1. Family Secrets Revealed

    3/8/2020: This is a true story, this event is done on a Sunday afternoon. Since this sexual event happens out doors, it is done weather permitting. We had done this sexual event a few times, they are in the books. We have been talking about getting some still photo s. That sexual event happened with out a hitch. But the week, that we planned to put our out door sexual event on our camcorder, the weather read Sex Story
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  2. Family Secrets Revealed

    2/23/2020: Hello, Mrs. Denise Boyd here. My oldest daughter got married and they moved to the state of New Mexico. My husband Rodney and I drove from our house out to New Mexico in 12.5 hours. When I got back home from New Mexico. I went to the airport, checked on flight school. I enrolled into flight school. Once I got finished with flight school, I got a plane, a Beechcraft single engine Bonanza. Now I can read Sex Story
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  3. dick in her white ass

    2/17/2020: stan rolled my wife onto her stomach.He had his long hard black cock resting on her ass cheek. Lin squirmed as he rubbed his hot cock over her firm butt.he rubbed ky on his cock and on her brown eye. Stan then proceeded to put his long meat into her asshole.Inch by inch he shoved it to her.she squealed with delight.God stan fuck me baby,fuck my hot ass.stan had half of his cock in LIN.He began read Sex Story
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  4. Family Secrets

    2/15/2020: On this Wednesday night, my husband Rodney had been home from work, for just about 30 minutes. The phone rang, my husband picked up the phone. The phone call was from my husband s family down in Houston, Tx. They said, That my husband s mother was going into the hospital. They did not think that my husband s mother would come out of the hospital alive. My husband Rodney and I had a heart to heart read Sex Story
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  5. Lusting Ex.Lover , wife taken by ex lover

    2/14/2020: He was determined to have my newly wed wifes virginity before I consummate the marriage. And my beautiful young wife was ok with it . When Priya asked that, if she can go to Torab’s house for dinner, I was little jealous. Torab was her muslim ex lover. But next she said that Torab wants to have her for the night, and I was also invited. I was shaken. But I did not show it and said that if it read Sex Story
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  6. 1st time with a friend

    2/10/2020: My name is Jenny, I am married and have been for just over 21years. I love my husband and he is the only one I have been with. We have 2 children and a great life until about a year ago when I lost my job due to the company closing down. Grant my husband told me to take a break for a while so I did. After about 3 months I started to get bored so I joined a gym not far from home. I bought some read Sex Story
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  7. School staff and 13 year old girl

    2/7/2020: Mily is a bad student.She is writing her exam that day.She is frightened that she may fail.Mr.Smith, Math,came and stood beside her leaving entire exam Hall.He next to her unnoticed by the candidates in the room calmly.He suddenly kept his hand into her panty.Mily is shocked now and she is trying to shout.He shushed her by closing her mouth and started to whisper in her ear,"I will fail you this read Sex Story
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  8. wife never says no

    2/3/2020: My wife and I went to a regular monthly party which had always been boozy and cheeky but not much more this one was at our neighbours and we all danced ate drank until at about 2.0am in morning we were the only ones left Sue the neighbour was in kitchen and quite merry likewise me. we talked and danced closely. She said to me do you know about Tim and your wife. I smiled and said yes she is read Sex Story
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  9. stanfuckslin

    2/1/2020: my wife lin always had a thing for stan.she wanted to try his black cock at least once. she finally got her chance.we visited stan and his wife for a party.well, lin got drunk and cornered stan in his bedroom.she started kissing him,thrusting her her tongue down his throat. he felt her up ,sqeezing her firm titties with one hand and feeling her ass with the other.they were soon on the bed read Sex Story
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  10. Mom is my teacher

    1/30/2020: I am Anil Now 21 year old a software engr This story is a few year old My dad died when I was a kid. My mom had got married when she was 14 and my dad was 19 I was born when mom was 16 and my dad died when I was 2 year old We are quite rich my mom did not get married again because of me She was old fashioned and did not have any affair etc My mom and I were very close to each other. I read Sex Story
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