1. Kissing

    7/17/2020: Sharon was in the bathroom having a shower before work while i was still in bed. When she came out she was wearing only a red bikini panty, i could see the split and pussy lips printing out. I said good morning and rubbed my nose on her panty where her cunt was, she was frightened and sat on the bed, i kissed her through the panty and she loved it. I shifted the crotch and kissed her cunt, she read Sex Story
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  2. Teacher

    7/17/2020: Janet pulled a tube of gel from her top drawer and gave it to me. We were both naked in her bedroom, kissing, petting and fooling around. Precum was on my penis while her 36c breasts were as hard as a rock while the nipples very very pointed. She started to lick the head of the penis slowly and making circles around it. She would run her tongue along the shaft, up and down, what a sweet read Sex Story
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  3. Jackie

    7/16/2020: My name is Jackie and i am always teasing Marcus at work about him beind able to handle me in bed. He was always shy in responding especially around rhe other coworkers. One day while we were in the lunch room i noticed a bulge in Marcus pant front, it seemed to be a decent size but i started to feel my vagina tingle. I sat at the table across from him in a corner because i was too shy at this read Sex Story
    Categories: Straight Sex Your Stories Author: Willy Brown, Source: SexStories-Hot
  4. Kinky neighbor

    7/15/2020: I woke up about 10:30 a.m. and was feeling very horny. I was naked under the sheet so i just slipped my hand on one of my breasts and slightly rubbed it. Wow! It felt great, i closed my eyes and tried to picture my best friend Susan, in bed beside me naked and kissing my chest. I put the other hand on my belly and rubbed it in circles, then in my navel, i started to tweak my nipples and then read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian Your Stories Author: Sheryll Davis, Source: SexStories-Hot
  5. Family Secrets Revealed

    6/28/2020: On this Tuesday morning, my Aunt Grace was sitting at the dining room table. We were playing gin rummy. My Aunt Grace and her daughter Marjorie had been to the beach, on the past Saturday My Aunt Grace and her daughter had got way too much sun. The past Sunday night, Cousin Marjorie was in the bed room, from 7 pm until 9 pm, Cousin Marjorie was rubbing her moms very bad sun burn. While my Aunt read Sex Story
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  6. My step sis made me into her fuck buddy.

    5/5/2020: We lived in the country no one around for miles. Dad step mom, my self and my step sis. Parents were never home only on weekends. My step sis and I took care of each other. We cooked and bathed each other didnt think much about it we were only 9-10 . we even slept together so we knew we were safe. As we reached our teens she was matureing very fast . she was only 4ft4in 80 lbs but her tits were read Sex Story
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  7. A debt to be collected

    4/1/2020: My name is Gabriel, I'm mexican and I'm 21. Last month Philip, my older brother, recruited me and three other young men to accompany him in a stolen Chevrolet Suburban to collect a debt of $ 3000 from a man he identified as Gustavo. The group included Robert, Francisco and a man they called “Smiley”. Philip promised to pay us to “rough up” Gustavo. Last monday evening, near midnight, Robert stole read Sex Story
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  8. Family Secrets Revealed

    3/8/2020: This is a true story, this event is done on a Sunday afternoon. Since this sexual event happens out doors, it is done weather permitting. We had done this sexual event a few times, they are in the books. We have been talking about getting some still photo s. That sexual event happened with out a hitch. But the week, that we planned to put our out door sexual event on our camcorder, the weather read Sex Story
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  9. Family Secrets Revealed

    2/23/2020: Hello, Mrs. Denise Boyd here. My oldest daughter got married and they moved to the state of New Mexico. My husband Rodney and I drove from our house out to New Mexico in 12.5 hours. When I got back home from New Mexico. I went to the airport, checked on flight school. I enrolled into flight school. Once I got finished with flight school, I got a plane, a Beechcraft single engine Bonanza. Now I can read Sex Story
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  10. dick in her white ass

    2/17/2020: stan rolled my wife onto her stomach.He had his long hard black cock resting on her ass cheek. Lin squirmed as he rubbed his hot cock over her firm butt.he rubbed ky on his cock and on her brown eye. Stan then proceeded to put his long meat into her asshole.Inch by inch he shoved it to her.she squealed with delight.God stan fuck me baby,fuck my hot ass.stan had half of his cock in LIN.He began read Sex Story
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