am Matthew. I am 25 years old and this story is about when I went to Manchester gay pride festival last year with my 19yo boyfriend Josh. We got to the hotel room on our first night and Josh went to the bathroom and he told me he wanted me in my underpants he comes out so I did as I was told and he came out of the bathroom wearing a black thong and I said to Josh that looks sexy and he said read Sex Story
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  4. sex with my teacher

    8/11/2019: Teacher I said.i need to go to the bathroom! Of course you may go.i walked down the hall to the girls restroom and went into a stall. I took of my skirt and panties and started rubbing my pussy. I bit my lip and and went harder, my fingers deep inside my pussy.i moaned and cummed a little.after what seemed like a while I put my panties and my skirt and headed back to class. By the time I entered read Sex Story
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  5. My ex wifes apartment

    8/5/2019: Im Michelle. Been wearing women's clothes since I was 12. My ex wife was out of town and said i could stay at her place for the weekend. I lived with my parents. So i called up a friend to stop by. I put on a cute pink babydoll n thong, thigh high fishnets and some heels. I used some of the exes makeup. Got all dolled up. My friend finally got there. He sat on the couch and i sat on his lap and read Sex Story
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  6. Black camp councilor

    8/5/2019: (Part 1)Summer had just started and I landed a job as a Jr camp councilor. I was a 16 year old boy and I loved working with kids. The day came when it was time to go to camp. It was a really long bus ride but we finally arrived to Camp hope. As we got off the bus I was shown to where I was going to be living for the next two months. The camp had six living areas. 3 for the boys and 3 for the read Sex Story
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  7. First time in my life this ever happened to me

    8/2/2019: Few days ago my husband AKA Chuck got called into work that morning it was about 4:30am they get there early and get off real late and I knew that it would be way after dark before he gets back home so I called up my two best friends that I haven't seen or heard from in over a year because I really thought that they would try taking him away from me and now I have grown up a lot and more I thought read Sex Story
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  8. bigcockforlinda

    6/17/2019: once met with stan.he was in the room waitingwith a raging hard on.my wife immediately went for his long black dick.she licked up and down the shaft,then .precum was oozing from the slit.she lapped as it seeped from stans blackshaft she rolled her pink tongue all over the head, sucking the clear liquid into her lips and swallowing it hungrily. stan began fuckingin and out of lins hot read Sex Story
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  9. White Whore Black Pimp

    4/20/2019: I am blonde white, 126lbs, 38D's. 5'3". One night after work I went to an upscale hotel bar, I had changed into a short tight skirt,heels, low cut top, no bra. I had left my boyfriend and wanted a one night stand. A few men stopped by my table but none interested me, a well dressed black came to my table and asked if he join me. Since I had never been with a black I agreed. We had a few read Sex Story
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